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Make Your Home Guest Ready

25 March 2024

Celebrate the changes that allow you to welcome guests back into your home. Let’s create interiors that are perfect to sip, sit and socialise in with friends and family.
Interior Nanskerris House

Now we are finally able to welcome our loved ones back into our homes, it's the perfect opportunity to refresh our spaces. Timeless designs and neutral woods will create inviting living environments that can be carried through decades of décor styles. Make a home that will last a lifetime, with pieces that will stand the test of time. Read on to find out how...

Make a meal of it

Whether you’re showing off your new cooking talents, or proudly highlighting how the past year has helped you organise your home, the kitchen is the social hub of the home. Refreshing your kitchen space with understated designs that are both functional and beautiful is a great place to start with any mini-home makeover (as they're bound to be spied by your house guests).

loer chandelier
Creating a statement with clean lines and ethereal influence, the three glowing orbs of the Loer Chandelier provides a modern impact.

Illuminate your kitchen or dining area with minimalist, statement lighting to set the scene for an evening of entertaining and much-needed catching up. Bold lines and exposed bulbs are best suited in spaces where you require bright task lighting. Open designs provide a warm glow to your interior, covering every corner of your room.

Tor Twist Shelf
The Tor Twist Shelf celebrates the strength of sculptural tree canopies in our Cornish surroundings. 

Utilise your kitchen space wisely by adding streamlined shelving designs. Whether you are displaying your newest kitchen gadget or your favourite potted plant, your shelving should be the perfect marriage of function and beauty.

Be our guest

Create a welcoming guest bedroom to impress your loved ones. A fresh layout can change the perspective and overall feeling of the room, allowing space for light to permeate from different angles. A simple switch-up such as changing where your bed lays can massively improve the 'feng-shui' within your room, often allowing more room to be playful with natural light and shadows. Layer table lights or wall lights to create depth, alluring guests into the comforting environment.

Hanter Wall Light
Refreshing in its simplicity, surprising in its design, our Hanter Wall Light turns heads. In pairs, the Hanter Wall Light will balance your space with bold lines and natural forms, or as a single light brings a soft focal point.
Noctis Wheal wall light
For extra drama, the Noctis Wheal Wall Light  brings personality in abundance. A contrast of deep black wood with polished metal, the Noctis Wheal Wall Light finishes any room with striking bold lines, with a modern flair.

Utilise table-tops or empty surfaces to display table light designs that yield unique shadows and personality to your interior. Choose a contrasting wood type to highlight different tones within your room, or match with a similar tone to keep things neutral and uniform - the choice is yours. The simple addition of a table light can refresh your guest room easily and effectively.

Urhcin Table Light
The Urchin Table Light is a unique design that will soften your space. 
green interior playlight

Take a seat

Catch up with your loved ones in comfort. Put the kettle on, make sure everyone has a comfortable seat and sit back to reminisce and spend time with friends. Or perhaps your family has grown in the past year, meaning it is time to expand your seating. No matter the reason or occasion for a catch up, now is a great time to refresh seating options in your home that will be around for a lifetime of cherished memories.

Arbor Sofa
The timeless form of the Arbor Sofa defies nature with startling simplicity.
Beeble pouffe
Whether a rest for weary feet, or an extra seat for a loved one, the Beeble Pouffe brings comfort and joy.

Add little touches

Turn your home into a sanctuary of comfort with versatile finishing touches. Classic pieces, that will stand the test of time are perfect for refreshing your space sustainably. Pieces that are crafted to last a lifetime will suit any décor, meaning they can be moved through different rooms and even passed down to future generations.

Celtic sheepskin rug
Draped on a chair or placed down as a rug, the Celtic Sheepskin Rug is a welcome addition to any home space. 

Placed directly across from a window (ideally on the opposite wall), a mirror will reflect the natural light of the outdoors around your space, making your interior feel bigger and warmer, a perfect space to welcome guests.

Choose from our asymmetrical Carn Mirror Range for a nod to Scandinavian design principles, or the warm golden tone of our oak wood Harlyn Mirror to tie in with existing features of your room.


Posted: 25.03.24
Updated: 26.03.24

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