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The Logbook: Vol. 8

12 August 2022

As the sun sets, settle in, and enjoy our latest logbook...
logbook cover


As the summer months warmly embrace us and we let the sun beam into our homes, we continue to launch new, innovative designs that will work alongside your home as they flourish. We are honoured that you follow alongside us on our design journey, sharing our sustainability goals and optimistic outlook. In this edition of the logbook, we showcase our latest artisan designs, share news from our Cornish workshop and a selection of beautiful interior styling inspiration. We hope you enjoy reading about our thriving lighting and homeware collection as much as we do crafting them. TR team.


Infuse Nature. Create harmony.

Rooted in minimalism, the Kanna Drum Pendant radiates warmth, whilst allowing the distinctive fingerprint found in this natural material to shine. Inspired by the precision hand tool used in Japanese woodworking, the Kanna design celebrates the strength and delicacy of sustainably sourced wood.

Diffusing a warm glow into its surroundings, the elegant tier of sustainably sourced oak or walnut gently cocoons the bulb, allowing the organic wooden grain to take centre stage.

tom raffield kanna pendant

“Never before was something more elegant… and as always, sustainably made and fit for practical use”

- Tom Raffield, Co-founder and Designer

The plywood inner structure supports the skilfully simple layer of timber, secured with brass screws to create a soft pool of down-light. The effortlessly elegant Kanna Pendant makes a stylish addition to your calming retreats, such as bedrooms and living spaces.

tom raffield logbook page

Representing the first strong branch that is born from a mighty oak tree, the Tilow Lighting Range allows nature’s forms to enhance your interior’s personality. A big sister to our Hanter design, the Tilow can suspend a fully exposed bulb, or showcase a selection of our iconic lampshades.

An arc of sustainably sourced oak grows up and out from a solid base, suspending a bulb at perfect height to display boundless light across your space. The Tilow’s steam bent design will divide and balance your interior with ease as it illuminates with a warm, welcoming glow.


Whether invited into your home as dynamic hallway radiance or to adorn your living space with light, the Tilow extends unique, striking design to your walls. The Tilow Wall Light is available in two sizes and with a selection of Tom Raffield lampshades.

tom raffield log book
tom raffield noctis wheal wall light

Steam bent storage

Arguably the most sought-after feature in a kitchen – plenty of storage. By incorporating wooden shelving and clever storage solutions, you’ll be able to keep your counter clear of clutter and consequently, more accessible and easier to clean.

Homegrown Goodness

Splashes of natural greenery will always be a welcome addition to any kitchen. Here at Tom Raffield, we think any space benefits from a thriving houseplant, or a trio of delicious home-grown herbs.

Mood lighting

The key to illuminating kitchen spaces is flexibility and balance. The right lighting will help curate your desired atmosphere, regardless of your kitchen’s main function.

Help your shelf

Storage saviours for every interior…

tom raffield lundy shelf

Lundy Shelf - If you are seeking storage that makes a statement, look no further than the Lundy Shelf. Two sculptural, steam bent lengths of ash wood mimic twisted leather, emitting beauty from every angle.

Housel Shelf with Mirror. This two-in-one storage solution is ideal for bathrooms and hallways, providing your daily essentials with a home, whilst offering you a moment of reflection for those last-minute outfit checks.

tom raffield tor twist shelf

Tor Twist Shelf.This versatile design lends itself to plenty of spaces around your kitchen - from coffee corners to a grab and-go station for your cooking essentials.


We were excited to join forces with the wonderful team at Blue Forest Treehouses to help decorate the interior of their exquisite Windsor Park Treehouse at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

“Each Blue Forest treehouse is a celebration of wood and natural materials and is finished to the highest standard by experienced craftsmen.”

– Blue Forest

With a like-minded ethos and innovative designs, we have enjoyed partnering with Blue Forest several times over the years. They set out to reconnect people with nature and allow the outside world to shine whilst beautiful memories are made.

tomraffield logbook

Discover five handcrafted designs to warmly welcome summer living…

semper pendant
The compact drum shape of the Semper Pendant, paired with the pivoting adjustable wooden layers, result in an adaptable design that can be used in a variety of interiors to shine light exactly where you need it the most.
tilner mirror
The timeless design of the Tilner Mirror compliments any décor style, whilst providing your space with convenient functionality.

A sculptural centrepiece, that when illuminated, becomes a functional, eye-catching lighting design? Count us in. Discover some of our team’s favourite wooden works of art…

tom raffield skipper pendant
Skipper Pendant
Tom Raffield Green Range

An indoor oasis

Discover our exclusive range of innovative, steam bent indoor planters, bowls and pots that celebrate the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and nature. From Ceiling to Wall and Floor Standing designs that summon nature inside, there’s something to suit every space.

logbook page
Left to right. Merryn Floor Standing Planter, Leven Wall Light and Semper Pendant.


Wall lighting has the ability to elevate your home in the flick of a switch. Choose from easy-to-install (and rental property friendly) plug and switch designs or make a permanent, positive change with hard-wired lighting options.

cape wall light
Cape Wall Light
logbook page

Entertaining guests calls for clever furniture pieces that work hard in your space whilst sparking conversation...

arbor armchair
Arbor Armchair – A breath-taking design that brings style and comfort into your space.

Small space saviours

Perfect for illuminating compact or awkwardly shaped interiors, our small space designs will brighten your space without overwhelming your home.

tom raffield leven pendant small
Leven Pendant Small
tom raffield logbook

The credentials that make our homeware one-of-a-kind. Iconic design is recognisable and memorable in all its forms. From the first click to our website, to gazing at the new wooden wonder in your home, your Tom Raffield journey should be effortless, yet luxurious. We explore why our wooden works of art are unmistakably iconic…

tom raffield workshop
  • Original designs with our unique curved aesthetic
  • Sustainable steam bending process and materials
  • High quality, artisan pieces handcrafted in England
  • Lifetime Guarantee with each piece purchased direct
  • Excellent customer experience and service
denby pottery

Next in our #TenWithTom series, we spoke to Denby Pottery’s very talented Design Manager, Nicola Wilson.

TR: Tell us a bit about Denby Pottery...

NW: “Established in 1809, we’ve been making pottery in the heart of the English countryside for over 200 years. Using locally sourced clay, our stoneware is super durable, and every piece is made to last. Our craft begins by carefully observing real lives and designing products for the way we live…”

TR: Why is sustainability important to you?

NW: “It’s very important to us to care for the environment and to always be making positive conscious choices to help our planet long-term. We are proudly the first UK tableware manufacturer to be able to claim ‘zero to landfill’ for all our process waste and we also employ an Environmental Officer to ensure that Denby is constantly looking at ways to improve our sustainable approach. We are always evolving in this area and want to continue to do better…”

tom raffield arbor sofa


Each design that comes out of our workshop is handmade to last a lifetime of happiness – guaranteed.

Pushing back against a growing ‘throwaway’ culture, we craft heirlooms to the highest standard, ensuring each artisan design will stand the test of time. We pride ourselves on producing sustainable homeware and lighting pieces that are timeless, and finished with expert attention to detail from our Cornish workshop.

Posted: 12.08.22
Updated: 01.06.23

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