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2019 Interior Design Trends

17 January 2019

As we seek respite from the mid-January darkness, we've delved into the four interior design trends that are set to be big in 2019 and beyond.


Here at Tom Raffield we pride ourselves on being a design led, creative brand that breaks new ground and is ahead of the curve. We also like to keep our ear to the ground for any industry trends that are set to fill our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds...

As always, the trick with design trends is knowing how to interpret them to suit your space and, it goes without saying - only buying new pieces you know you'll love forever. 

We've scoped out a few favourite trends that are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Noctis Flock
Our Noctis Giant Flock Chandelier. A weightless rotation, an exhibition of eye-catching, elegant beauty. Our signature chandelier, reimagined.

1. Sustainability and Longevity

Now this is a 'trend' that really resonates with us and one we're delighted is set to stay. Our ethos has always been to take as little as possible from our environment and to give back as much as we can. Our environment constantly inspires us - not only does it provide us with the materials we use in our pieces, but it influences our creativity and sparks new ideas.

This is why all of our pieces are handmade from sustainable ash, oak or walnut and are built with longevity in mind. With the design industry also adopting this more eco-friendly outlook there's no better time to update your space with heirlooms of the future that will last over a lifetime.

"We find that our approach to the things we surround ourselves with is shifting towards a longevity-focused one, prompting us to buy designs that will last for years into the future, both in their quality and aesthetic."

- Christian Grosen, Design Director at Muuto.
The Noctis Kern Pendant, like all of our steam bent furniture and lighting, is hand crafted from sustainably sourced wood.

2. Maximalism

Recent years have seen a surge of popularity in mid-century modern, minimalism and Scandinavian design trends, all of which have played to our style and inspiration. However, with a brand new year laid out in front of us, we’re excited to see the rise of the next big design trend: Maximalism.

So what is Maximalism? In a nutshell, this style trend is not about being as loud, garish and chaotic as possible, but combining striking design pieces with opulent interiors and luxurious surroundings. It's creative, fun and playful. We've dedicated a whole blog to this topic that you can read here.  

Our new Noctis Range ties into this trend perfectly - it's statement and designed not to blend into a space, but to define it. It's dark, masculine and has an aesthetic that's confident and unapologetic. The Noctis Range calls out to be the focus of a Maximalist interior.

Noctis Cluster Urchin
Our Noctis Urchin Cluster is the perfect centrepiece to your Maximalist dream.
Noctis No.1 Giant
Our Noctis No.1 Giant Pendant strikes a balance of timeless grace and ebonised, architectural design in every twist and turn.

3. Biophilia

Breath life into your space. Let nature indoors. Biophilia, the trend that swept the design industry in 2018, looks set to gain further popularity in 2019. The interest in incorporating the natural world into work and living spaces will continue to grow (no pun intended) and we couldn't be happier about it.

This rush to add greenery to our homes and work spaces throughout 2018 even inspired our exclusive range of indoor steam bent planters: The Green Range

Celebrating the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design our Green Range offers an aesthetically pleasing, practical solution to displaying house plants.

Celebrate the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and nature with our steam bent oak planters.

Breath life into your work or living space with the simple addition of potted plants or herbs, pictured here with the Noctis Wheal Wall Light.
Green Range 2
Redefine your space with our steam bent Merryn Floor Standing Planters.

4. Monochrome & Metallics

The monochrome trend has been immensely popular for a number of years and this year it's bigger than ever - especially when paired with neutral 'greige' tones (grey-beige), 2019's new grey.

Here at Tom Raffield we love a bold, black and white monochrome interior. Despite sometimes being daring and loud, monochrome spaces can be sleek, stylish, and relaxing when handled with taste and a little minimalism.

If you're thinking of trying out the monochrome trend at home then we recommend mixing your black and whites with eye-caching metallic accents. Marrying metals such as brass, with natural materials like wood, creates an intriguing juxtaposition between the natural and industrial worlds, and gives a modern yet timeless effect.

If you're after new lighting pieces that tick both boxes then look no further than our Noctis Lighting Range which brings daring, darker, depths to interiors and combines black and brass with striking effect.

Accents of brass give The Noctis Range a lustrous edge and offer an alluring contrast to the dark ebony tones of the steam bent wood.

Our Giant Flock Chandelier is an opulent mix of brass curlicues and ebonised bends, illuminated by three filament bulbs.

Posted: 17.01.19
Updated: 08.06.23

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