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Ten with Tom: Mona Fox

31 October 2022

Next in our #TenwithTom series, we spoke to interior stylist and own home renovator, Mona Fox, about her home design journey…

tom raffield at the foxed house

Bustling with thriving greenery and natural forms, Mona Fox’s home is full of comforting, solace seeking space. We spoke to Mona about why she chose a range of Tom Raffield designs in her home, and why biophilic design is so important for a household….

TR: Can you describe your interior style in three words?

MF: “Relaxed, fun and ever-evolving!”

TR: Where do you begin when designing a room?

MF: “A room starts with one inspirational element and develops from there, ideally slowly over time, without rushing. It may be a rug, a light, a wall colour, a piece of art or a view. All of these have been starting points in different rooms of this house. (Rug- dressing room, Light- kitchen, Wall colour- living room, Art- bathroom, View- garden room)”.

tom raffield verso small tilow wall light
Verso Small - Tilow Wall Light. An arc of sustainably sourced oak grows up and out from a solid base, suspending the Verso Pendant Small at perfect height to display an artistic balance of light and shadow across your space.
tom raffield morvah planter
Harmonising your interior with the natural world, the Morvah Hanging Planter is the perfect house for thriving greenery. 

TR: How does biophilic design play a part in your inspiration?

MF: “Biophilic design is central to my entire design ethos, I just counted 95 plants in the house so you could say I'm a plantophile for sure! I'm no expert but love experimenting and learning. They help to make the home a living, breathing space with character and vitality, adding so much beauty and colour, not to mention oxygen! They connect the outside to the inside and add to the feelings of calm and wellbeing that are integral to making home a sanctuary and place that feels good to be in. Which I think is important now more than ever.”

tom raffield mona fox collab

TR: What advice can you give our customers when it comes to sustainable home styling?

MF: “I am a big believer in mixing old with new, particularly vintage/antique pieces with new, sustainably made items. Buying pieces that will last and from companies with an eco-conscious ethos is hugely important for all of us and becoming more so. We can all do our bit for the environment and every little helps, making our homes more beautiful as we do so.”

tom raffield mona fox collab
Adding artistic form your your wall, the Verso Small - Tilow Wall Light doubles as wooden wall art throughout the day. 

TR: Why did you choose Tom Raffield for your space (and why the Verso Small - Tilow Wall Light)?

MF: “The Verso Small - Tilow Wall Light  appealed to me instantly with its organic curves of sustainable oak and exquisite attention to detail. It complements the other oak pieces I have in the garden room wonderfully and it's curves and undulations echo those of the flowers and plants inside and outside the room. It is as beautiful off as it is on, which I always look for in a light - form and function are equally important. Last but not least I hugely admire Tom Raffield's ethos of putting people and the planet first.”

TR: What are your top tips for creating a relaxing home?

MF: “Only buy pieces that make you feel good, even if it means waiting (not always easy!), have lots of warm lighting from multiple sources. Think of the tactility of materials (how something feels is just as important as how it looks) and most importantly of all, create a living home, be it with plants, animals, or people.”

tom raffield mona fox collab
tom raffield mona fox collab
A warm welcome home. The Butterfly Pendant creates a bold focal point in this entranceway. 

TR: What is the biggest challenge when decorating a space?

MF: “Personally I've had to learn to be more patient, whether it's waiting for the right piece of furniture, waiting while money is saved up, or waiting for the right tradespeople to be's better to do it right than do it twice.”

TR: What are you excited to embrace at home over the coming Autumn/Winter months?

MF: “I'm looking forward to cosying up and hibernating at home on dark evenings with dimmed, amber lighting, candlelight, a log fire and loved ones - be they plants, pets or people.. preferably all three!”

tom raffield mona fox collab

TR: Any plant care tips for indoor jungles as we enter the colder months?

MF: “Less water and more light! Some plants like to move closer to a window or a warmer space when it becomes colder outside. I like to group plants together that have similar needs which makes caring for them much easier.”

TR: What’s next for your home renovation?

MF: “I have ideas swirling about for an attic conversion incorporating a roof terrace or converting the old printing press at the end of the garden into guest accommodation with a basement and a covered walkway to the main house. I'd better start saving for those! A living wall in the side garden is a more achievable dream that will hopefully happen soon. It's a lot of fun to dream, you never know what might come true.”

Posted: 31.10.22
Updated: 02.11.22

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