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Making the Modum Range

31 January 2019

We've taken a closer look at our celebrated Modum Range to explore the making process behind the steam bent designs.

"The Modum Range symbolises the reconnection we, as humans, seek with nature. Each light draws inspiration from nature’s most intricate forms, and transforms them into handcrafted, innovative lighting solutions designed to suit any space".

- Founder, Tom Raffield.

Our exclusive Modum Lighting Range is an embodiment of the passion we share as a company - passion for design, passion for nature, passion for quality. Take a peak inside our woodland workshop to discover how our Modum Range is brought to life.

steam bent arame pendant
A close up shot of our Ash Arame Pendant.
Steam bent arame pendant walnut
Our Quill 550 Pendant is formed of intricate hand cut petals.

1. Shaped By Steam

Sustainably sourced strips of oak, ash or walnut are placed into our steamers. Using our innovative steam bending technique, the wood is made supple enough to bend by the humid atmosphere in a matter of minutes. Up to five strips at once can be bent round our bespoke jigs and clamped in place to achieve signature curves in a delicate petal shape.

An example of the steam bending process - pieces of wood are placed into steam-filled chambers.

Pieces of timber being bent into their final forms.

2. Baked to perfection

The clamped steam bent petal shapes are moved to our wood oven, where they remain for one hour. This ensures that any moisture left in the timber is evaporated, preventing the components from bending out of shape once the clamps are removed and the lights assembled.

A clamped walnut petal destined to become a Quill 325 Pendant.

3. The top plate

As the assembly process begins, a laser-cut top plate is attached to a wooden disc. This top plate will become the meeting point for all of the steam bent petals that are needed to create the different Modum Range designs. The layering of one or more top plates determines the angle at which the petals fall about the filament bulb.

The Arame Pendant and Wall Light use fewer layers of top plates, creating a wider angle. This makes the Arame reminiscent of a blooming flower, which casts and scatters light in enticing patterns around it. Comparatively, the Quill 325 Pendant uses more layers of top plates, resulting in the petals descending from the plywood frame at a more acute angle.

The Arame Wall Light casts captivating shadows upon the wall.
Quill 550 Pendants and a Quill 325 Pendant descend. Nature, art and design meet to transform space.

4. The Assembly

Individual petals are carefully attached to the plywood frame one by one. Assembled side by side, the petals reach out to each other and meet, held in place at points of contact with each other. By the end of the assembly process, a bloom of concentric petals create mesmerising effects.

Sustainable oak, ash or walnut is steam bent then clamped in to place to create The Modum Range's graceful petal shape. After drying in our oven, they are attached one by one to a central plywood frame.

5. Built to last

We’re committed to making pieces that are used, loved, and stand the test of time. So the final step in creating any of our lighting pieces involves protecting the wood with a layer of eco-friendly, matte varnish. This also ensures an easy-to-care-for durable finish which doesn't compromise the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Our efficient design processes also mean that no scrap of wood is left behind, either cleverly woven into other pieces, or used in our wood burner to keep our showroom warm.

“Each piece we create has been on an experimental journey - individual, organic and carefully considered. We source everything from sustainable woodlands and coupled with the low energy steam bending process, it is very ecological with little wastage".

- Founder, Tom Raffield
Image 1 alt text goes hereAramependant
The Arame Pendant casts an inviting glow.
Signature bends swoop downward. The Quill 325 Pendant is inspired by nature's grace.

Scatter light. Excite space. Make art from shadow. The Modum Lighting Range - celebrating nature's organic shapes.

Posted: 31.01.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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