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Refine Your Walls

24 May 2024

Adorn your walls with thoughtful design...
arame wall light

When the task of wall styling is next on the list, it is important to understand how every element plays its part in creating a captivating wall display. The desire to display all your precious treasures and plenty of pictures is always high, but it must be balanced with functional pieces to create a harmonious composition. Incorporating lighting, planters, and storage into your statement wall styling transforms it into a dynamic focal point. Read on for some tips to consider when planning your wall, and some timeless products to inspire…

The Basics

Balance: Just as lighting casts its glow to balance light and shadows throughout the space, the strategic placement of shelving and planters across your wall brings peaceful stability to your space. Mix and match these elements thoughtfully, allowing each to contribute its unique charm while maintaining a sense of structure.

Work in rules of three when styling shelves or adding wall lights/planters to your feature wall. Whether you are curating a striking gallery wall, or you plan on one statement shelf, thoughtfully styled. A duo of wall lights either side of a steam bent shelf, or a trio of shelves stacked in a unique display is a great base to build from.

lundy shelf

Proportion: Ensure your storage solutions, planters, and lighting designs align proportionately with your wall's dimensions. Striking the right balance prevents any single element from overpowering the arrangement, ensuring a visually pleasing result. There is no perfect rule for dictating how big your perfect shelf, or lighting design should be. You have to simply stand back and assess what the function of the piece is, where it sits in your home, and the desired impact of the design.

The Green Range

The Green Range offers a plethora of options to infuse life into your space. From wall-mounted planters to tabletop companions, ceiling-suspended wonders, and tall floor-standing beauties, each planter serves as a beacon of botanical charm, enriching your walls with verdant allure. Mix and match wall-mounted, tabletop, ceiling-suspended, and tall floor-standing planters to achieve a harmonious balance of scale, texture, and form.

Wall and Ceiling Planters. Elevate your statement wall styling to new heights and depths with the allure of ceiling-suspended and wall-mounted planters. Perfect for trailing plants or bushy greens, the Morvah Hanging Planters and Maya Wall Planter add drama to your space, allowing plants to drape and sway, adding movement and intrigue to the composition.

Image 1 alt text goes here
Add depth to your kitchen wall with a Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter, homing your fresh herbs in easy access.
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A display of our Green Range planters creates an indoor garden that is visually varied, but still cohesive.

Tabletop Planters. Perfect for smaller spaces or as accents amidst larger arrangements, the Mylor Bowl and Maen Pot offer a delightful juxtaposition against your statement wall. Whether housing delicate ferns or fresh herbs, these miniature marvels inject a pop of colour and texture.

Wooden Wonders

Lighting plays a key role in styling your wall. Not only basking your treasures in a warm glow, but when chosen carefully, the right lighting design can enhance your interior style with beautiful form. If you are worried about making your wall too busy, or you are unable to add lighting to your wall, consider how table and floor lighting can enrich your walls with layers of light and shadow, without needing to reach for your toolbox.

Skipper Wireless Wall Light. By incorporating a variety of lighting in different locations along your statement wall, you create a dynamic display that captivates the senses. The Skipper Wireless Wall Light makes this an easy transition with the ability to be removed from its wooden wall bracket and used as a beautiful table light.

Image 1 alt text goes here
Achieve impact with a lighter touch with the Skipper Wireless Wall Light. 
Image 2 alt text goes here
Cleverly nestled into an oak bracket, the renter-friendly, cordless Skipper Wireless Wall Light is perfect for soothing bedrooms, hallways and living space, without the need for hard-wiring. 

Urchin - Stem Floor Light. Majestic and commanding, floor lamps stand proudly, anchoring your statement wall with their towering presence. When placed strategically in corners or against open walls, these statuesque vessels add verticality and opulence, elevating the overall aesthetic of your wall-scape.

urchin stem floor light
Take a step away from walls when it comes to styling, and how about how other pieces, such as the Urchin Small - Stem Wall Light, can create a visual display. 

Steam Bent Storage

Wall storage offers an innovative way to merge style and function, creating a captivating and organised display. By introducing storage solutions, you can transform a plain wall into a dynamic focal point that reflects your personality and meets your practical needs.

Laris Wall Hook. Good things come in small packages with the Laris Wall Hook. Offering three storage options, the Laris allows you to hang, drape or thread your wares. Perfect for the final flourish to your gallery wall, or if you want to keep your space pared back with minimal additions.

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With versatility in its nature, the Laris Wall Hook makes every inch of your wall space work hard. 
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Perfect for adding character to your walls, the Laris Wall Hook is a handy homeware companion. 

Kesu Shelving Range. Crafted from sustainably sourced ash wood, the Kesu Shelf is not only a statement piece but also a practical solution for organizing and showcasing items in style. The top of the Kesu’s wall bracket is cleverly angled to enable seamless stacking, for a harmonious wooden wall display, making it a powerful piece whether added to your wall as a singular piece, or as a thoughtfully arranged collection.

Posted: 24.05.24

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