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Lookbook: New in for Summer

16 June 2023

Explore a Summery assortment of inspirational interiors...
kanna drum pendant range

Synonymous with nature's unparalleled beauty, our newest designs showcase the fusion between sustainably sourced materials and high quality craftsmanship. Our new wooden homeware and lighting designs are the perfect, statement, addition to any space...

carn mirrors
Mirroring the allure of asymmetry, the circular Carn Mirror is destined to infuse your home with natural light and beauty.
artus pendant mix
Daring yet delicate, the Artus Lighting Range diffracts a mesmerising pattern of shadows, dramatising your space.
artus pendant
The Artus Pendant. 209 ethereal dowels are slotted into a laser-cut birch plywood frame to shroud an exposed filament bulb.
kanna pendant large
Diffusing a warm glow into its surroundings, the elegant Kanna Drum Pendant Large allows the organic wooden grain to take centre stage.
carn mirror
A steam bent hoop of sustainably sourced ash provides the perfect frame for a playful, off-centre mirror, which seemingly floats on the wall to create a distinctly contemporary aesthetic that will perfectly complete any minimalists space or stand out within a maximalist home.
artus pendants
Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, the Artus Pendant provides eccentric beauty to any bedroom, hallway, or living space alike.
kanna pendant
The effortlessly elegant Kanna Drum Pendant Large makes a bold addition to your calming retreats, such as bedrooms and living spaces.
carn mirror
The striking wooden Carn Mirror Range hosts three sizes, each with a different orientation, allowing you to curate an abstract art display within bedrooms, hallways or living spaces.
artus pendant
The Artus Pendant makes a statement, wherever it is placed with kaleidoscopic, vertical shadows that mesmerise the eye of the beholder.
carn mirror
There's always space for a statement mirror. Adding a focal point to your living space, the Carn Mirror Large is the perfect addition. 
kanna pendant
The Kanna Drum Lighting Range is perfect for accentuating your favourite features of your home. 
artus pendant
Crafted with a high attention to detail, the Artus Lighting Range invites a second glance...and a third. 
can mirror
The Carn Mirror Small effortlessly suits alongside natures colour palate. 
artus pendant
Welcome comfort as the unique light and shadows from the Artus Pendant Small surround your space. 

Posted: 16.06.23

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