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14 April 2023

Our hardworking wonders for a multifunctional space...
tom raffield shippon

Computer on and coffee at the ready – the back to work season has begun. Whether you’re hitting the books or hitting the hay, a spare room can often manage a multitude of functions. Versatile pieces that allow you to stay productive in the daytime, and relaxed in the evening are warmly embraced in these spaces – but can often be tricky to find. We spoke to home renovator Sarah, of @shipponbarn, about homeware must haves when it comes to creating a hybrid space…

tom raffield shippon barn collab
A hardworking set up- From sun up to sun down, wooden hues will keep creativity flowing.

Lightbulb Moment

SS: “Lighting is important in a room, too much or too little, and it can cause discomfort - especially when working with computer screens. We already have spotlights in space, for when we need additional task lighting, so when we were looking for wall lights, we wanted something that would create a calm feel to the room when relaxing for an evening. We knew the Tom Raffield Skipper Wall Lights would be a perfect addition to this room. When switched off, you can really see the natural grain of the wood and its intricate design, which really adds an element of texture to the space. Then when the sun goes down and the lights are switched on, they really come to life. The beams of warm light reflect through all the twists and turns of the oak to really become an eye catching focal point in the room. This makes the room feel cosier and with the cleverly designed gold coated light bulbs, there is no direct light shining out causing any glare or distraction on screens.”

tom raffield skipper table light
Creating comfort through unique light and shadow the Skipper Wall Light create a perfect cosy corner.
tom raffield skipper wall light
Aiding illumination on those darker mornings, the Skipper Wall Light keeps you focused without overwhelming the space.

Let Nature Work

The benefits of including natural materials in your décor are endless. Not only will adding natural hues to your space introduce fresh colour, biophilic design has been proven to improve mood whilst reducing fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

SS: “Wooden homeware adds a beautiful timelessness to any space. We wanted to ensure the home office welcomed a sense of warmth. The natural materials used in the Tor Twist Shelf and Skipper Wall Light were prefect for creating this look and complimented the exposed wooden beams in the room. It really gives a feeling of grounding & cosiness which is what we wanted”.

tom raffield maen pot
Doubling as stationary storage, the Maen Pot’s minimalist design opens it up to a wide range of office possibilities.

Organisation. Organisation.

Tidy desk, tidy mind. Introduce clever storage options that keep your hardworking essentials close by, keeping any panicked pre-meeting searching to a minimum. You can also use your open storage as a way to incite motivation, putting your favourite books and images on display.

SS: “We chose the Tor Twist Shelf for its versatility – it’s beautiful whether it’s holding the versatile Maen Pot, a plant, or hanging a basket with some core office materials. Having the shelf on one side and the hooks on the other, really gives it a stylish look which is also extremely practical. An organised workspace can improve improves my focus and productivity, leaving me ready to tackle any project”.

shippon TR
Let creativity be your guide when furnishing your home office space, only introducing pieces that inspire and relax you.

Posted: 14.04.23

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