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Behind the Design: Tilow Lighting Range

30 June 2022

We caught up with Tom and our talented design team to find out more about the new Tilow Lighting Range and discover the inspiration for our brand-new wooden lighting designs…
No. 1 - Tilow Wall Light large

Balancing interiors with its arched form, the new Tilow Lighting Range has paved the way for versatile design. We spoke to our founder, Tom, and our design team to find out more about our new, innovative lighting range to discover the inspiration behind Tilow, and its design journey.

What makes the Tilow Lighting Range unique?

DT: “The beauty of the Tilow Lighting Range is found in its versatility. With it's ability to shine bright with an exposed bulb or house a selection of our lampshades, the design offers a great spectrum of impact, from sculptural, to structured, maximalist to minimalist, you can truly make the Tilow work for each and every space.

The statement size of the Tilow Large also makes it a standout design for us. Typically, wall lighting designs are scaled down designs, however we wanted the new range to demand the attention it deserves, and the larger, impact size does this”.

Kanna - Tilow Wall Light Large
Illuminate the path through your home with the bold spotlight that flows from the Kanna - Tilow Wall Light Large.
verso small - tilow wall light
Introducing an asymmetrical artistic touch to your home, the Verso Small - Tilow Wall Light refreshes your space with ease. 

Which rooms can you see the Tilow Lighting Range suiting?

DT: “We would love to think at least one of the Tilow designs would suit every room, however we do have some suggestions for various lighting needs. If gloomy hallways or awkwardly shaped kitchens are in need of task lighting, the Tilow Wall Light casts boundless glow, whilst the Kanna – Tilow Wall Light Large projects a beautiful downlight.

For spaces that are calling out for atmospheric ambient lighting, we think the Verso - Tilow Wall Light and Skipper Small – Tilow Wall Light are an effective way to layer striking light and shadow into your space”.

semper small - tilow wall light
Guide beams of light to every corner with the Semper Small - Tilow Wall Light. 

Why did you make this a versatile design?

DT: “With sustainability at our core, we wanted to create a design that reflects the change a home will go through, removing the need to always buy new, pushing against ‘throwaway’ culture. Understanding that a home’s décor style will change and crafting a design that support these adjustments through the decades. We handcraft each sustainable piece to last a lifetime of happy memories, and so we created a design that would be eagerly welcomed in your home as your life and interior style develops.

The Tilow is versatile in more ways than meets the eye - with a choice of shades to suit every need and two different sizes, but we also chose to offer it as a plug-in and go option. This not only makes it a handy renter-friendly option, but also makes it easier to transport to new homes as families grow”.

tom in cornwall
Soaking in Cornwall's endless inspiration, Tom often explores his favourite Cornish environments. 

How did you start the Tilow’s design journey?

DT: “It’s no secret how much inspiration we draw from the beautiful trees that surround our Cornish studio and there is no tree grander than the oak! The oak tree’s strength and beauty lasts for countless lifetimes, which all stem from the first-born branch. We wanted to represent this initial branch and starting sketching ideas on how we could bring this into homes. After plenty of prototyping and experimenting, the Tilow Lighting Range emerged”.

Image alt text goes here
The Leven - Tilow Wall Light Large adds an art deco influence to your space with bold geometry and structured forms. 

Where did the ‘Tilow’ come from?

DT: “The name 'tillow' represents the first strong branch that is born from a mighty oak tree. The name perfectly resonates with the design, one that continues to grow and adapt for it’s surroundings, whilst being a powerful base for creativity and natural beauty”.

Tom Raffield Tilow Wall Light Range

Posted: 30.06.22
Updated: 30.06.22

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