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Meet Your Maker: Callum

20 April 2023

Meet more of our talented team…

Introducing Callum, our Design Coordinator. Crafting our statement furniture and accessories, Callum is an invaluable part of every one of our designs' sustainable development process. Let’s find out more about him…

How long have you worked at Tom Raffield?

CS: "I have been at Tom Raffield for five and a half years. Initially I started as a trainee crafter in the lighting workshop, and as the years progressed, so did I. From maker, supervisor, to design coordinator, my role is consistently evolving – which is very exciting."

callum and tom

What is your average day at Tom Raffield?

CS: "Every day of the week is different. From developing new product designs to working on improvements around the workshop floor - through making jigs or improving processes, I am always thinking ahead to ensure we get the most out of each design. I work closely with Tom Raffield to progress new concepts, ensuring each design is made sustainability and will last the test of time. Occasionally, I will aid the lighting workshop in making orders or help colleagues steam bend larger pieces of furniture. To answer your question, my day is anything but average!"

Why is sustainability important to you?

CS: "I am lucky to be part of a creative, likeminded, group of crafters here at Tom Raffield. We are always designing with sustainability in mind, whether it is only using ethically sourced materials, plastic free packaging or designs that will last a lifetime. It’s clear to see the effects that mass manufacturing and unsustainable design have on our environment, so I make sure I do all I can in and out of work to prevent any more damage."

callum and tom

What is your favourite product or range?

CS: "This constantly changes. But at the moment, the No. 1 Pendant holds my top position. They are the most skilled lights to craft, with each one ending up being truly unique. However, there are a couple of designs coming soon that I think will take the top spot."

What is the best skill you have learnt from your time at Tom Raffield?

CS: "Time management. With my days as varied as they are, I have plenty of projects on the go at the same time. Each project comes with their own deadline and challenges, so time management is key. Whether I am briefing our marketing team on new designs or training the team on the new jigs to improve our processes, I like to communicate with my team within a timely manner to make their tasks easier."

Image 1 alt text goes here
The first light we ever created, the No. 1 Pendant stands the test of time. 
Image 2 alt text goes here
The No. 1 Pendant is crafted on a strong foundation of sustainably sourced wood. 

What do you do after work?

CS: "Our days in the workshop start early, so that means we get an early finish. I love being outside, so at 3:30pm I am either heading to one of my many sport clubs or going to our local beaches to skim stones. On the gloomier, colder, evenings I will meet up with friends to practice my pool skills."

What are your hobbies?

CS: "I keep busy with plenty of sports... football, table tennis, mountain biking, rugby, and tennis – so I am always moving! I love to craft in my spare time too, with my favourite thing to make being wooden tables and chopping boards."

What did you want to be when you were younger?

CS: "I always wanted to be a footballer. I play football with my local club 2-3 times a week, so I have tried to keep this dream alive."

tom raffield and callum
Working closely with Tom Raffield, Callum helps with upcoming designs to ensure they will meet the original brief and can be easily taught to the workshop team. 

Posted: 20.04.23
Updated: 21.04.23

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