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What’s to come: Interior Trends 2023

4 January 2023

What we are looking forward to seeing in the year ahead…
seya pendant

Whilst we prefer to choose décor that makes us happy over trends, and homeware pieces that we'll cherish over the latest accessory, we like to keep an eye on what the interior experts are predicting for the coming year. In 2022 we celebrated comforting curves and multi-functional minimalism. We're pleased to see these trends are set to stay, evolving alongside each other whilst incorporating biophilic design to boost your home's feel good factor. From experimenting with colour to playing with wooden tones, read on to discover the trends we are excited to see in 2023…and beyond.

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Sit and relax within the comforting curves of the Arbor Sofa. 

Wavy wood. Music to our ears – with wavy wooden forms at the heart of what we create here at Tom Raffield. Soaring, curving wood is set to be creating impact in many homes this year. Modern interpretations of humble materials will furnish and illuminate homes with glee, making your home feel unique and full of personality. Curved homeware and furnishings are a great way to elevate awkwardly shaped spaces and bring a sense of art into your space.

Japandi interiors. A truly timeless interior style. Not new to the interiors world, this intriguing style allows two different perspectives on design to meet whilst showcasing the best of both. With a neutral colour palette, minimalist furnishings and clean lines, Japandi is a tried-and-tested, low maintenance style that will leave your space feeling open and welcoming.

tom raffield wheal floor light
The Wheal Lighting Range adds flourishes of luxury with the brass plate as it's base. 
wheal wall light
Balance your interior with the deep tones of the Noctis Wheal Wall Light. 

Golden tones. The sunset tones of golden touches will be found shimmering across interiors in 2023. Warming with a touch, this micro-luxury trend encourages adding opulence to unexpected spaces throughout the home – such as bustling hallways and compact bathrooms. Adding a moment of indulgence to these spaces will make navigating your daily routine a joy.

"People are abandoning trends and turning towards quality materials and décor that pleases them. For us, that's views of nature, daylight, greenery - which have all been proven to improve our mood. Rounded forms feel more nurturing alongside warming tones and varied textures.”

- Tom Raffield, Founder and Designer

Wall lights take centre stage. Layered lighting combines different kinds of light to create a particular mood or feel, and considered wall lighting will add comfort to your home. Wall lighting will start to become an important feature in homes this year as we start to have fun with mood, texture and pattern. With the ability to add new forms to your home, we look forward to seeing the excitement for wall lighting continue in 2023.

Ocean hues. 2023 is going to be bold with blue. Whether you opt for larger pieces of furniture swathed in oceanic tones or focus in on smaller accessories, brilliant blue tones will add fun personality to your home. Embracing dazzling blue tones will allow us to truly consider the homeware and furniture pieces we invite along with it.

Mix and matching wooden tones. Whilst it might seem counteractive to introduce a range of wooden tones to create harmony, a wooden rainbow makes a home feel homely and intentional. It always helps to pick a dominant wood tone as a starting point to help you choose other pieces to bring in the room. When mixed in the right way, wood tones can create an soothing, organic aesthetic that offers just the right amount of interest and depth.

shore pendant cluster
The Shore Pendant is striking as a single lighting design or as a self-curated cluster of waterfalling pendants.
leven pendant small cluster
The Leven Pendant Small casts a gentle spotlight throughout your interior. 

Posted: 04.01.23
Updated: 04.01.23

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