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Meet the team: India

1 September 2023

Get to know more of our talented team…

meet the team india

Introducing India, our Sales & Office Manager. Whether you are calling to find out more about your next Tom Raffield design, or you're visiting our Cornish showroom, India will warmly welcome you. Let’s find out more about India and how her role here has developed…

meet the team india
India keeps our showroom shining, warmly welcoming visitors in and assisting with any queries. 

What is your job role?

IM: “My role within the company is essentially to be the first person any customer comes into contact with if they have a product question, order request, or need help with any interior styling advice. I also assist and set up our trade accounts, ensuring clients have the information they need for their next exciting project – no matter how large or small. My aim is to make the customer's experience as seamless and stress-free as possible”.

How long have you worked at Tom Raffield?

IM: “I originally started as temporary cover, just over a year and a half ago, as a Customer Service assistant. Over time, my role developed alongside my growing knowledge of the products and customer queries. I now manage our Customer Service team and use my insight to create a positive customer experience that I am extremely proud of”.

meet the team india
A friendly face for our customers, India consistently provides excellent customer service. 
meet the team india
India works closely alongside our workshop and logistics teams to ensure every order arrives safely and on time. 

What is your average day at Tom Raffield?

IM: “With a comforting cup of tea by my side, I start the day by reviewing the most recent orders and liaise with our logistics team to coordinate production times and estimated delivery dates. I then head straight into emails, assisting customers with their orders and queries. I don’t have a set daily schedule as my day varies, depending on meetings, phone call enquiries and showroom appointments. After a midday lunch (and table tennis break!), I head into coordinating customer returns, and organising exchanges. I also have the exciting responsibility of heading the Tom Raffield social committee. We organise the company's social events, such as beach BBQs, bake-offs and Christmas parties, we try to make the most of our beautiful surroundings whenever we can!” 

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Each Christmas, India organises our festive giving-back schemes, getting the whole team involved helping our local community. 

What is the best skill you have learnt from your time at Tom Raffield?

IM: “I would say the best skill I have learnt from my time at Tom Raffield would be communication and the importance of it. We are a small team so if I become aware of changes regarding delivery on an order for instance, this certainly needs to be vocalised as it affects everyone right through to our workshop team”.

What is your favourite product or range?

IM: “My favourite product would be the Cape Pendant. Unfortunately, I don’t have the space in my current home but one day I would love to have it proudly hanging over a large oak kitchen table”.

What are your hobbies?

IM: “Amongst spending lots of time outside I love baking sweet treats, mainly anything chocolate based, but I have just recently ventured out into making cheesecakes. I am also a little bit cat obsessed so I do spend quite a bit of time pampering my cat, Tog, who is the sweetest little thing - you might even spot him in a couple of the Tom Raffield images. On the weekend, I like to find beaches and coastal footpaths I have never been to, and thanks to Cornwall's vast beauty, the options are endless!”

meet the team india
A fur-miliar face! India's cat, Tog, has featured in our Christmas photoshoots. 
meet the team india
A well deserved favourite, the Cape Pendant adds layers of coastal beauty to any space. 

Why is sustainability important to you?

IM: “Growing up in Cornwall means you are constantly surrounded by beautiful scenery. I think sustainability is important to me because a lot of my favourite things to do outside of work revolve around these landscapes and therefore, they need to be preserved”.

Where is your favourite place in Cornwall?

IM: “My favourite place in Cornwall would be the Helford River. With an array of little beaches to choose from, there is always a sheltered sun trap somewhere. The sea is generally very calm here and the stones are perfect for skimming. My family and I used to head down to Grebe, one of the many beaches scattered along the Helford, every day after school when I was little, so amongst it being beautiful, it also holds a lot of fond memories for me”.

meet the team india
As a team, we all loved to explore the breathtaking views that surround Cornwall, whilst doing all we can to protect it. 

What do you like to do after work?

IM: “Weather permitting, I love to go down to the beach after work and get in the sea for a quick swim as it really washes the day off. I enjoy keeping active by going on leisurely bike rides, to gym classes and I’m currently learning to play tennis”.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

IM: “When I was really little, I wanted to be a Librarian, mostly because I was obsessed with the giant stamps they used to sign books out with. I also wanted to a be a princess, but a librarian seemed the more realistic of the two. Maybe I could get a Tom Raffield stamp to fulfil this dream..?!”

Posted: 01.09.23

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