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Ten with Tom: Abigail Beddow

27 January 2022

Next in our #TenwithTom series, we spoke to interior stylist and influencer Abigail Beddow about her home design journey
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We caught up with interior expert, and lifestyle content creator Abigail Beddow, of @thebeddowspace to find out how she’s created a timeless interior scheme throughout her home and how she’s been resourcefully restyling her space to suit her growing family's needs. Abigail’s recently unveiled hallway refresh features our Skipper Pendant Small, the perfect addition to her architectural, neutrally decorated entranceway. Let’s find out more about Abigail’s design journey…

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TR: What is your current favourite interior design style? 

AB: “At the moment I like warm neutral colours, which seems to be on trend, and I’ve been incorporating this in my current eclectic style. I use this term as my design style is a mixture of a few different designs: Japandi, French country and Parisian influence with elements of Art Decor”.

TR: How do you find creative inspiration for your space? 

AB: “Firstly, I get inspiration from my favourite interior books and magazines, the information I gain helps me to understand the design elements of specific styles, this aids my styling to be intentional. My creativity is also developed from experiences, from things seen and felt - this can either be imagined through colour (how I felt seeing a specific colour), patterns or texture. I then try to introduce this in my space whilst being conscious that it flows well and sets a good balance. I also love looking at other homes that have achieved the design styles I have implemented. I regularly use Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube as visual tools and they really influence how I execute my interior design”.

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TR: What areas of your home are you currently renovating?

AB: “I am currently restyling a few different areas of my home so that they are all cohesive to my current style - so no major renovations currently. My last renovation was our bathroom, I designed it into a ‘modern glam space’ that conveys luxury and opulence. The design was influenced by a hotel I visited prior, and I wanted to imitate the same space in my home, albeit on a smaller scale.

TR: Do you carry out the DIY work yourself? 

AB: “Oh yes most of the time, anything that requires heavy duty work my husband helps”.

TR: What has been the biggest challenge in this space?

AB: “I believe the hallway to be the most important room in the home as it is the connecting space to all rooms and has the responsibility of providing the first impression of the house. Having such value, it was imperative for me to get it right, I wanted the space to be minimal, functional (as we are a growing family and require storage) but stylish with a statement. Upholding all of these concepts in a small, not well-lit space, was the biggest challenge I had to overcome”. 

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TR: Why did you choose Tom Raffield lighting for your space?

AB: “I wanted to replace our lighting in the space, as the previous light shade was closely related to a modern glam style which I had transitioned from. It needed to make a statement and be unique, I wanted the design to be intricate as I really love architectural decor and natural elements”.

TR: Why did you choose the Skipper Pendant Small?

AB: “The Skipper Pendant Small just suited the space perfectly. Only Tom Raffield could offer beautifully designed lighting that met all my expectations. I chose the smaller size Skipper as our ceiling is low, and although I want the lighting to be a statement piece, I did not want it to be overbearing - especially as it is in the hallway and close to the doorway”.

TR: What advice can you give our customers when it comes to sustainable home styling?

AB: “Interior design trends change rapidly so choosing an aesthetic that will be timeless is paramount for sustainability, it’s also the most economical choice. Natural materials tick the box and it will be adaptable to any style. I feel many of us are thinking about how we can be more resourceful, so obtaining decor pieces (such as the Skipper Pendant Small) that will stand the test of time is a wise move. Spending a little more money on a product that is high quality and long lasting often prevents further unnecessary buying further down the line. Sustainable home design and styling is definitely the future, so why not get ahead now?”

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TR: To you, what makes a house a home? 

AB: “To me, the distinguishing factor between a house and a home is the intrinsic elements, a house is external, it’s the shell of the home. A home is internal; therefore, you have to feel contentment, warmth, be safe and most of all, there has to be existence. The interpretation of this is individualised, and for me to uphold this, my home must allow me to be comfortable, relaxed and always inviting a sense of calmness - which I can usually achieve from introducing certain colours.

Consideration of lighting is also very important to set the ambience, so I use candles and warm white lights around the home so that at night the home looks warm as well as feeling it. I want to feel creative in my home, intrigued whilst having a space that seeks interest so it's not boring to be in. To do this I have a lot of artwork/prints, unique decor pieces and cohesive to my design style.

Lastly, to bring life and existence to my family home, we add our individual personalities to the design through small details and personal items. I also love adding real plants and flowers around the home which reflects life and occupancy so well. My home is always evolving but I will always consider our family needs and my personality in the style I create”.

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TR: What’s next in your interior design journey?

AB: “I am really excited about the upcoming projects this year as I would like to try something a bit risky, try new types of aesthetics and enhance every room to meet my current design style. I am also studying an interior design course, hoping I will learn new skills whilst building on my existing knowledge which I can use when helping clients and also within my space too. 

Let’s just say that this time next year my home will definitely have a different feel, I want my design to be more sustainable whilst incorporating various design styles, so I can’t wait to continue showcasing this on my platform”.

Posted: 27.01.22

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