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Make your home happier

14 October 2022

Our top five accessories that add joy to every nook and cranny…
tom raffield meru and mylor bowl

Rainy days keeping you inside? The brisk, gloomy weather is the perfect opportunity to add beautiful accessories to your home that allow every room to shine. Explore five of our handcrafted designs that will bring bold, functional, beauty to your home…

Laris Wall Hook

tom raffield laris wall hook
The key ingredient to an efficient kitchen is versatile storage, whether you are hanging cooking tools or draping your tea towels, the Laris Wall Hook can do it all.

From self-care sanctuaries to hardworking hallways, the Laris Wall Hook seamlessly sits along any wall. Whether you hang, drape, or thread your wears, the Laris showcases the power of compact, versatile design. These useful pegs are built on a foundation of sustainably sourced ash wood, with a loop of robust tan, brown, or black leather secured by a brushed brass tipped wooden peg. Clearing the clutter from your home, the Laris Wall Hook is crafted to make your daily routine run efficiently, putting your essentials in handy reach.

Mantol Planter

Tom Raffield mantol planter
Statement greenery is an easy and effective way to add texture to your space.
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Add depth to your carefully curated indoor jungle with the Mantol Planter.

Adding life to every corner, the Mantol Planter turns your flourishing greenery into a centrepiece. The Mantol’s elevated earthenware vessel can be tilted on its base to allow optimum light levels to reach your foliage. Whether part of an energising tablescape or adding biophilic abundance to a gloomy corner, the Mantol Planter brightens any interior with its playful personality.

Coat Loop

tom raffield coat loop
Functional wall art. The Coat Loop adds artistic form to your wall, whether left bare or populated with layers.

A warm welcome home. As you remove muddy boots and damp jackets that have been well explored in, the Coat Loop’s sculptural form invites you in. A steam bent brushstroke of sustainably sourced oak grows out from your wall as striking home for your outerwear, cosy dressing gown or fluffy towels. The Coat Loop is a robust addition to your relaxing retreats.

Housel Shelf with Mirror

tom raffield housel shelf with mirror
The steam bent hoop adds style to your shelf with ease.

Your bathroom’s secret weapon. The Housel Shelf with Mirror suits soothing bathroom spaces, where it can reflect natural light through your entire space. Holding your skincare essentials, whilst providing a handy mirror, the Housel Shelf with Mirror is a welcome addition to compact spaces.

Mylor Bowl

tom raffield mylor bowl
From homegrown salads to treasured belongings - the Mylor Bowl holds it all.

Refined yet durable. Multifunctional yet modest. The Mylor Bowl offers a handcrafted home for thriving houseplants, or a storage pot for busy interiors. Use the thoughtfully placed leather handles to alter the angle of the Mylor Bowl to suit your space’s needs. The versatility of the Mylor thrives in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens - the perfect, feel-good gift for loved ones

Posted: 14.10.22
Updated: 13.01.23

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