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Promote Your Home Office

How to create a Zoom-worthy back drop
tom raffield grand designs desk

Computer on and coffee at the ready – the back to work season has begun. Your home office should invite creativity and calm, allowing you to get the most out of your working hours, without feeling overwhelmed. Read on to discover our helpful home office designs for a seamless workflow… 

tom raffield wheal table light
The Wheal Table Light casts the perfect tabletop task lighting for avid note takers.

Lightbulb Moment

As darker mornings draw in, clever lighting will be key in avoiding straining your eyes as you work. Your home office will benefit from soothing lighting forms with a bright output to help keep you focused. Opt for designs that have an indirect lighting source – you won’t create your best work with a bright glare bouncing of your screen. Designs that work alongside any natural light to diffuse illumination across your space are optimal for keeping you alert and productive.

tom raffield verso table light
Igniting creativity, the Verso Table Light adds playful personality to your home office. 
tom raffield semper pendant
Guide beams of light where you space needs as the suns path shifts throughout the day with the Semper Pendant.
tom raffield maya planter
If your office is lacking in table space, the Maya Wall Planter can add much needed life to your walls.

Fresh foliage

The benefits of including greenery in your decor are endless. Not only will adding houseplants to your space introduce fresh colour, biophilic design has been proven to improve mood whilst reducing fatigue, stress, and anxiety. If you’re concerned about the lack of light in your space look to Snake plants, Aloe Vera and ZZ Plants to awaken your space and thrive in lower light levels.

tom raffield maen pot
Doubling as stationary storage, the Maen Pot’s minimalist design opens it up to a wide range of office possibilities.

Organisation. Organisation.

Tidy desk, tidy mind. An organised workspace can improve your focus and productivity, leaving you ready to tackle any project. Introduce clever storage options that keep your hardworking essentials close by, keeping any panicked pre-meeting searching to a minimum. You can also use your open storage as a way to incite motivation, putting your favourite books and images on display.

new laris wall hook
Well suited to compact workspaces, the Laris Wall Hook offers handy storage for your light layers as the seasons change and extra layers are needed.
tom raffield lundy shelf
The timeless Lundy Shelf provides functionality and beauty in equal measure.
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