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Lighting trends to try this autumn

1 October 2020

Illuminate the darker evenings with this year's most popular lighting trends.
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As autumn approaches and winter creeps closer, it’s time to bid farewell to long summer days and the bright natural light that accompanies it. At this time of year, having lighting in your home that you love is more important than ever. Here’s our guide on how to make the most of your lighting and create the perfect winter hideaway.

Make a statement with the dramatic, undulating curves of our Drift Pendant, part of our popular Comber Lighting Range


Natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo have quite rightly spent a lot of time in the spotlight over the last few years due to their biophilic aesthetic and their ability to create a calm, relaxing environment. They also tend to have better eco-credentials than man-made materials, and as a result, are better for the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. 

The sustainably sourced ash, oak and walnut wood we select for our pendant, wall, table and floor lighting designs is responsibly sourced and durable meaning that our products will stand the test of time and light up your home for years to come.

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Our Flush Skipper Pendant uses its swooping curves to cast mesmerising patterns of shadow, mimicking those found in nearby Cornish woodlands that surround our workshop.
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The Neap Wall Light's elegant form carves a perfectly balanced path of light to brighten above and below. An intuitive lighting design that sweeps a soft ambient glow to far corners and suits an array of spaces.
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Our Urchin Table Light and Neap Wall Light use innovative bends to create an aesthetic that takes you underwater, with light and shadow refracting in multiple directions.


Another trend that has been building in popularity over recent months is the use of metallic elements in interior design. Using metals such as brass alongside natural materials offers the perfect juxtaposition between natural and man-made. Choosing lights and lampshades with metallic accents is a great way to modernise your space and update your home for autumn.

Oozing sophistication and never failing to catch the eye, our Loer Lighting Range is a modern classic. With shining brass flourishes and sustainable ash hues, the Loer Range blends solar aesthetic with natural wood, producing opulence and intrigue. For a more subtle take on the metallic trend, our reflective gold cap bulbs add interest to your space and look great styled in our Skipper Wall Light and Arame Wall Light designs.

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The exposed flex and brass bulb fitting of our Loer Lighting Range are reminiscent of an industrial aesthetic.
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Undulating loops of timber navigate over and around. Where pared back design meets our signature curves, the Skipper Lighting Range leads the charge.
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When illuminated, an abundance of golden glow diffuses from the Arame Wall Light's steam bent core - casting an aura of light that's truly transfixing.


Monochrome is a trend that makes use of blacks, greys and whites to create an effortlessly cool, minimalist aesthetic. This classic look never goes out of style and one of the best things about it is that you can interpret it in your own way. Opting to use different combinations of monochrome tones, and even a few splashes of colour here and there can allow you to introduce character throughout your home.

Our Noctis Lighting Range could be the perfect accompaniment to your dream monochrome interior. Dark, ebonised wood meets bold, innovative design to create a deep, rich aesthetic. The Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant can be used as a dramatic centrepiece and a focal point for your monochrome interior. Alternatively, our Noctis Hanter Wall Light allows you to distribute accents of darkness around your space.

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With exposed flex tethering five bulbs to its monochrome ebonised oak frame, the Nocts Kern Pendant ensures your space is remembered.
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Invite darkness into the light with our Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant.
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Noctis Mooring Table Light. An arching curve of steam bent, ebonised oak towers up from a sleek brass base plate. An alluring contrast of deep black and lustrous, polished metal.
Featherlight curlicues dance in the air. Evoking a murmuration of starlings sweeping across the sky, our Flock Chandeliers cast shapes and shadows at every turn.


There can be no denying that one of the most effective ways to completely transform your interior is to invest in a statement lighting piece. Statement designs are all about impact. Choosing the light that creates the biggest wow factor is not always easy - and it is important to select a piece that compliments your space without overwhelming it. 

If it's a statement piece with a memorable impact you’re after, our nature-inspired collection of Flock Chandeliers bring mesmerising shadow and dancing light beams in equal measure to an array of interiors. Designed to suit a range of spaces and property styles, our wooden chandeliers are steam bent by hand and come in a variety of sizes and wood types to create a spectacle in any room.

Alternatively, our No.1 Pendant Giant XL is an iconic design that showcases our unique steam bent aesthetic, whilst our famous Butterfly Pendant mimics the motion of a butterfly’s beating wings and balances beauty and energy to striking effect. 

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Precise yet untamed. Imposing yet weightless. The No.1 Pendant Giant XL was the first lampshade we ever created, and making it remains impossible for all but a few of our team to accomplish.
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Butterfly Pendant: Dynamic. Bold. Wild. A surge of vitality; a precision of craftsmanship. Shaped from sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut, light collects in its loops, then falls free.









Discover our nature-inspired Flock Chandeliers

Discover a range of contemporary, nature-inspired chandeliers from Tom Raffield. Designed to suit a range of spaces and property styles, our statement wooden chandeliers are steam bent by hand and come in a variety of sizes and wood types to create a spectacle in any room.



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