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Lookbook: Loer Lighting Range

4 August 2023

An exploration through our growing Loer Lighting Range...
loer lighting range
Illuminate space. Seek the extraordinary with the Loer Lighting Range.

We are extremely proud to show you our new Loer Lighting Range. Inspired by the elliptical orbits of the planets and moons that line the inner edges of our vast solar system, the Loer Pendant Light brings weightless illumination to any space it reaches. The lunar-inspired, minimaluxe designs inspire calm in any space, with the flick of a switch. Now boasting nine designs, the iconic Loer Pendant is joined by eight new circular wooden pendants, chandeliers, wall lights, table lamps and handcrafted in UK. Read on to fall in love with our new Loer Lighting Range and discover which design is written in the stars to suit your space...


The Loer Pendant Small - Trio Cluster.
Create an impact tailored to your space with the Loer Pendant Small - Trio Cluster.
Loer Wall Light.
The Loer Wall Light creates a sense of balance in any space.
raya table light
Ignite creativity with the table top, work of art, Raya Table Light.
loer table light
The Loer Table Light make the perfect reading light for your cosy corner.
loer pendant small
A trio of Loer Pendant Small's hung throughout your entrance way will provide a warm welcome home.
loer cescent
Soaring at varying heights, two translucent glass orbs are held in place by brass detailed fixings that reflect the soft illustrious glow of the spherical globes when illuminated.
Raya Wall Light.
The unique design of the Raya Wall Light will draw eyes up, through your space.
Loer Pendant Small
The Loer Pendant Small is a perfect fit for minimalist, scandi inspired, spaces.
Loer Chandelier.
Your new centrepiece. The Loer Chandelier will leave guests in awe.
loer floor light
The Loer Floor Light showcases a translucent glass orb with clouded bands of warm celestial white light which suspends within a sleek arch of supple ash wood.
loer pendant small
The Loer Pendant Small is a well rounded beauty. 
loer table light
Calling all comfort seekers - the Loer Table Light welcomes a moment of peace. 
loer pendant small trio cluster
Full circle. Soften your space with soothing, circular forms. 
raya wall light
Finesse your interior with the opulent Raya Wall Light
loer pendant small
Come dine with us. The Loer Pendant Small illuminates with a boundless, warm glow. 
loer chandelier small
Accentuate your favourite space in your home with the Loer Small Chandelier.
loer pednant small trio cluster
The Loer Pendant Small - Trio Cluster is carefully crafted with a trio of Loer Pendant Smalls cascading, to create your wooden centrepiece. 
loer chandlier
Down to the details, the Loer Lighting Range is crafted to the highest quality. 
loer crescent email
This statement, wooden ceiling pendant is thoughtfully crafted to create the perfect balance.
loer wall light
The handcrafted Loer Wall Light looks equally as eye-catching when switched off. 
raya table light
The Raya Table Light is chic, cosy and compact. Well suited to smaller interiors calling out for extra lighting. 
loer table light
The Loer Table Light is easily suited to bustling hallways, soothing bedside lighting and contemporary home office spaces.
loer chandelier
Bright and light. The Loer Chandelier suits perfectly within a neutral colour palette. 
loer pendant small
Bedside bliss. Keep bedside tables clutter free with the Loer Pendant Small suspended above for evening lighting. 
loer crescent pendant
The allure of asymmetry is showcased in the unique Loer Crescent Pendant.
loer cluster
The Loer Pendant Small - Trio Cluster is perfect for open plan living spaces. 
raya wall light
The Raya Wall Light can illuminate the path through hallways and entranceways with ease. 
loer cluster
The Loer Pendant Small - Trio Cluster is the perfect statement piece for spaces that host with the most. 
raya wall light
As the sun sets, the Raya Wall Light's lunar inspired design will help illuminate your home. 
loer crescent pendant
A floor show. The Loer Floor Light is a beautiful display of how minimalist design can be striking.
loer pendant small
The minimalist profile of the Loer Pendant Small looks striking as a standalone design or as a self curated cluster.
loer wall light

Loer Lighting Range

The lunar inspired lighting range inspires calm in any space, with the flick of a switch.

Posted: 04.08.23
Updated: 04.08.23

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