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A Triumph of Ebonised Design: The Noctis Range

1 November 2018

We've caught up with Tom to discuss the inspiration behind our newest collection: The Noctis Range. 

Urchin Noctis

A nod to the modern interior trend of using masculine, darker tones, our brand-new Noctis Range shows confidence in bold, definitive silhouettes. We've caught up with Tom to find out more about the inspiration behind the ebonised collection and see how he's incorporated the daring designs into his own home.

flock chandelier
Noctis Giant Flock Chandelier: an interplay of dissipating shadow and radiant light.
No.1 Pendant
Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant showcases timeless grace and ebonised, architectural design.

Talk us through your inspiration for the Noctis Range - it's a very different look to your other designs...

TR: We've been exploring the trend for masculine, moodier designs over the last year or so and have been enjoying the darker aesthetics that seem to have swept the interior world. All of our designs are handcrafted using ash, oak and or walnut wood and we've never really considered creating different coloured products until this point. I think black lighting can be really striking and tasteful when executed in the right way.

“The Noctis Range sees our most iconic lights take on a whole new aesthetic. We’ve ebonised the steam bent wood to give a sleek, darkened effect that contrasts incredibly well with metallic brass. The final designs are luxurious, unique and symbolise an exciting next step for the br­and”.

- Founder, Tom Raffield.
noctis wheal wall
Noctis Wheal Wall Light: modern, refined, enticing.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when developing the Noctis Range?

TR: It would probably be trying to perfect a technique of ebonising wood that the whole team could master. We trialled several different methods of ebonising our products; each stain had a different consistency, opacity and drying time which made it difficult to choose the right finish. We strived for a consistent aesthetic that looked matte but at the same time didn't appear too heavy or thick. We've finally cracked it but it took a while and a lot of product testing over several months.

Some of the designs have brass accents, what is the thought process behind this?

TR: We've played around with adding brass accents to certain products to create an alluring contrast of deep black and lustrous, polished metal. The Noctis Wheal products (Wall, Floor and Table) are an ebonised version of our original Wheal Lighting Range and so using brass in these three designs was a conscious, carried over decision. We've updated our Giant Flock Chandelier with curlicues of opulent, golden brass to contrast with the ebonised tulip wood and highlight how shadow and reflective light dissipate in a space and create spectacular lighting exhibitions. The effect is modern, refined and enticing.

Noctis No.1 Pendant
Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant: invite darkness into the light.

Which Noctis light is your personal favourite?

TR: I've got a particular soft spot for the Noctis Kern Pendant. The Kern has always been one of our most minimalist, sleek designs and now we've ebonised the oak frame it's got a really striking profile. The shape of the steam bent wood looks really strong and precise, the black finish has created the look of a smooth circumference and the result is modern, architectural and powerful. I can't wait to get one above our kitchen island soon.

Kern Pendant: bold, ebonised design and our sought-after wooden aesthetic, merged.
Noctis Wheal Floor Light: puts the lustre back in illumination and brings sophistication into any space.

The Noctis Lighting Range has since evolved. We have welcomed new ebonised designs and discontinued some of the designs found in this blog.

Posted: 01.11.18
Updated: 03.04.24

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