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Future Focused Furniture

31 August 2023

Discover why our furniture becomes an important chapter in your home’s story...
river coffee table

With every passing season, our approach to design is consistently evolving, but always driven by sustainability, innovation, and efficiency. In this blog, we will explore the concept of future-focused furniture and how our furniture designs are crafted to proudly be a part of treasured memories, for decades to come.


With every wooden creation, our sustainable responsibility shines boldly. Using sustainable materials, such as wood from responsibly managed forests, allows us to craft pieces that are not only beautiful but don’t make an impact on our planet. By using these sustainable materials, we can ensure that each piece will be robust, lasting the lifetime it deserves to.

hylo coffee table
Mirroring natures curves, the timeless Hylo Coffee Table is the perfect centrepiece for your living space.

Our mastery of steam bending also drives our positive impact. We use this traditional, low energy, technique to shape organic, fluid form, resulting in our iconic, timeless designs. This blend of tradition and innovation results in furniture that stands the test of time while reducing its environmental impact.


Future-focused furniture is designed with durability in mind, shifting away from the throwaway culture. Our wooden creations are built to last, ensuring they remain functional and beautiful for generations. With an emphasis on circular economy principles, every lighting and furniture is easily repairable - this commitment to reducing waste showcases our responsible, future-focused mindset.

From hardworking hallways to soothing living spaces, the Crib Stool suits any space.
river coffee table
Perfect for gathering around with loved ones, the statement River Coffee Table is an iconic addition to any living space.

We strive to encourage furnishing our living spaces with pieces that not only speak to our individuality but also contribute positively to the world we inhabit. By choosing future-focused furniture, we can create homes that are not only provide a lifetime of wonder but are also sustainable and purposeful.

may coffee table
A curving centrepiece - the May Coffee Table demands attention.


As we start to embrace compact spaces and multifunctional homes, future-focused furniture maximises functionality and adaptability. We ensure to craft designs that welcome versatility, with pieces that seamlessly adapt to various living scenarios. From stools that can be used as bedside tables to extra storage, we understand how innovative designs must cater to an ever changing home.

The Crib Side Table is the perfect bedside table - holding your daily essentials with ease.
beeble pouffe
The Beeble Pouffe showcases a beautiful marriage of comfort and versatility.


Future-focused furniture seeks to nurture a connection with nature even in urban spaces. Biophilic design encourages natural elements indoors, which can strengthen your connection with your natural surroundings. Bursts of lush greenery, or designs that honour the organic forms of nature will lovingly welcome a cosy atmosphere filled with enchanting form. Our wooden lighting and furniture often double as living art, with natural elements that infuse life into your home. Biophilic connections enhance our well-being, reduce stress, and improve overall productivity.

hylo coffee table
Igniting conversation, the Hylo Coffee Table is the perfect resting spot for your favourite décor pieces.

Posted: 31.08.23
Updated: 26.03.24

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