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A Forever Investment - Heirlooms of the Future

21 January 2021

Shop now, enjoy forever.
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Furnishing your first apartment or new home is an exciting prospect. But before you jump in and splash out, consider the following factors to ensure you're investing wisely and buying the right piece…

Do you really need it? Is it high quality? Is it well made? Is it well-designed? Will it still have the same appeal in five years time? There are many reasons why a piece of homeware can be a good investment and become that special item passed on to generations to come. Keep reading to discover the elements we consider most important...

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Warm light gathers between strips of wood. Flexed to the brink then fixed into an organic sphere inspired by sandcombed shells, our Urchin Lighting Range brings atmosphere in abundance.

Search for classic, timeless designs

While trends can be fickle, some designs are timeless. Invest in a piece that will never go out of style and you can enjoy over and over again. Natural materials such as wood, stone, glass and metals that have been around for centuries all make for good investment choices as they still remain firm favourites and features of modern properties to this day.

Our wooden lighting, furniture and accessories are beautifully handcrafted by our expert designers and makers, who work tirelessly to ensure every product is flawless. The time we spend perfecting each design is reflected in the longevity and enduring nature of our pieces. So next time you find yourself scrolling through the latest home trends, make an investment, not just a purchase. 

Turning straight into seductive with a confident curve, our Coat Loop stretches and sweeps along your wall. Handcrafted from a single piece of sustainably sourced oak. An inviting resting place for outerwear and accessories.
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Hang, drape, or leave the Coat Loop bare — your garments and your wall will thank you for it.
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The pinnacle of complex bends that our steam bending skills can achieve. The sculptural May Coffee Table is a masterful interpretation of contemporary design, making an elegant statement in your space.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic design is one that fits perfectly with the user and its intended environment. For example, if you have an unconformable chair in your home, chances are you won't spend long periods of time sitting in it - you'll seek a more body supporting design in which you can reside in comfort for hours. That's why it's important to opt for ergonomic, practical pieces when you're looking to update the furniture you use everyday.

Our products are built to last. A crucial part of this is ensuring that our pieces can perform again and again, carrying out their function whilst offering a comfortable and stylish aesthetic. Our Arbor Armchair invites you to take a moment for yourself, and feel the expert craftsmanship beneath your fingers. Upholstered in a soft but hardwearing contract grade fabric and handcrafted from solid Pyrénéen oak, the Arbor is steam bent to follow the body's curves - offering a truly ergonomic seating experience. Sit the right way.

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A powerful curve of steam bent wood bonds structure and aesthetic. Marrying Tom Raffield craftsmanship with Danish design principles, the Arbor Armchair defies nature with startling simplicity.
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With a weightlessness that is testament to our skilled craftsmanship and design, the Amble Hanging Seat is formed from two lengths of sustainably sourced ash wood, steam bent and scarf joined together by hand. An appealing place to rest weary feet.

Sustainably made

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. From the raw materials we source to the traditional craft processes we use to shape the wood into our iconic homeware designs -  we make sure we never take more than we give back. The closely considered result is reflected in our products.

Made using a dry construction process - in the absence of glue - the enchanting looped petals of our bestselling Skipper Pendant can be easily fixed or replaced if damaged. This ensures we never waste or dispose of our products; we simply replace and repair them to their former glory.

On top of this and for the ultimate peace of mind, all our products come with a Lifetime of Happiness Guarantee, so you can focus on enjoying yours as much as possible.

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Handcrafted from sustainably sourced European timber and assembled using a dry construction process by our skilled team of craftspeople, the Skipper Lighting Range showcases responsible design at its very best.
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Sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut wood is hand-shaped by our talented workshop team to create our smaller Skipper flush mounted design that illuminates space with a bright, bold contrast of light and shadow. 
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Achieve impact with a lighter touch. Make a statement in your space. Discover our Skipper Lighting Range.


If a product is going to last a lifetime (or longer) it's useful if it has a few tricks up its sleeve. The simplicity of our designs ensures that our products are adaptable and multifunctional, meaning there's plenty of ways in which to utilise them around the home.

Our Beeble Pouffe is a luxurious footstool... yet also a seat to perch on or a portable mini coffee table. Our Crib Stool makes a great seat, yet can also be used as a space-saving bedside table. The Housel Shelf with Mirror also performs a number of tasks - only limited by imagination - and looks great in a vast array of rooms and property styles. It really is the versatility of our products that gives them an edge.

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Shaped from supple ash wood, the fluid curves of our circular Housel Shelf challenge everyday linear storage solutions.

The Crib Stool's steam bent twist of sustainably sourced wood brings our signature aesthetic to the fore. Perfect in a hallway, porch, bedroom or dining set up.
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Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood and featuring a leather handle detail, the Beeble Pouffe comes upholstered in the highest quality, contract grade wool, complementary to the Tom Raffield collection.

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Updated: 15.04.21

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