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Ten with Tom: Naked Kitchens

11 January 2024

Next in our Ten with Tom series, we spoke to Naked Kitchen's creative director, Jayne, all about beautiful kitchens...
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Jamie, Jayne and Alexander, the family behind Naked Kitchens (Along with Monty the dog!)

Built for a well lived life, Naked Kitchens create spaces that honour the hustle and bustle of kitchens, whilst showcasing a unique personality. Tailored to suit each home's needs, Naked Kitchens proudly create sustainable spaces that provide the perfect backdrop for your memories. We spoke to Creative Director, Jayne, about the companies amazing journey, and why their love for beautiful kitchens is endless...

TR: Tell us a little bit about Naked Kitchens and how it started?

JE: "We started Naked Kitchens because when we tried to find a company to design and build our own kitchen, nobody seemed to meet our criteria on style, quality and price.. We wanted to create a space that was really special for our young family – something inspired by Norfolk's scenic beauty - so we went ahead and designed it ourselves. What began with a humble collection of hand tools in a friend's barn has grown into a thriving company with over sixty staff, from artisans to CAD teams, all operating from WWII aircraft hangars at former RAF West Raynham. But we’ve maintained our family-oriented ethos, even though what started as a personal mission to craft kitchens that inspire pride has become much more than that!"

TR: Can you walk us through your role as the Creative Director?

JE: "As Creative Director, my main responsibility is overseeing design concepts and collaborating closely with our design and sales teams in London and Norfolk. I also dedicate a lot of time to our new showrooms, ensuring our kitchens are on top of the latest design trends and sourcing materials and elements that enhance the overall aesthetic."

Naked Kitchens Head Office, two WWII aircraft hangars situated in North Norfolk.
Naked Kitchens Head Office, two WWII aircraft hangars situated in North Norfolk.

TR: What does an average day look like for you?

JE: "Whether I'm in London or Norfolk, I spend most of my time working closely with the design team – Some days involve meetings with clients to explore bespoke options and help turn their kitchen dreams into reality. I also make a point of walking through production regularly, overseeing manufacturing at every stage. This helps me gauge which colours and finishes are resonating with our clients. Ultimately, everything I do is about delivering beautiful kitchens at an exceptional value."

TR: How is sustainability important to you when designing a kitchen?

JE: "Sustainability is a top priority for Naked Kitchens - that’s not just talk, we take it very seriously and have really invested in it. We exclusively use sustainable timber and eco-friendly materials to minimise our ecological footprint. All our kitchen components are crafted in our Norfolk workshop, a deliberate choice to reduce transport emissions.

What really makes us different though is that we’ve put in place we've a massively over-optimized manufacturing process, diligently reducing waste at every stage. We’ve even installed biomass boilers to heat our factory and offices, utilising waste offcuts and sawdust."

The Harpley kitchen by Naked Kitchens
The Harpley kitchen by Naked Kitchens
tom raffield skipper pendant
Scandinavian design principles and our sought-after aesthetic, merge in the Skipper Pendant

TR: How important is the proper lighting in a kitchen?

JE: "Lighting is crucial in a kitchen. It's like the secret ingredient that can transform the entire atmosphere. The proper lighting not only enhances functionality but also contributes significantly to the overall aesthetics. For instance, the light fitting for our Harpley kitchen (the lovely Tom Raffield Skipper pendant) transforms the space in its own right."

TR: Where do you find your styling inspiration?

JE: "Living near the north Norfolk coast, my styling inspiration for Naked Kitchens is deeply rooted in the ever-changing colours of the sky and surrounding countryside. Whether it's the dynamic hues of the water at Blakeney Channel—black, grey, blue, or purple—or the evolving appearance of trees from spring green to winter's dark and raw shapes, each day brings new ideas. So nature plays a pivotal role in our design inspiration, along with the vibrant palettes of my favourite artists, especially Klimt, Chagall, and Mondrian."

naked kitchens
“Made for the Artist’s life” combines Jayne’s artistic influences.

TR: Do you have a favourite project that you've worked on?

JE: "Without a doubt, Harpley stands out as a favourite. It offered a fantastic opportunity to introduce a variety of finishes, textures, and colours in an innovative way. We played around with new materials, developed unique colours, and incorporated castellated panelling – and the result has become a firm favourite among our loyal clients. "

TR: "On a personal note, what are three things you couldn't live without?

JE: "Family, my dogs, and, of course, my morning latte."

TR: What is your home kitchen style?

JE: "My home kitchen style is a contemporary interpretation of an in-frame shaker kitchen. It incorporates island seating, floating shelves, open shelving, and a standout butcher's block featuring additional storage. The design has a modern aesthetic while preserving the historical charm and character of the house."

Jayne’s Georgian Hall kitchen.
Jayne’s Georgian Hall kitchen.

TR: What's your favourite feature in a kitchen and why?

JE: "Open shelving is my favourite feature. As an avid collector of ceramics, having the storage space to display these items with friends and family is very important to me. It adds a personal touch and creates a unique, inviting atmosphere in the kitchen."

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