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The Logbook: Vol. 9

3 February 2023

Settle in for another Tom Raffield run down, celebrating the past few months of sustainabile design...

Welcome to the logbook

As we stride into a new year, we warmly embrace opportunities that might come our way, whilst reflecting on what we have learnt over the past 12 months. After the challenges we've all faced over the past few years, we are honoured to continue to craft our sustainable designs for you. We have launched new products, expanded best-selling collections, and have also had the pleasure of partnering with some renowned British brands.

In this edition of the logbook we delve into the latest designs from our Cornish workshop, explore beautiful interior inspiration and share our sustainability journey. Our wonderful team here in Falmouth make each day full of joy and we couldn't do it without them. We are all very grateful for your ongoing support and hope you get a chance to join us in the months to come.

Tom and the team.

tom raffield new seya range

Seya Lighting Range

Echoing the shapes formed as the soft light of dawn plays on the morning dew, the Seya Lighting Range’s graceful curving form invites a moment of pause. Available in two sizes the Seya Range is striking as a single lighting design or as a self-curated cluster of waterfalling pendants.

tom raffield shore pendant

Shore Pendant

Adorning homes with the calming complexity of coastal forms, the Shore Pendant graces interiors with curving form. Joining the Comber Range, the Shore Pendant will ground any interior where a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere is required.

tom raffield logbook

“The smallest of changes create big impact when navigating a minimalist home. Our latest home accessories collection is designed to make your day run seamlessly from busy mornings to tranquil evenings.”

- Tom Raffield, founder.
tom raffield meru
Offering clever wall storage for compact interiors, the Meru Trio Peg Rail wall hook transforms hallway and bathroom spaces with ease.
tom raffield laris
With versatility in its nature, the Laris Wall Hook makes every inch of your wall space work hard.
housel shelf small
A solid wooden shelf nestles within a flowing steam bent hoop, creating a practical wall space for your favourite treasures.
tom raffield logbook
mantol planter
Enlivening interiors with its sleek silhouette and playful personality, the Mantol Planter offers biophilic abundance.
tom raffield kyru vase trio
A harmonious trio of handcrafted vases, the Kyru Trio Vase Set features three different sized designs perfectly proportioned for your curated display.
tom raffield logbook

Here are our tips when it comes to styling those blue hues...

tom raffield tor twist shelf
Tor Twist Shelf - Increase serenity with natural wooden tones.
noctis wheal wall light
Noctis Wheal Wall Light - Create depth with deep toned accessories.
tom raffield maya planter
Maya Wall Planter - Add drama with refreshing vibrant greenery.
tom raffield crib stool
Crib Stool

Crib Stool

A balancing act of craftsmanship and creativity. Timeless while contemporary. Trusted while surprising. The Crib Stool’s steam bent twist of sustainably sourced wood brings our signature aesthetic to the fore.

Arbor Armchair. A powerful curve of steam bent wood bonds structure and aesthetic. Our Arbor Armchair invites you to take a moment for yourself and feel the expert craftsmanship beneath your fingers.

Beeble Pouffe. Intuitive, dynamic, versatile. A clever addition to multifunctional spaces, the Beeble Pouffe’s playful design means it can be picked up and moved around to offer seating in response to a myriad of spaces.

tom raffield arbor sofa
Arbor Sofa

Arbor Sofa. Marrying Tom Raffield craftsmanship with Danish design principles, the Arbor defies nature with startling simplicity. Relax. Take a moment.


We celebrated two years of planet protection with Ecologi. Replenishing the world’s forests is at the heart of Ecologi, and key to our sustainability mission. New, thriving, trees have been planted nationwide on our behalf – from Scotland to the Cotswolds, these trees are creating a huge impact. British wildlife heavily relies on forest cover, so replanting our forests will save hundreds of habitats and allow species to return to the wild.

WWF 2030 circle

We are a proud member of the WWF 2030 Circle, which aims to prevent the planet reaching a series of climate change ‘tipping points’ and seeks to fi nd new ways of living sustainably and harmoniously alongside the natural world. Aiding the Trillion Trees Programme to replenish the world with thriving trees, and protecting one of the oldest natural environments, the Mau Mara Serengeti, we are honoured to be able to support the WWF 2030 Circle to take vital steps in building a nature-positive society.

tom raffield logbook

An ornate marriage of balance and light, the Verso Lighting Range is an asymmetrical wooden work of art that welcomes a fresh perspective. Forged from the Latin word to ‘spin’, this artisan design calls back to nature and showcases the gravity defying, swooping motion of falling leaves in the wind.

tom raffield logbook

What's coming?

Whilst we prefer to choose décor that makes us happy over trends, and homeware pieces that we’ll cherish over the latest accessory, we like to keep an eye on what the interior experts are predicting for the year ahead. From experimenting with colour to playing with wooden tones, read on to discover what we are excited to see in 2023…and beyond.

tom raffield skipper pendant
The hand formed curves of the Skipper Pendant create a lighting design that is truly timeless.

Wavy wood. Music to our ears – wavy wooden forms are at the heart of what we create here at Tom Raffield. Soaring, curving homeware designs are a great way to elevate awkwardly shaped spaces and bring a sense of art into your space.

Japandi. A truly timeless interior style. This intriguing style allows two different perspectives on design to meet whilst showcasing the best of both. With a neutral colour palette and clean lines, Japandi is a tried-and-tested, low maintenance style that will leave your space feeling open and welcoming.

tom raffield logbook
With a blend of Scandinavian and Art Deco aesthetics, use the wooden Leven Pendant Small in multiples to illuminate hallways, dining spaces and kitchens alike.

Mix and matching wooden tones. Whilst it might seem counteractive to introduce a range of wooden tones to create harmony, a wooden rainbow makes a space feel homely and intentional. It helps to pick a dominant wood tone as your starting point and then layer in other wooden hues.

tom raffield logbook

Our iconic Skipper Lighting Range encapsulates the core of Tom Raffield design - authentic, innovative and sustainable. As one of our original designs the Skipper range continues to be a favourite, suiting a whole host of interior styles. Inspired by shapes and formations existing in the natural world surrounding us in Cornwall, the Skipper Lighting Range has a delicate, yet bold aesthetic.

Achieve impact with a lighter touch. Embrace simplicity.

“I still have a soft spot for the Skipper Pendants. They create light and shadow in equal measure and can really make an impact in any setting. You will always find Skipper Pendants in my home; I find them endlessly captivating to look at.”

- Tom Raffield

TR: Where do you begin when designing a room?

MF: “A room starts with one inspirational element and develops from there, ideally slowly over time, without rushing. It may be a rug, a light, a wall colour, a piece of art or a view. All of these have been starting points in different rooms of this house.

TR: What advice can you give our customers when it comes to sustainable home styling?

MF: “I am a big believer in mixing old with new, particularly vintage/antique pieces with new, sustainably made items. Buying pieces that will last and from companies with an eco-conscious ethos is hugely important for all of us and becoming more so. We can all do our bit for the environment and every little helps, making our homes more beautiful as we do so.”

tom raffield foxed house
tom raffield logbook

Show-stopping wall lights that will create beautiful ambient & accent lighting, whilst making a statement in their own right.

tom raffield arame wall light
Arame Wall Light - Dynamic and playful.
tom raffield wheal wall light
Wheal Wall Light - Minimalist yet luxurious.
tom raffield kanna tilow wall light
Kanna - Tilow Wall Light - Accentuate through downlighting.
eddy wall light
Eddy Wall Light - Layered and lively.
tom raffield logbook page

Your home office should invite creativity and calm, allowing you to get the most out of your working hours, without feeling overwhelmed. Promote your space with versatile accessories that will inspire creativity and incite organisation…

logbook page
Lundy Shelf

Lundy Shelf. An organised workspace can improve your focus and productivity, leaving you ready to tackle any project. The Lundy Shelf provides storage for books and important paperwork.

Tilner Mirror. Make your compact office space feel bigger and brighter with a thoughtfully placed Tilner Mirror, helping to reflect natural light throughout.

Mooring Table Light. The correct lighting is key to avoid straining your eyes as you work. The Mooring Table Light emits an endless glow that will diffuse light across your workspace.

Maen Pot. From plant pot to stationary storage, the Maen Pot’s minimalist design opens it up to a wide range of office possibilities.

tom raffield logbook

Inspired by the power and grace of the Atlantic Ocean, the Comber Lighting Range features breath-taking lighting designs that bring the motion of Cornish tides into your space.

tomraffield log book

What makes the Seya Lighting Range so unique?

 “The unique waterdrop form of the Seya is something we have never explored before – but a process we have found extremely rewarding. We always seek to craft designs that can be appreciated from every angle, but with the Seya each perspective provides a new perception of wooden beauty. It’s a real centrepiece! The crafting process of the Seya Lighting Range is also unlike any other Tom Raffi eld pendant. Not only does each strip of timber host it’s own custom twist, the ceiling kit is built into the design, allowing for a truly harmonious, and unique, lighting design”.


Where does 'Seya' come from?

“The word Seya is inspired by the Japanese phrase for morning dew. Echoing the shapes formed as the soft light of dawn plays on these water droplets, the Seya’s graceful curving form invites a moment of pause. The Seya Lighting Range represents the harmony in nature, and just how every single aspect of the natural world works together to create our stunning landscape”.

logbook page
Left to right: @bear_landing @Mollinsantisinteriors @Sticklandwright
cusomter pic

Make your home happier!

Rainy days keeping you inside? The new year is the perfect opportunity to review your space and add beautiful and useful accessories that allow every room to shine. Here are our top five designs that add joy to every nook and cranny…

Tilner Mirror on the Tor Twist Shelf.
Tilner Mirror on the Tor Twist Shelf.

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