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Spotlight On: Kern Lighting Range

4 February 2021

Striking, minimal, impactful. We've caught up with our skilled team of designers and makers to learn how our iconic Kern Lighting Range came to life.
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Our Kern Lighting Range has been a firm customer favourite for years. Showcasing minimalist sleek aesthetic but with confident curves and functionality at it's core, the Kern's bold confidence belies its complexity. We caught up with our skilled team of designers and makers to learn more about how they handcraft this distinctive range.

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Our Kern Pendant casts an ambient relaxing glow suited to any interior.
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Our Kern Pendant Large suits a dining room set up.

Design Inspiration

Featuring a singular steam bent hoop of solid oak wood, the Kern's minimalist design showcases five filament bulbs. The striking chandelier was developed to let the light do the talking. Due to its five exposed light bulbs, the Kern Pendant commands a large lumen output bright enough to illuminate a large, open plan space but without any of flouncy finishes commonly associated with a traditional lighting centrepiece. It's elegance lies in its simplicity.

Originally designed especially to brighten the breakfast bar inside Tom and Danielle's Grand Designs home, the Kern Pendant quickly turned into a lighting range of different sized pendants and still sits as a favourite in our collection nearly five years later.

A Kern Pendant Giant resides over the breakfast bar at the wavy Grand Designs home.

The facts...

Each unique Kern Pendant is steam bent using sustainably sourced, solid oak hardwood - the same wood type we use to craft a range of our table and floor lighting designs. We love using solid oak due to the classic aesthetic of the wood and its steam bending qualities. The colour and grain markings of each individual light may vary slightly - this is part of the beauty of this natural material.

The pendant comes in three different sizes - standard (60 cm diameter hoop), large (80cm diameter hoop) and giant (120cm diameter hoop). Each light has five brushed brass E27 Edison screw cap light bulb holders, regardless of which size hoop you opt for.

Furthermore, each Kern Pendant is fitted with two meters of adjustable flex - meaning you can adjust the drop to suit your ceiling height. The flex supplied with all Tom Raffield Kern Pendants is dimmable provided you are using an inline dimmable switch in your space.

We recommend using five LED filament bulbs with a maximum wattage of 25 LED watts (each). As the Kern Pendant is a five-way chandelier it is a good idea to use bulbs with a lower lumen output than usual to create an ambient lighting effect. We love the Kern Pendant paired with Tala ElvaGaia, and Porcelain bulbs.

Our Kern Pendants are finished with an eco-friendly natural oil blend, matt finish that seals the grain and protects the wood.

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With exposed flex tethering five bulbs to its sustainably sourced oak frame, the Kern Pendant Giant starts a new chapter in lighting design.

Transforming Space

Demanding precision, strength and craftsmanship to achieve its smooth circumference, the result of the Kern is modern, architectural and powerful.

We especially love the Kern in a dining space, lounge or hallway set up. Confident in its materials and function, a Kern Pendant of any size will create the perfect setting for congregation, or due to it's high lighting output, a space for tasks or work.

Bold, ebonised design and our sought-after wooden aesthetic, merged. With confidence in its definitive silhouettes, The Noctis Range showcases a new focus and brings daring, darker depths to interiors.

Noctis Kern Pendant

The Kern’s minimalist, steam bent shape takes on a daring new identity. The ebonised wood has a beautiful grain which subtly shows through the finish and gives a sleek, darkened effect that contrasts incredibly well with metallic brass. The final designs are luxurious, unique and work well in a contemporary or traditional interior. With exposed flex tethering five bulbs to its ebonised oak frame, the Kern ensures your space is remembered.



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Posted: 04.02.21
Updated: 08.06.23

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