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Lookbook: Ash Wood

11 October 2021

Celebrate the beauty, versatility and sustainability of Ash wood with us...
Tom Raffield ash accessories range

We love the versatility ash provides, beautiful and strong when used in our homeware accessories collection or cut thinner for our lighting designs. Ash is our palest wood type and when cut thinly light emanates through the grain producing an intense golden glow. 

Shades of ash wood
The wood tone varies from tree to tree making each sustainable design beautifully unique.

Ash trees are incredibly important for our environment; they provide a rich habitat for wildlife and insects. Due to their distinctive 'two-petal' leaves, ash trees create an open canopy that allows sunlight to hit the woodland floor and encourage wildflowers to grow - again helping to create a diverse ecosystem. Ash wood is light in weight but strong and flexible, making it an excellent material for manufacturing purposes. Using ash wood is a very sustainable choice of material as it’s the fastest-growing hardwood and also self-seeding, which means it grows in plentiful supply. This durable and supple material, paired with our ecological process, allows us to create these complex shapes with minimal wastage.

Ash Ceiling Lights

Tom Raffield Arame Pendant
Inspired by the patterns found in nature, the Arame Pendant provides a bold yet delicate focal point.
Tom Raffield arame pendant
Handcrafted from ash or walnut the Arame Pendant fills spaces with layers of bold light and shadows.
Tom Raffield Loer Pendant
Minimalist design at it's finest, the Loer Pendant welcomes soft curves and a warm glow into modern interiors.
Tom Raffield Loer pendant
Thriving in groups, the ash wood Loer Pendant brightens up your favourite space with celestial light.
Tom Raffield workshop making
Naturally supple, ash lends itself to a wide range of designs, from gentle lighting fixtures to strong furniture pieces.
Tom Raffield verso pendants
Swooping layers of ash loop around a bulb to create the asymmetrical Verso Lighting design.
Tom Raffield no. 1 pendant
Complex yet calming, the No. 1 Pendant wraps beautiful layers of intertwining, shadow-casting ash timber.
Tom Raffield Scots Pendant
Inspired by organic shapes found along a woodland path, the Scots Pendant casts a gentle spotlight whilst warm light floods out of each overlapping layer.

Some of our most iconic lighting ranges include ash wall light designs. Perfect for enhancing illumination throughout interiors.

Amble Hanging Chair

Tom Raffield Amble at chelsea flower show
An ode to the beauty and strength of ash wood, the Amble Hanging Seat draws all eyes.
Tom Raffield Amble Hanging chair
The Amble is handcrafted, with impeccable attention to detail from our workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall.
Tom Raffield Amble Hanging chair
Crafted to last a lifetime, the Amble Hanging Seat welcomes memories for decades to come.
Tom Raffield Amble Hanging chair
Providing moments of suspended relaxation, the Amble Hanging Seat is well suited to a range of interiors.
Tom Raffield Amble Hanging chair

Ash accessories

We have a full range of handcrafted home accessories made from sustainably showcased ash. This cohesive collection of homeware showcases the striking effect ash can have in a space, whilst allowing the durability, and versatility to shine.

Tom Raffield Lundy Shelf
Mimicking the sculpture-like form of leather straps, the Lundy Shelf is held by two lengths of steam bent ash.
Tom Raffield Tor Twist Shelf
Perfect for clearing clutter off vital table space, the Tor Twist Shelf is the perfect balance of form and function.
Tom Raffield Tor Twist Shelf
A careful steam bent twist creates the shelf/hook hybrid - the perfect kitchen companion.
Tom Raffield Housel Shelf and tilner mirror
Soften spaces with the gentle steam bent forms found in the Ash Accessories range.
tom raffield housel shelf
A solid wooden shelf nestles within a flowing steam bent hoop, creating a practical space to display your favourite pieces.
Tom Raffield tilner mirror
Reflect with the minimalist beauty of the Tilner Mirror.
Tom Raffield Housel shelf with mirror
Multi-functional with a clever use of space, add a mirror to your Housel Shelf - a perfect home for your skincare essentials.
Tom Raffield Burgh Coat Hook
Well suited for hallways, the Burgh Coat Hook holds your outerwear with pride.
Tom Raffield Burgh Coat Hook
Alternatively, the Burgh Coat Hook creates a bold focal point in bathrooms to hold your cosy dressing gown or fluffy towels.

Indoor Planters

Tom Raffield Mawnan Planter
When suspended from the ceiling or wall hook, the Mawnan Planter height can be tailored to suit your space.
Tom Raffield Morvah Planter Small
A steam bent ash frame holds an earthenware bowl, the Morvah Planter Small is a welcome home for your thriving houseplants.
Morvah Wall Hanging Planter Small
Create depth in your space with a Morvah Small Wall Hanging Planter.
Tom Raffield Mawnan Planter and Tor Twist shelf
Sitting pretty on our Tor Twist Shelf, the handcrafted Mawnan Planter is a perfect gift for the green-fingered friend in your life.
Tom Raffield Morvah Planter Small
If your space is calling out for a pop of greenery, the Mawnan Planter is an understated way to provide a breath of fresh air.
Tom Raffield Arame Pendant

The Beauty of Ash

Discover why we love ash so much, and why we use this beautiful wood to craft so many of our designs.

Posted: 11.10.21

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