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Feel-Good Christmas Gift Guide 2021

5 November 2021

Evoke joy this Christmas with our earth-friendly homeware designs.
Tom Raffield Arbour Armchair and Skipper Floor Light

With the season of giving and togetherness fast approaching, the time is nigh to discover thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Shining a spotlight on sustainable and ethically crafted homeware designs, Tom Raffield’s curated Christmas gift guide features more ecological designs than ever before.

Tom Raffield Lundy Shelf

Time with our beloved friends and family is more important than ever, with the festive season respecting old traditions whilst also allowing us to create new ones. Making magical memories with those closest to you, with designs that will be there to comfort and illuminate every moment.

Create Comfort

Give the gift of comfort through soft furnishings and warm lighting designs. We handcraft timeless pieces that will proudly welcome in guests and embrace the feeling of togetherness this festive season. Table lights are a versatile gift that can suit a wide range of interiors, whether your special someone is still working from home and requires desk illumination, or they need a glow that will warm up their bedroom, our table lamp designs are timeless.

Tom Raffield Arbor Armchair
Tom Raffield Mylor Bowl

Arbor Armchair

Claim comfort in your space with the Arbor Armchair, an inviting addition to your favourite place to relax with a good book. A powerful curve of steam bent wood bonds structure and aesthetic. Marrying Tom Raffield craftsmanship with Danish design principles, the Arbor defies nature with startling simplicity.

Mylor Bowl

Versatile, and adjustable, the Mylor Bowl is a wonderful gift for those who seem to have it all. The Mylor Bowl can be angled to proudly display its contents or carried by the twin looping leather tan handles to move it from room-to-room.

Tom Raffield New Verso Pendant and Beeble

Verso Pendant

The Verso Pendant creates a bold impact with swooping layers of sustainably sourced timber. An ornate marriage of balance and light, the Verso Range is an asymmetrical wooden work of art that welcomes a fresh perspective.

Beeble Pouffe

The Beeble Pouffe is a clever addition to any home. Carry from room-to-room with the thoughtfully placed leather strap, the Beeble can be an extra seat or a handy footrest. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood and featuring a leather handle detail, the Beeble comes upholstered in the highest quality, contract grade wool, complementary to the Tom Raffield collection.


Archer Table Light

Enhancing office spaces or bedside tables, the Archer Table Light provides minimalism, through it's industrial inspiration. A taut, arching crescent of sustainably sourced oak shoulders a decorative LED bulb.

Log Loop

The perfect addition to family orientated and tranquil spaces the Log Loop is well suited alongside your cosy fireplace. Two dynamic hoops of steam bent oak join together in a marriage of form and function.

Leven Table Light

For statement spaces with Art Deco inspiration, the Leven Table Light adds layers of warm light to interiors. Secured at the seams with four brass accented rivets, each arching layer of sustainably sourced wood builds a balanced silhouette of careful craftsmanship.

Festive Indulgence

Discover gifts for the loved ones in your life that deserve to indulge in their self-care. Whether they are seeking a handy home for frequently used products in a skincare routine, or a sculptural mirror design to provide that vital last-minute check before rushing out the door, allow your special someone to take a moment for themselves.

Tom Raffield Housel Shelf and Artus Table Light

Housel Shelf

Form meets function in the sleek Housel Shelf, creating a great gift for those who like to proudly display treasured items and photographs. A solid wooden shelf nestles within a flowing steam bent hoop, creating a practical space to display your favourite pieces.

Artus Table Light

The perfect gift for those with interiors calling out for drama, the Artus Table Light provides in abundance. Intricately placed, each illuminated pillar distributes kaleidoscopic, vertical shadows that mesmerise the eye of the beholder.

Maen Pot Trio

Well suited for the “foodie” in your life, the Maen Pot Trio is a welcome home for freshly grown herbs. Three striking Maen Pots stand proud on a sustainably sourced oak wood plinth provides stability and function.

Stuggy Side Table

A resting place for a mug of hot chocolate, or a home for your thriving houseplant, the Stuggy Side Table is as versatile as it is striking. Handcrafted and curved from sustainably sourced oak, our unique detailing transforms a utilitarian staple, while its round table top showcases striking grain and tone of wood.

Mawnan Planter

The Mawnan Planter’s versatile design makes it a sleek tabletop companion, or a handy home for herbs. A slim length of sustainably sourced steam bent ash wood gently arches above a hand-glazed earthenware bowl to become a tactile, eye-catching handle.

Tilner Mirror and Morvah Hanging Planter

Tilner Mirror

For the skincare guru in your life, the Tilner Mirror’s understated design suits a minimalist bathroom. Inspired by the swooping bend of a flexing bow and arrow, the arching wooden base of the Tilner features a nestling round mirror guaranteed to create the illusion of space in any setting.

Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter

A handcrafted home perfect for trailing plants, the Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter is a great gift for those who are curating their own indoor jungle. A steam bent piece of solid oak loops around and embraces a hand-glazed earthenware bowl creating a unique, hanging planter.

Invite Organisation

Clever storage solutions are a joyous addition to any home. Browse our selection of versatile gifts and help friends and family curate a clutter free home for the festive season and beyond. 

Tom Raffield May Coffee Table
Tom Raffield Tor Twist Shelf

May Coffee Table

Rest a cup of tea and your favourite book upon the May Coffee Table as the evening draws in. Swooping around to meet all four legs and handcrafted from a single piece of sustainably sourced oak ,the May's hero feature is its curved support.

Tor Twist Shelf

Add a multipurpose design to your home this festive season with the Tor Twist Shelf. The Tor is carefully sculpted from tonal ash wood, gently twisting in the centre, and elevating itself above three brushed brass tipped wooden pegs.

Tom Raffield Lundy Shelf, Beeble Pouffe, Crib Stool and Maen Pot

Lundy Shelf

Sculptural design, celebrated through the timeless craft of steam bending, the Lundy Shelf is a gentle, yet striking gift for your organised loved one. Two curvaceous lengths of ash mimicking twisted leather straps, support a solid wood shelf with brushed brass detail.

Maen Pot

The minimalist, sleek design of the Maen Pot invites creativity, with a vast array of uses. The tactile, earthenware ceramic bowl can be utilised in a wide array of interiors - houseplants, herbs or even utensils...

Crib Stool

Put your feet up, or use as a quick resting stop, the Crib Stool is an appreciated addition to hallways or living spaces. The Crib Stool's steam bent twist of sustainably sourced wood brings our signature aesthetic to the fore.

Coat Loop

The ideal addition to bustling hallways, or a self-care bathroom sanctuary, the Coat Loops striking design stands out along your wall whether populated or not. Handcrafted from a single piece of sustainably sourced oak.

Gift Voucher

The perfect gift for those who are organised enough to know exactly what they want. A Tom Raffield gift voucher allows your loved one to get the piece they'd like to enjoy in their space for a lifetime of memories.

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Updated: 09.11.21

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