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The Logbook: Vol. 12

7 March 2024

In this latest edition of our logbook, we delve into new iconic designs that will rejuvenate your home as we blossom into Spring, share the sustainable steps we have proudly taken, and give you a glimpse into our Cornish workshop...
tom raffield logbook

With our feet now firmly grounded in a refreshing new year, we can take the time to reflect on what has been as we gather excitement on what is to come. This past year, our homes have evolved into more than just a space in which we exist, but a sanctuary in which we thrive. It’s an honour to be able to continuously, and consciously, craft pieces that sit proudly in the backdrop of your treasured moments, and as we look ahead to exciting design adventures, we want to thank you for joining us on our journey.

Thank you for supporting us, every step of the way.


tom raffield logbook

Introducing our new Gwenen Lighting Range…

A mesmerising fusion of craftsmanship and nature-inspired design, the Gwenen Lighting Range draws inspiration from the intricate layering found in the organic world, translated into a functional and exquisite wooden lighting centrepiece.


Skipper Table Light

Our most iconic design, reimagined. Handcrafted from twelve individual, sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut wood petals this new addition is set to bring cosy nooks and side tables alight.

Skipper Table Light
Skipper Table Light

Kesu Shelving Range

The elegant flowing lines of this statement wooden shelving range draw the eye, whilst becoming a testament of our high-quality design. Available in various lengths so you can stack, offset or enjoy as a solo piece.


Wool throws

Tuck in and settle down. Each cosy throw comes from a sustainable, renewable source and offers versatility, texture and comfort, making it the perfect ‘family’ blanket – warm, washable, and ideal for everyday use.

Luxury Scented Candles

Capture nature’s essence. Carefully curated to infuse your surroundings with the scent and serenity of the natural world, our range of sustainable, luxury candles will provide a clean, even burn for a long-lasting, enchanting fragrance.

wool throws
wool throws

Please welcome...

artus lighting range

Three new designs join our bestselling Artus Lighting Range. Daring yet delicate, the striking designs diffract a mesmerising pattern of light and shadows, dramatising your space…


Dark side of the moon

Meet our new Noctis Loer Lighting designs…

noctis loer chandelier
Noctis Loer Chandelier
tom raffield naked kitchens ten with tom
tom raffield logbook

Ready to add radiance to your space? Our sculptural wooden works of art illuminate with delight whilst enhancing your space.


Great Gatherings

Whether you gather round for a recharging cup of coffee, or a game night with loved ones, your coffee table is the living space’s natural centrepiece.

river coffee table
River Coffee Table. Making sustainable living beautiful.
hylo coffee table
Hylo Coffee Table. Iconic curves with a sustainable soul.
noctis hylo coffee table
Noctis Hylo Coffee Table. Catch the eye and ignite conversations.
may coffee talbe
May Coffee Table. Get adventurous with design.
tom raffield logbook

Whether your space shines boldly with fresh blooms, or nurtures dried flowers, make sure your florals are happily housed and they’re certain to flourish…

A view to thrill

Bring your walls to life with a wooden wall light bursting with personality.

enka pendant

Pared back brilliance

Minimalist lighting designs that pack a design punch...


Enka Pendant

Working in harmony, a steam bent arch of sustainably sourced ash wood provides an aura for the dome-shaped, handglazed earthenware lampshade.

Kanna Drum Pendant

Diffusing a warm glow into its surroundings, the elegant tier of sustainably sourced oak or walnut gently cocoons the bulb, allowing the organic wooden grain to take centre stage.

Bue Pendant

Indulge in the serene presence of the Bue Pendant, as the ceramic lampshade transforms your surroundings into a haven of serenity with its timeless design.

Semper Pendant

Adaptable and intuitive by design, the versatile Semper Pendant can be positioned in a horizontal ‘drum’ formation, or angled to guide focused beams of light wherever you need it.

Semper Pendant.
Semper Pendant.

Rooted Radiance

From the ground up, these beautiful designs add depth and functionality to any space.

Loer Floor Light

Combining a beautiful translucent glass sphere, sustainable steam bent wood and brushed brass, the Loer showcases minimal design at its finest.

Merryn Floor Standing Planter

A unique and eye-catching elliptical floor standing planter that is guaranteed to bring any space to life.

Log Loop

A welcome addition to homes throughout every season – not just for timber, why not store cosy blankets, or your favourite wine, for easy access!

the Arbor Armchair and Crib Side Table.
Arbor Armchair and Crib Side Table.

Arbor Armchair

A welcoming cocoon of steam bent oak invites you to take a moment for yourself and feel the expert craftsmanship beneath your fingers.

Crib Side Table

An elegant and useful design adding surface solutions to sofas, reading nooks and bedrooms.

Off the hook!

Whether you’re decorating a compact hallway or decluttering a bustling kitchen space, our clever wall pegs and hooks add functionality with ease.


Tor Twist Shelf. The final flourish for your daily kitchen essentials, the unique design makes it the perfect storage addition.

Laris Wall Hook. Its space-saving design allows even the smallest of bathrooms to be transformed into an organised oasis.

Burgh Coat Hook. This one-stop hallway hero can hold everything you need for an adventure with loved ones or shopping trip essentials.

tom raffield logbook

From the ground up, these beautiful designs add depth and functionality to any space.

When it comes to enhancing our homes, we encourage designs that not only captivate interiors, but also resonate with our commitment to sustainable design. We have a deep connection and appreciation for the timeless elegance of ash, oak, and walnut, and how they play a pivotal role in our journey to craft designs that stand the test of time, both in durability and aesthetics.

The beauty of Ash

Ash wood is one of the toughest hardwoods available, it’s shock absorbing and strong, whilst also being supple and versatile, which is why it is perfect for steam bending and can be found in a selection of our wooden lighting, homeware, and furniture collections. The appearance of ash wood differs from one tree to the next, with huge variation between the grain, colour, and tone of each piece of wood. This makes each design we create using this wood completely unique, celebrating its naturally distinctive beauty.

leven pendants

Everlasting Oak

Oak is renowned for its exceptional strength and durability, making it a popular choice for crafting lighting and furniture that can withstand the trials of time. This wood exudes a sense of reliability and sturdiness, which is why it can be found at the heart of some of our most iconic designs. The distinctive grain patterns of oak give our creations a unique character. Its warm hues radiate a comforting feeling, inviting a touch of nature into your living space.

Warming walnut

Walnut, with its deep, chocolatey tones and luxurious finish, is the embodiment of understated elegance. This wood exudes richness and sophistication, making it a natural choice for exquisite lighting designs. The versatility of walnut allows us to create pieces that are both contemporary and timeless.


Small Tables (4-6 people)

Opt for a pendant light with a diameter of 250-400mm. This size provides ample light coverage without dominating the intimate setting.

Medium Tables (6-8 people)

Choose a lighting design with a diameter of 400-700mm. This size strikes a harmonious balance, providing sufficient light for a larger group without feeling over-sized.

Large Tables (8+ people)

Consider a lighting centrepiece with a diameter of 700mm or more. This ensures that the light source adequately covers the expansive tabletop, creating a well lit environment for larger gatherings. Clustered lighting is also a great idea for illuminating large dining spaces.

arame pendant
leven drum pendant

Sculptural Lighting

Designer wooden pendant lights with artistic form create captivating patterns of light and shadow. Ideal if you use your dining space for intimate dinners and date nights as they cast a warm and gentle glow across your space.

Drum Lighting

For a more focused and task-oriented lighting solution, opt for wooden pendant lights with solid shades. Perfect for family game nights or impromptu home office spaces, they provide directed illumination.

Tom Raffield. Styled by You!

When it comes to styling our iconic designs, you know best.

tom raffield logbook

Spring is in full bloom, brightening our homes and filling our space with life. Make your space come alive with comforting designs that welcome you in after a long day of sun-kissed adventures.

Zen Zone

Are you curating a bathroom space, or dressing table, awash with calm? Our handcrafted accessories will enhance tranquillity and peace.

meru trio peg rail
The Meru Trio Peg Rail is the perfect grab and go storage for your self-care accessories.
maen pot
The Maen Pot is a sleek vessel for a thriving houseplant.
housel shelf small
The Housel Shelf Small is a beautiful home for skincare accessories.
tilner mirror
Reflect your unique style with the Tilner Mirror.

Best in class service

tom raffield customer service team
Our showroom, based in Falmouth, Cornwall, is the perfect space to see a selection of tom Raffield designs working their magic.

Whether you opt to phone, live chat, email, or visit our Cornish showroom, you will always speak to a helpful member of our dedicated sales team. India and Holly will be ready to make your Tom Raffield experience seamless and stress-free.


Phone: 01326 722725

Lifetime Guarantee

Pushing back against a rising throwaway culture, we handcraft heirlooms of the future and are incredibly proud of our craftsmanship and commitment to making superior quality, artisan pieces that are loved and last a lifetime – so that’s how long we guarantee them for!

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