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Recipe for success: kitchen styling inspiration

16 June 2022

Serving up our top ten essentials for your summer kitchen styling...
tom raffield grand design house

Whether your kitchen is a social set up for gathering with loved ones or a soothing space to cook with your home grown produce, the right kitchen space is the heart and soul of any home. Form and function must be considered when introducing pieces to your kitchen, to avoid the feeling of clutter and stress. Feast your eyes on our ten favourite kitchen companions…

Host friendly lighting

The key to illuminating kitchen spaces is flexibility and balance. The right lighting can aid your desired atmosphere, regardless of your kitchen’s main function.

tom raffield Loer Pendant
Beautifully uncomplicated. A trio of Loer Pendants in this space by @childstewartdesign creates harmony with equal lunar-like illumination.

Loer Pendant

The Loer Pendant’s minimalist form is a great addition to kitchens that pride themselves on being understated, whilst the neutral colour palette suits a vast array of décor styles. The translucent orb casts a warm, celestial light through your kitchen, creating perfect task lighting for preparing your home cooked meals.

Kern Pendant

The Kern Pendant is well suited to spaces calling out for a single striking, centrepiece lighting design. A Tom Raffield twist on a classic chandelier, the Kern’s confident form holds five exposed bulbs to create an endless glow of welcoming light between the steam bent twirls of ash, oak and walnut wood. Perfect for kitchens that double as your entertaining space.

tom raffield kern pendant
Light up energetic conversations with the continuous glow of the Kern Pendant.
tom raffield kern pendant
The timeless craft of steam bending is showcased through the handcrafted hoop of sustainably sourced oak.  

Skipper Pendant

Add iconic form paired with statement light and shadow to your kitchen with the Skipper Pendant. Perfect for large, open space kitchens, the Skipper will layer impactful illumination into your space whilst the sculptural form creates a natural focal point.

tom raffield customer home
This space by @oaktreelodge2020 uses a duo of Skipper Pendants to unite the wooden tones found throughout.
Our Noctis Hanter Wall Light puts the lustre back in illumination and brings sophistication into any space.

Noctis Wheal Wall Light

Balance your ceiling lighting design with thoughtfully placed wall lights – allowing you to distribute light through your space where needed, whilst creating beautiful shadows. The Noctis Hanter Wall Light’s ebonised form will frame your space, whilst casting light onto your favourite décor or trusty cookbooks

Homegrown goodness

Splashes of natural greenery will always be a welcome addition to any kitchen. Here at Tom Raffield, we think any empty space should be filled with a thriving houseplant, or delicious herbs.

Maen Pot Trio

Herb your gardening enthusiasm with the Maen Pot Trio. Three removable Maen pots stand shoulder to shoulder, showcasing your tasty homegrown herbs with pride, whilst the removable pots make it easy to infuse your cooking, or cocktail making.

tom raffield maen pot trio
Perfectly positioned on windowsills or within your kitchen, the Maen Pot Trio is an eco-friendly addition to sustainable spaces.

Maya Wall Planter

Whilst kitchen wall space is often used for storage, the wooden Maya Wall Planter adds depth with its unique form and natural colour palette. Cleverly handcrafted to rest against your wall, the Maya is perfect for spaces where counter space is at a premium.

tom raffield maya wall planter
Put your favourite produce in arm's reach with the Maya Wall Planter.
tom raffield maya wall planter
A steam bent oval hoop of sustainable ash wood is skilfully forged together with a curved scarf join to provide strength and stability. 

Mylor Bowl

Holding your daily essentials, or your grab and go fruit, the Mylor Bowl does it all. With the ability to be angled to suit your space's needs, versatility shines through the Mylor. Positioned proudly upon a sustainably sourced, solid oak plinth the Mylor Bowl makes an elegant addition to any kitchen.

tom raffield mylor bowl
The Mylor Bowl makes for a striking salad bowl, that will leave your guests in awe as it is passed around the table by its twin looping leather handles.

Steam bent storage

Arguably the most sought after feature in a kitchen – plenty of storage. By adding wooden shelving and clever storage solutions to your kitchen, you are able to keep you counter clear of clutter and make it easier to use and clean.

Tor Twist Shelf

From compact kitchens to large, open spaces, the hardworking Tor Twist Shelf holds your kitchen essentials with ease. A wooden shelf and hook storage, married by a steam bent twist, the Tor Twist Shelf is the epitome of form and function.

tom raffield tor twist shelf
Making every inch of this wall functional, the Tor Twist Shelf fits seamlessly into this space by @bertandmay.
tom raffield tor twist shelf
Your coffee corner companion. The Tor Twist Shelf makes reaching for a cup of coffee on those early rises a little easier.


Simple, yet striking, the Taffrail is an unexpected kitchen addition. Allowing you to easily reach for your tea towels or to simply add texture to your space with draped linens, the Taffrail's minimal form is what makes it so beautiful.

tom raffield taffrail
Draped with tea towels, or left bare, the Taffrail adds a functional design statement to this space by @the.history.keeper.

Housel Shelf

Framing your favourite cookbook or coffee pot, the steam bent form of the Housel Shelf puts your homeware centre stage. The Housel’s distinctive form is well suited to maximalist kitchen spaces, populated with bold shapes and fluid lines.

tom raffield housel shelf
Allow the strength and beauty of sustainably sourced ash support your décor, with the Housel Shelf.

Posted: 16.06.22
Updated: 03.04.24

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