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Kern Pendant Q&A

2 February 2018

Too short? Too long? Just right? If you've got a question about our Tom Raffield Kern Pendant Lighting Range we've got you covered. Find out all you need to know in our handy Q&A.
Tom Raffield Kern Pendant
From left: Treave Dining Table, Kern Pendant Large, Arbor Dining Chair.

What are the measurements of the Kern Pendant?

The Tom Raffield Kern Pendant comes in three sizes: standard, large and giant.


Which interior spaces does the Kern pendant suit best?

We especially love the Kern in a dining space, lounge or hallway set up. Confident in its materials and function, a Kern Pendant of any size will create the perfect space for congregation, a space for work. 


Can I increase the drop of the Kern Pendant?

Yes, it is possible to increase the drop of the Kern Pendant by rewiring the fitting. A qualified electrician will be able to rewire the Kern with your desired length flex and lamp/bulb holders. It is possible to re-use the bulb holders supplied with the light, but these can be tricky to disassemble and re-wire. If you require advise on where to source flex and replacement bulb holders please contact for more information.


Tom Raffield Kern Pendant


Can I shorten the drop of the Kern Pendant?

Yes, but should only be carried out by a qualified electrician. The wiring of the Kern Pendant is set an approximate length of 2 meters.

To adjust the height:

Loosen each of the grub screws on the cord grips of the ceiling rose/ cup and pull the flex through to the length you desire.

Ensure all the remaining lengths of wire are the same as one another. The excess wire can be cut to length and connected by using crimps (provided).


Can the Kern Pendant be used on an apex roof?

A lot of our customers opt to use the Kern Light with an apex roof – we recommend measuring the width of where the ceiling cup will be attached to see if there is adequate space where your ceiling meets – the diameter of the Kern ceiling fitting is 15 cm.

If this diameter is too large, an electrician may be able to attach the Kern fitting to a small block of wood and then attach this to the ceiling apex. Adding the block will make the fitting a little more of a feature but will mean it is securely fitted.

Kern Pendant Giant
Kern Pendant Giant over a Treave Dining Table

Are the Kern Pendants dimmable?

The flex supplied with all Tom Raffield Kern Pendants is dimmable provided you are using an inline dimmable switch in your space.


What bulbs should I use with my Kern Pendant?

We recommend using five LED filament bulbs with a maximum wattage of 25 LED watts (each). As the Kern Pendant is a five-way chandelier it is a good idea to use bulbs with a lower lumen output than usual to create an ambient lighting effect. We love the Kern Pendant paired with Tala Elva and Gaia bulbs.


Tom Raffield Kern Pendant
From left: Treave Dining Table, Kern Pendant Large, Arbor Dining Chair

What is the specific lamp holder type, eg ES or BC?

Our Kern Pendants are supplied with five Screw Cap (ES) bulb holders.


Can I purchase a Kern Pendant with more bulbs in it?

The current Tom Raffield Kern design capacitates five light bulbs. There is currently no immediate plan to design a Kern Pendant with more than five bulbs. If you have a query about a bespoke commission please contact


Can I get a Kern with different coloured bulb holders?

Our standard Kern Pendant is supplied with matt bronze fittings (ceiling rose and bulb holders). If you desire a different colour you have the option to source your own bulb holders and get a qualified electrician to re-wire these for you.


Image alt text goes here
From left: Kern Pendant and Arbor Sofa in Cobalt Blue

I would like a Kern Pendant in a different wood type - is this possible?

Our workshop team currently only commission the Kern in oak wood type. We love using solid oak due to the classic aesthetic of the wood and its steam bendable qualities. The colour of each individual light may vary slightly - this is part of the beauty of natural materials.


What is the Kern Pendant finished with?

Our Kern Pendants are finished with an Eco-friendly natural oil blend, matt finish that seals the wood grain and protects the wood.


For full specification of our Kern Pendants including weights and dimensions see our Kern Lighting Range.

Posted: 02.02.18
Updated: 16.04.21

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