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Behind the Design: Seya Lighting Range

2 December 2022

We caught up with Tom and the design team about our new wooden lighting range…
tom raffield new seya lighting range

Echoing the shapes formed as the soft light of dawn plays on the morning dew, the Seya Lighting Range’s graceful curving silhouette invites a moment of pause. Read on to discover the story behind the Seya…

What makes the Seya Lighting Range unique?

DT: “The unique waterdrop form of the Seya is something we have never explored before – but a process we have found extremely rewarding. We always seek to craft designs that can be appreciated from every angle, but with the Seya each perspective provides a new perception of wooden beauty. It’s a real centrepiece! The crafting process of the Seya Lighting Range is also unlike any other Tom Raffield pendant. Not only does each strip of timber host it's own custom twist, the ceiling kit is built into the design, allowing for a truly harmonious, and unique, lighting design”.

tom raffield seya pendant

Which rooms or spaces can you see the Seya Lighting Range suiting?

DT: “The Seya is perfect for relaxed spaces. Soothing bedrooms, calming hallways and tranquil living spaces all spring to mind. We also love the idea of a self-curated cluster of Seya’s cascading down from above at different heights, filling an open interior with a waterfall of wooden lights. The Seya would also sit happily alongside other Tom Raffield designs, allowing for layered lighting effects”.

How did you begin on the Seya’s design journey?

DT: “The Seya Lighting Range was born in the first sharp breath of fresh air we are greeted with on brisk winter mornings. That refreshing, yet soothing, feeling is something we wanted to capture in our design. Droplets of morning dew are a great reflection of this moment as they invigorate each day with unique personality.

As we explored this idea, we started to understand how unique every drop is, with each drop signifying the nocturnal efforts of nature. This is why at every glance; the Seya is different thanks to each wooden layer boasting a carefully crafted custom twist”.

tom raffield seya pendant
tom raffield workshop

Where does ‘Seya’ come from?

DT: “Seya is inspired by the Japanese phrase for morning dew. We love to showcase the beauty found within nature, no matter how small in size. Whilst those small drops of morning dew may be often overlooked, they keep our natural surroundings hydrated which provides us with endless layers of lush inspiration. The Seya Lighting Range represents the harmony in nature, and just how every single aspect of the natural world works together to create our stunning landscape”.


Posted: 02.12.22
Updated: 10.01.23

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