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How to Style it: Shelving

9 July 2021

Organise, showcase and liven up your space with extraordinary steam bent shelving…

Interiors can be beautifully refreshed when a thoughtfully styled shelf is introduced. Well-crafted shelving is the perfect marriage of form and function, providing a timeless stage to showcase your prized possessions or your new favourite objects.

When placing your new shelf into your space, think first about where the shelf itself will sit. Ensure it's not only sat at the right height to fit the purpose, but that the shelf and it’s contents, don’t block out any natural light. You want your shelf to enhance your space, not hinder the beauty.

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Play with variety and contrast when curating your shelf. Mix older textures found in vintage books, with the bold, reflective surfaces of a mirror to create an interesting display.
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Play with vertical lines when placing items on your shelf to beautifully contrast against the soft circular shape of the Housel Shelf, creating height and visual interest to your interior.

Living space

Whether your style is maximalist or minimalist, a well-placed shelf can tie your décor together. A living room is a great space to display your favourite artwork, books or pictures of loved ones. When adding objects to your shelf, start with the larger pieces. Place these towards the back of the shelf, layering smaller pieces thoughtfully in front, ensuring to work carefully to not overcrowd.

Shelving placed in living spaces, or hallways, is the perfect home to proudly display pieces that are foraged, collected on travels or treasured heirlooms.

If you are adding decorative pieces that will most likely not move for a while, decorate in odd numbers or groups of three. This will create the balanced needed for a cohesive décor trend and will compliment any space well. When you are happy with your look, ensure you take a step back and edit if necessary.

TR tip: If you are struggling to find an interesting home for your collection of books. Stack them with a mix of vertical and horizontal planes. This will mix the weight and add create a sense of balance to your shelf.

Transform your bathroom by placing your favourite lotions and potions along with a scented candle to turn your morning and evening skincare routine into a spa experience.


Clever storage is always appreciated in bathrooms. A well-placed shelf is a perfect resting place for your toiletries or jewellery. For added convenience, add a mirror to your Housel Shelf, making getting ready in the morning quick and easy! Go beyond the limits of your shelves with hanging plants or draping necklaces – adding depth and texture to your bathroom space.

TR Tip: Eucalyptus plants thrive in sunny bathrooms. Not only do they make a great focal point for the space, when steamed, the plant releases a pleasant menthol aroma which is great for your sinuses.

Children's room

Create a space where your little ones can take charge which toy or piece of art is placed on their shelf or use the space as a way to proudly displaying their awards or prizes. Softer shapes like circles can aid in soothing the space, allowing the bedroom to be a relaxing environment for your children.

Lundy shelf
The Lundy Shelf will soften spaces and bring unique character. Two steam bent pieces of sustainably sourced wood curve over to cradle a solid shelf, ready to hold all your children’s essentials.
Housel Shelf
Populate the shelf in your children’s room with their favourite soft toys and foraged finds as well as some keepsakes for a display they will cherish.


Shelving in kitchen spaces can be extremely useful as well as stunning. Hang them slightly lower and stock with your ‘go to’ utensils and favourite herbs or slightly higher for your more decorative cookbooks and plants.

TR Tip: Create a coffee or cocktail corner with clever storage solutions and placement to ensure you can get your favourite beverage quickly and easily.

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Multipurpose by design, the Tor Twist Shelf is finished with three brass tipped pegs, perfect for hanging your favourite mugs off.
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Refillable products sit pretty on a shelf which is handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood.

Steam Bent Shelving Care Guide

Undoubtably, shelving with collect dust and residue from objects placed upon it. Here are a few tips on keeping your Tom Raffield shelving clean and well cared for.

Dust with a dry cloth or duster to remove any soil, fibres, or dry impurities.

To clean on a regular basis, wipe the surface with a damp cloth before removing any moisture with a dry cloth. Wipe off anything that will stain straight away, e.g. red wine, balsamic vinegar, oil, tea, coffee or alcohol.

See our care guides for more information.

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Posted: 09.07.21

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