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Lookbook: Christmas 2022

15 November 2022

Stocking up, fire roaring, and gingerbread cooking - discover our Christmas interior inspiration to let the good times roll this festive season...
tom raffield christmas interior
tom raffield coat loop
The Coat Loop's beautiful design is well suited to holding your thick winter layers, or festive stockings.
tom raffield may coffee table
The May Coffee Table is the perfect place for your treasures.
tom raffield no.1 pendant
Adding texture through light and shadow, the No. 1 Pendant invites a second look.
tom raffield beeble pouffe
Refresh weary feet (or paws) with the cosy comfort of the Beeble Pouffe.
tomraffield maen pot
From planter to pinecone storage, the beauty of the Maen Pot is found in it's versatility.
tom raffield vase and artus table light
Create a dynamic tablescape with the Artus Table Light's unique layers of light and shadow.
tom raffield wooden lighting
Mixing different styles of wooden lighting designs will create visual interest in your home...
tom raffield wooden lighting
whilst adding varying light levels that can be tailored to your needs.
tomraffield kanna pendant
Casting the perfect downlighting on your festive activities, the Kanna Pendant illuminates with a warm glow.
tom raffield tilner mirror
Offer your interior great reflection with a thoughtfully placed Tilner Mirror.
tom raffield harlyn mirror
Make your space seem larger and brighter with a Harlyn Mirror placed across from your window.
tom raffield semper pendant
Guiding beams of light upon Christmas traditions, the Semper Pendant Small's wooden layers can be adjusted to suit your lighting needs.
tom raffield meru trio peg rail
Creating coastal inspired calm, the Drift Pendant illuminates with a cosy glow.
tom raffield drift pendant
Hang, drape, or thread your Christmas treasures through the versatile storage of the Meru Trio Peg Rail.
tomraffield maen pot and laris wall hook
Good things come in small packages. Our selection of compact homewares are great gifts for timeless interiors.
tom raffield skipper wall light
The Skipper Wall Light casts an eye catching display of light and shadow across your wall.
tom raffield maen and mawnan planter
Grow greenery from your tabletop with our range of compact, indoor planters.
tom raffield kyru vase set
A harmonious trio of handcrafted vases, the Kyru Trio Vase Set features three different sized designs perfectly proportioned for your curated display.
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Each tactile, earthenware vase, is hand-glazed with our signature matte outer glaze and effortlessly nestles into a bespoke, sustainably sourced ash, wood base.
tom raffield mylor bowl
Angle the Mylor Bowl upon it's sustainably sourced oak base to allow for easy access to your kitchen essentials.
tom raffield kyru vase short
Sitting proudly upon mantlepieces, tabletops, or shelves the Kyru Vase Short is a striking centrepiece that suits a multitude of spaces.
tom raffield scots pendant
Ground your winter interior with the organic form of the Scots Pendant.
tom raffield merryn planters
Spruce up your space this Christmas with the statement design of the Merryn Planters.
tom raffield christmas scene
Effortless and elegant, the Harlyn Mirror's frame and hanging loop are simultaneously handcrafted from sustainably sourced oak to create a minimalistic design worthy of reflection.
tom raffield christmas

Sustainable Christmas Gifting

Give gifts that are crafted to last a lifetime of treasured memories this year...

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