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Gift Guide: Steam Bent Table Lights

5 December 2018

Shop our latest gift guide to find something special for your loved ones among our handmade-to-order pieces.

Christmas image with Urchin Table Lights

Light up someone’s life this Christmas. Our range of exquisite table lights offers a unique blend of style and substance. Functionality with a story. From our enigmatic Urchin Table Light to our bold yet understated Wheal Table Light, we’ll leave you spoilt for choice and guarantee the perfect gift.

Urchin Table Light
Make Christmas radiant with the Urchin Table Light.

Urchin Table Light

Your imagination will run wild. Echoing shapes of sand combed shells found on nearby Cornish shores, the Urchin Table Light (above) finds inspiration in the sea. Shards of warm light escape an enclosure of steam bent oak or walnut, creating the illusion of ripples on a calm ocean as they’re cast upon the wall. 32 graceful curves are held in place with laser cut birch plates, concealing the bulb behind fascinating textures of sustainable wood.

The Urchin Table Light can transform any room, making it the perfect gift for the lover of atmosphere, ambience and tranquillity.

Hanter Table Light
The Hanter Table Light: Illuminate. Radiate. Transfix.

Hanter Table Light

With Christmas gifts, it’s always good to make a statement. The Hanter Table Light does just that. Timeless and always fashionable, this table light speaks volumes with its simplicity. As the arc of sustainably sourced, steam bent oak scythes down from an exposed filament bulb and into a sturdy timber base, it tells a story of nature, craftsmanship and design.

Share this story with another by gifting the Hanter Table Light (above) to a loved one.

The Artus Table Light animates the inanimate.

The Artus Table Light

Scatter light. Enchant space. Create art from shadow. The Artus Table Light (above) transforms not only a room, but the objects within it. Each painstakingly crafted and meticulously fitted piece of birch dowel casts its own shadow, adding texture, drama and life to everything around it. Capture the Christmas spirit by captivating your loved ones and give them something truly special this Christmas.

Ambient Wheal
The Wheal Table Light casts an ambient glow in any space.
Wheal with mirror
Our Wheal Table Light makes the perfect console table companion.

The Wheal Table Light

Shop a true classic this Christmas. The Wheal Table Light is eminent yet subtle. Daring yet refined. Modern yet enduring. Crafted from sustainably sourced oak, a steam bent arch curves upwards from a solid base. A suspended filament bulb hangs in a brass fitting and is reflected in a brass base plate. In a transcendent clash of nature and metal, the Wheal Table Light (above) both refines and redefines. The perfect gift for the modern minimalist.

Stem Table Light
Ideally suited to a desk or bedside table, the Stem Table Light creates warmth in space.

The Stem Table Light

Light is comfort. Light is home. The Stem Table Light (above) gathers light and casts it downwards, creating an oasis in the darkness. A Helix shade hangs from a handmade, steam-bent piece of oak, which rises from a solid oak base. Gift warmth to your loved ones this Christmas, with the sophisticated, soft style of the Stem Table Light.

Mooring Ambient
An exposed filament bulb creates ambient lighting.
Mooring Flex
Grey flex winds upwards from the base to the bulb.

The Mooring Table Light

We champion audacity in our designs. If you are looking for a gift that packs a punch this Christmas, look no further than the Mooring Table Light (above). A curve of sustainably sourced oak arches unapologetically from a solid oak base and suspends a naked filament bulb in an aesthetic brass fitting. An exposed red or grey flex blazes a trail as it winds round the base of the lamp and forges a path to the bulb.

Forge your own path this festive season by selecting a gift that is anything but ordinary. Embrace difference.

Posted: 05.12.18
Updated: 06.12.18

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