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15 February 2024

Five feel-good designs to hunker down with…

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In the heart of every home lies a desire for comfort and a sanctuary to unwind. Here at Tom Raffield, we believe in creating designs that not only resonate with aesthetics, but also cocoon you in a sense of warmth and tranquillity. Let us introduce you to five of our handcrafted products that embody the essence of home comforts.

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The sculptural ambiance of the Skipper Floor Light is perfect for cosy living spaces.

Skipper Floor Light

The Skipper Floor Light transcends its role as just a lighting fixture. Its undulating loops of sustainable ash, oak, or walnut not only cast a bright, bold contrast of light and shadow but also sculpt the ambiance of your space. As the warm glow permeates the room, it creates an inviting atmosphere, turning every corner into a cosy nook. The Skipper is more than a source of illumination; it's a design statement that infuses comfort into your home.

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Casting a unique display of light and shadow, the Skipper Floor Light is a natural show stopper. 
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Hand formed petals make up the iconic Skipper Floor Light

Wool Throws

The Dartmoor Wool Throws provide a cosy experience on those chilly Winter evenings. Made from pure new wool, it brings natural warmth and insulating comfort to your space. As you tuck in and settle down, you're enveloped in the warming embrace of a sustainable, renewable source. This large wool blanket becomes the perfect 'family' blanket, turning everyday moments into warming, peaceful ones. The versatile, textured design adds a layer of comfort to your home, making it a symbol of warmth and relaxation.

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Offering a range of lengths, the Kesu Shelving Range has a design to suit every space. 

Kesu Shelving Range

The Kesu Shelving Range is more than just a storage solution; it's an elegant display of flowing lines that draw the eye. Made from sustainably sourced ash wood, its two gracefully steam-bent curves embrace a sturdy smooth shelf. Whether showcasing your favourite books or organising kitchen essentials, the Kesu Shelf adds a touch of sophistication to your space. Its seamless stacking capability creates a harmonious wooden wall display, turning organisation into an art form. This shelving range is a comforting reminder that functionality can be beautiful, and order can be effortlessly elegant.

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The Kesu Shelf X-Small is perfect for bedside spaces that are lacking in floor space. 
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Proudly showcase your treasures on the Kesu Shelf Medium's wooden stage. 

Mylor Bowl

The Mylor Bowl is a play of balance and beauty, rooted in sustainable practices. The graceful plinth of oak cradles an elevated earthenware vessel, creating a serene home for your foliage, or convenient storage for your tasty delights. It not only brings nature indoors but also allows you to tilt the planter for optimal light, nurturing your green companions. The Mylor Bowl transforms your space into a biophilic haven, where the balance between natural elements and contemporary design fosters a sense of calm and tranquillity.

Scented Candles

Our range of sustainable, luxury candles is crafted to infuse your surroundings with the scent and serenity of the natural world. Beyond the enchanting fragrances, these candles come in a sleek ceramic vessel that adds a touch of elegance to your home. Once the aroma has filled the air, repurpose the vessel as a cherished trinket dish or an indoor plant pot. The sustainability and functionality make these candles a comforting addition to your space, promising long-lasting joy and a sense of connection to the environment.

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Made using a natural rapeseed blend and available in three scents - the warmth of Embers, the refreshing serenity of Wild Gorse or the soothing embrace of Moss to surround your space with the natural aromas of Cornwall. 
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Carefully curated to infuse your surroundings with the scent and serenity of the natural world, our sustainable scented candle range will provide a long-lasting, enchanting aroma

Posted: 15.02.24

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