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Behind the Design: Carn Mirror Range

30 June 2023

We caught up with tom and our talented design team to learn more about the inspiration behind our new steam bent mirror range...

A wooden work of art, our new Carn Mirror Range reflects the allure of asymmetry. Creating a beautiful wall display, the steam bent mirror range allows you to maximise your space with a playful mix of form and function. Let's find out more about the unique design and its design journey...

carn mirror range

What inspired the Carn Mirror Range?

DT: “The Carn Mirror Range draws inspiration from the ancient practice of cairn rock stacking, where balance is achieved through the use of imbalance. We are captivated by the concept of asymmetry and wanted to bring this allure to our new wall mirror designs. This inspiration allowed us to create statement wooden mirrors that not only reflect natural light and beauty but also embodies a sense of playfulness”.

How do you think mirrors can impact an interior?

DT: “Mirrors have a great impact on the overall atmosphere of a space. They have the ability to enhance natural light, creating a sense of openness. Circular mirrors can also act as focal points, drawing attention and adding a touch of elegance design to a room. Additionally, mirrors can visually expand smaller spaces and reflect interesting angles and details, adding depth and complexity to the overall space. By thoughtfully placing mirrors, you can transform the perception of a room and create a captivating experience”.

carn mirror range

Is there a set process you follow when coming up with a new homeware design?

DT: “At Tom Raffield, our design process is driven by a combination of innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainability. We begin with exploration, seeking inspiration from various sources, often found within the natural world that surrounds us. We then experiment with different materials and techniques, often pushing the boundaries of our craft to achieve unique designs. Throughout the process, we prioritise sustainable practices and strive to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious”.

Which rooms of the home do you feel the Carn Mirrors best lend themselves to? Did you have this in mind when designing the range?

DT: “The Carn Mirrors are versatile pieces that can complement a wide range of interior spaces. Their contemporary aesthetics and playful asymmetry make them ideal for both minimalist and maximalist interior styles. The different sizes and orientations available within the range allow for creative curation of abstract art displays in various rooms. Whether it's a bedroom, hallway, living room, or even a statement piece in a bathroom, the Carn Mirror Range can bring a captivating touch to any space”.

tom raffield workshop carn mirror
tom raffield workshop carn mirror

How did you name the Carn Mirror Range?

DT: “The name "Carn" was chosen to reflect the inspiration behind the range and pay homage to its roots in cairn rock stacking. Carn (or occasionally Karn) is the Cornish term used to describe a pile of stones, often used as a marker. We felt that this name captured the essence of balance and asymmetry, while also evoking a sense of natural beauty. It signifies the combination of elements found in the Carn Mirror Range, where the sustainably sourced ash wood frame provides a foundation for the off-centre round mirror, resulting in a striking and harmonious composition.”

tom raffield workshop carn mirror

Why can asymmetry be so important when styling a space?

DT: “Asymmetry is important in styling and balancing a space because it adds visual interest, creates focal points, and breaks away from predictable design. It introduces a dynamic and contemporary character, while allowing for a thoughtful balance throughout. Asymmetry captures attention, sparks curiosity, and reflects the rich diversity found in nature”.

Posted: 30.06.23
Updated: 30.06.23

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