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It's Wool Week!

11 October 2019

Campaign for Wool’s annual Wool Week returns this October! Launched in the UK in 2010 by Prince Charles, Campaign for Wool aim to educate, inspire and promote the benefits of wool.
Tom Raffield

Wool, alongside steam bent wood, has always played a vital role in creating our signature, Tom Raffield aesthetic. Our go-to material for creating a luxurious, hard wearing and soft-touch finish for our upholstered furniture pieces, wool has a whole host of amazing qualities and uses. That's why we're celebrating national Wool Week and highlighting wool as a natural, planet-friendly fibre.

Why we love wool:

It's natural and renewable. What could be more natural than wool? Each year sheep produce a fleece, making wool a natural and renewable resource. As yet, no one has been able to reproduce the properties of wool synthetically in one fibre.

Celctic sheepskin on amble
This Celtic & Co Sheepskin adds a cosy touch to our bestselling Amble Hanging Seat.

It's biodegradable. At the end of its useful life, wool can be returned to the soil, where it decomposes, releasing valuable nutrients into the ground. When a natural wool fibre is disposed of in soil, it takes a very short time to break down, unlike synthetic fibres, which are extremely slow to degrade.

Tom Raffield Beeble pouffe
Our Beeble Pouffe's come in a variety of bespoke fabrics as well as our three standard Earth Silver, Sea Grass and Candy Pink from Abraham Moon & Sons.

It's naturally hard wearing. Wool is formed of crimped woollen fibres that are tightly packed together, forming millions of tiny pockets and layers. This unique structure is extremely hardy and strong meaning that our upholstered furniture pieces, which use Abraham Moon & Sons 100% wool, will last beyond a lifetime and become heirlooms of the future.

Wool is easy to care for. Wool is unique in that it doesn’t need to be washed as often as synthetic fibres. This is due to its odour and thermal regulation properties which allow it to repel dirt and stains. When wool is washed, any micro-fibres that are released in the wash are biodegradable unlike man-made fibres that release harmful micro-plastics into the environment.

arbor armchair
Wool upholstery creates a hard wearing seat for our Arbor Armchairs.

We are proud to work with Abraham Moon & Sons, Celtic and Co and The Dartmoor Shepherd - three companies that triumph wool and use it in modern day industries.

Find out more reasons to choose wool over synthetics at

You can follow Campaign for Wool and Wool Week on InstagramFacebook and Twitter @campaignforwool #choosewool.

The Celtic Sheepskin is a lavish addition to your space. Durable yet silky fibres create a luxurious aesthetic.
The Dartmoor Shepard’s Sheepskin boast naturally loose, chunky curl bringing unique, expertly crafted texture to your space.

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