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Shadow Play

28 February 2019

Shadow and light meet art in our latest guide. Switched on or off, find out how our signature lighting range transforms space and will leave your interior remembered.

Our lighting range offers more than just functionality. Each design is created with light, as well as darkness, in mind. Shadows and patterns cast upon walls, ceilings and floors can define an interior space as much as the lighting piece itself. Considering the ways in which shadow populates a room can help you make the correct choice when designing your perfect space.

Here's our recommendations for choosing a stand out piece of lighting...

Light emerges from within, refracts and ripples. Patterns created by the Urchin Table Light reflect the story of the product itself.
Light from our Noctis Urchin Cluster dances upon a stone wall, offering intriguing patterns and a moody aesthetic.

Inspired by nearby Cornish shores, the steam bent cage of our Urchin Lighting Range mimics sand-combed seashells. Shards of warm light escape and interact playfully with the shadows in between, evoking imagery of sunlight on a tranquil ocean.

Our Urchin Lighting Range offers a unique ambience akin to the calmness and serenity of a peaceful seascape.

Opt for the Urchin if you're looking to impact, but not to dominate your interior.

Somersaulting bends contrast the fine dowel cage that surrounds them, juxtaposing the concepts of freedom and entrapment.

Scatter light. Excite space. The fine dowel surround of our Cage Lighting Range and Artus Table Light are designed to introduce texture, drama and depth to an interior and enchant objects within. The mesmerising cylindrical shape creates narrow, vertical shadows that disperse throughout a room.

Opt for Cage Lighting to create texture in an interior and to animate surfaces and objects.

Make art from shadow. Inspire your imagination. At the point where light and darkness meet, captivating shapes and dynamic patterns emerge.

A warm glow escapes a dowel cage, creating texture on the wall through patterns of dancing light and shadow.
Our Cage Pendant creates alluring patterns upon a wall.
Our Arame Wall Light emits textures so vivid they feel as though they can be reached out to and touched.

Inspired by nature, a kaleidoscope of light and shadow springs forth. Our Arame Wall Light and Arame Pendant form part of our Modum Lighting Range. From the sustainable ash or walnut wood of the designs to the playful patterns they cast upon the wall, the Arame Wall Light and Pendant embody our close connection with nature. Geometric shapes mesmerise the eye and bring nature back to the forefront.

Best used to transform a space and maximise impact, our Arame Wall Light and Arame Pendant instantly draw the eye.

The abstract yet unobtrusive design of our Arame Wall Light is perfect for energising a space.
Our Arame Wall Light creates art from shadow, evoking geometric patterns found in the natural world.
Dancing shadows escape the endless curves and twists of our No.1 Lighting Range cluster and play upon the walls.

The pendants that form our iconic No.1 Lighting Range are formed from a nest of infinite curling bends. Like all of our ceiling lights, our No.1 Pendants are dimmable (providing they are installed with an inline, trailing edge dimmer switch). Dimming a light creates a soft ambience and a warmer, golden glow.

Choose our conversation sparking No.1 Lighting Range to create the perfect mood lighting and cast subtle patterns on floors, walls and ceilings that you want to highlight within your space.

Light glows from within our No.1 Pendant Giant's graceful bends. Shadows and light blend playfully on the wall.
Shadows swoop and rise, manipulated by bends of oak, ash or walnut, intertwined.

Our Skipper Lighting Range casts shadows that fall about each other and light that radiates outwards, below and above. Scandinavian design principles meet our pared back aesthetic. 

Signature curves create drama, illumination and create a captivating spectacle. Use to produce a softer ambience and transform your interior. Pair with any of our Wall Lights or Floor Lights for an eclectic blend of shadows and textures.

Bend light. Exalt shadow. Redefine space.


Posted: 28.02.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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