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Our top five statement lighting designs

15 December 2020

From showstoppers to jaw-droppers: large lighting designs that really pack a punch.

Sometimes you just have to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Our unique wooden lighting designs do just that. From steam bent chandeliers to intricate and large-scale pendant lights, find out more about our top five statement lighting designs below…

Nothing makes a statement quite like the twisting bends of our No.1 Pendant Giant XL.

No.1 Pendant Giant XL

There’s no better place to start than with our original statement-maker. Our first ever design, our No.1 Pendant has been captivating attention for years, and the Giant XL version is the pick of the bunch. The best part of a metre in height and diameter, this is a light that should be displayed in a large space with a high ceiling for maximum impact; an entrance hall or large living or dining room would be perfect.

Available in oak, ash or darker walnut, you can choose your No.1 Pendant Giant XL to suit your interior. 

Masterfully crafted from over 100 metres of steam bent oak, ash or walnut, our No.1 Pendant Giant XL.
Our No.1 Pendants showcase a balance of timeless grace and directional design in every twist and turn.
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Invite one of nature's greatest spectacles into your space with our Flock Chandelier Collection.

Flock Chandelier Large

Large lighting doesn't have to mean imposing. By far our biggest light, the Flock Chandelier Large is two and a half metres tall and over a metre wide, yet its elegance and balance belies its size. Composed of individual wooden, steam bent curlicues that hang weightless from a solid oak top plate, the Flock Chandelier Large is a true showstopper.

Ideally suited to tall spaces, such as landings, hallways and staircases, the Flock Chandelier Large is sure to make an impact.

Apex roof? No problem. Opt for our Flock Chandelier with a suspended top plate - the floating mount uses tension wire and makes the Flock suitable for an array of interior spaces.
Illuminated by seven filament bulbs, each piece of the intricate design is in constant motion, creating a wooden chandelier unlike any other.

Cluster Lighting Range

A relative newcomer to our collection, the Cluster Lighting Range is versatile, dynamic and personal. Offering customizable features that are unique to our collection, the Cluster Lighting Range allows you to make a statement that is truly yours. 

Choose from eight of our best-selling steam bent pendants, each with an array of customisable features – from shade design and size, to wood type and drop length - there’s something to suit every interior. Our Arame Pendant Small Trio Cluster Large makes a perfect focal point for a living room, while the soft downlighting of our Keel Pendant – Trio Cluster is ideal for setting the mood in a bedroom.

Butterfly Giant Pendant

Next on the list is our striking Butterfly Giant Pendant. Multiple swooping curves fall and rise gracefully, recalling nature’s motions. Due to its ability to create effortless atmosphere and drama, the Butterfly Giant Pendant is best utilised in a living room, but would also be at home in a bedroom or dining room. Wherever you choose to showcase it, our Butterfly Giant Pendant is bound to captivate and thrill.

Introduce vitality. Invite admiration with our Butterfly Pendant Giant.

Kern Pendant Giant

Another of our classics, the Kern Pendant Giant is a stalwart of our collection. The Kern Pendant Giant is a celebration of true minimalist design; a single solid oak hoop suspends five filament bulbs, flex exposed. The Kern has an effect that only something this minimalist can – one of unapologetic, simple, elegant impact.

Versatile but also functional, the Kern Pendant Giant can be used anywhere, but would be especially suited to functional spaces such as a kitchen or workshop.

With exposed flex tethering five bulbs to its sustainably sourced oak frame, the Kern starts a new chapter in lighting design.

Posted: 15.12.20
Updated: 15.04.21

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