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Light it Right: Small Spaces

1 September 2022

Make your small space shine…
tilow wall light

Compact interior? Low ceiling? No problem! Just because your home may be lacking in space, doesn’t mean you should miss out on a statement piece with the perfect illumination. With ceiling or wall space at a premium, choosing the right light can be a daunting task. Read on to explore our top tips to illuminate your small space…

Most of our pendant lights can be hung with little flex showing between the ceiling rose and bulb holder, allowing you to mount your lights as close as 10 cm from the ceiling. If ceiling height is very low, and every centimetre is crucial, then we would recommend the Flush Lighting Range.

skipper flush ceiling light
The Skipper Flush Ceiling Light adds texture through its unique display of light and shadow.

Form and function

When illuminating smaller living rooms or bedrooms, choosing a design that looks beautiful switched on or off is a must. If your room allows the drop of a small pendant design, this is a great way to introduce a natural focal point, whilst still getting the task lighting you need. If your ceiling is too low for a pendant, our Flush Lighting Range has a multitude of options; you can still create the classic Tom Raffield impact, without taking up valuable space.

tom raffield verso pendant small
The Verso Pendant Small makes a sculptural addition that soothes the atmosphere with soft form.  
tom raffield verso flush ceiling light
The Verso Flush Ceiling Light creates an artistic focal point without taking up valuable space.

If a single ceiling shade doesn’t alight every corner of your small living space, wall lighting designs are a great alternative. Not only can you use wall lighting emphasise different parts of your interior, but each design can also be placed intuitively.

Tom Raffield Arame Wall Light
Doubling as wooden wall art throughout the day, the Arame Wall Light's mesmerising pattern ignites interiors with joy. 
Tom Raffield Kanna Pendant
Rooted in Japanese minimalism, the Kanna Drum Pendant showcases the beauty found in sustainably sourced wood. 

Minimal but Impactful

A small space that can’t home a larger design shouldn’t miss out on making a statement. Using minimalist pieces that pack a punch is a contemporary, timeless, way to illuminate your interior with ease. Drum designs are a great way to create impact whilst flooding your space with warm light. Introduced into your interior as either a singular design or infused around your space in multiples where needed - drum designs' perfect functionality cast a beautiful spotlight.

tom raffield mooring floor light
If ceiling space is at a premium, opting for a slim floor lighting design such as the Mooring Floor Light will illuminate gloomy corners with ease. 

Multi-directional Lighting

If your intended room has windows, utilise the natural sunlight as a main source of light and introduce additional beams where your space needs it the most with clever pieces. Compact lighting designs that emit a blend of task and ambient lighting are a brilliant addition to smaller spaces as they suit all your lighting needs in the flick of a switch. All Tom Raffield lights are dimmable so each design can create perfect light levels for your home. Multi-directional lighting removes the need to overwhelm your space with many different light sources, allowing you to create a minimalist space that welcomes calm.

tom raffield semper pendant
The Semper Pendant Small's adjustable wooden layers allow beams of illumination to be guided through your home. 
tom raffield new tilow wall light semper small
Balance the light throughout your interior with the Semper Small - Tilow Wall Light. 

Our pendant lights are supplied with a 2m ceiling kit. These can be shortened by either concealing the flex in the void of the ceiling rose, or by cutting the flex to your desired length. This must always be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Posted: 01.09.22

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