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Scandinavian Style: Ash Wood

14 February 2019

Ash wood is one of our favourites types - diverse, durable, and effortlessly stylish.
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Our design and workshop teams have learnt through trial and error which temperate hardwoods respond well to our ecologically sound process of steam bending. Not only is Ash one of our favourite woods to work with, it also has a unique aesthetic that complements any space and a grain that allows light to permeate through it to produce an incredible, intense glow. 

With an enduring kind of beauty and with a nod to the ever-popular Scandinavian interior design trend, ash wood is the perfect natural material for the products in our lighting range.

Here's a round up of some of our favourite ash lighting pieces.

Let the Cape Pendant redefine your concept of coastal. Handcrafted timber peaks and barrels. In its folds, light gathers and shadows are cast, creating focus and atmosphere.
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The Urchin Wall Light's curved shell of sustainable ash wood sees light escape through the seams, creating pools of brightness in the dark.
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Over 100 metres of steam bent ash timber endlessly weaves to envelop the light. A feat of design and a triumph of our craft, the No.1 Giant XL Pendant is deemed iconic for a reason.
An infinite stretch of ash, skilfully coiled into a sleek curve. Watertight design echoing the hull of its namesake, our Helix Pendant makes minimalist look effortless.
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The Scots Pendant - layers overlap to build an organic armour of ash leaves, tiled together meticulously on a birch wood frame.
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Hiding the bulb beneath, every individually-cut shingle of ash wood calls for craftsmanship, while the off cuts woven through make the Scots Pendant a design statement, with a clear conscience.
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Scandinavian design principles and our sought-after aesthetic, merged. In the Skipper Pendant, sustainable ash wood is hand-shaped to create an open light that casts out and up, in a bright, bold contrast of light and shadow.
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Sustainably sourced ash wood loops in layers to compliment, emphasise or elevate the space our Cape Pendant claims.
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Pared-back design and a minimal aesthetic make the Ash Cape Pendant a unique spectacle.

Posted: 14.02.19
Updated: 31.05.23

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