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Interiors at Dusk

8 June 2023

Sunset tones to create an endless summer feeling…
loer pendant small

Searching for a dreamy colour palette for your home? Look no further than sunset tones. With wistful pinks and golden oranges, this interior style showcases one of the most beautiful sights nature provides us every day. Read on to discover our guide to creating a 24/7 golden hour in your home.

Sunset colour palette

Just as no sunset is ever the same, your glowing interior can be fully tailored to suit your space. It can be bold and fiery, or subtle, reminiscent of dusky clouds. Let’s explore some of the key colours to a sunset palette…

Semper pendant
Guide beams of light to where they are needed with the adjustable Semper Pendant

Mellow Yellow. Sunset tones are not complete without at least a touch of sunny yellow. The perfect canvas to build your colourscape upon, yellow is the ultimate mood lifting tone. Whether you opt for a bold mustard, or chalky lemon tone, yellow is surprisingly versatile and full of character.

Feeling rosy? Pink is the first colour that comes to mind when we think of dreamy sunsets. The perfect sunset inspired pink is not too cool, and not too warm – making it very easy to style! Whether paired with rich, walnut tones or cool ash wood, pink interiors consistently provide solace.

tom raffield verso pendant
Soothing through sculptural form, the Verso Pendant sits proudly against a pink backdrop. 
tom raffield loer chandelier
The Loer Chandelier Small ignites dinner table conversation with layers of boundless, celestial illumination. 

Red sky at night. A red toned sunset always brings positivity with the promise sunshine and great weather the next day. A deep red relaxes any space instantly, making it perfect for living spaces or bedrooms. Pair with biophilic design and rich green tones for the ultimate soothing space.

tom raffield beeble and arame wall
Adding texture to any wall, the Arame Wall Light invites a moment of wonder. 

Cool in blue. Representing the deep blue sky before the night sky is welcomed in, an infusion of blue can rejuvenate your space. Whilst it might seem like a surprising addition to your sunset interior, when used thoughtfully a bold blue can add much needed contrast to help create interest and depth.

seya pendant
Reflecting the shapes formed as the soft light of dawn plays on the morning dew, the Seya Pendant is well suited to serenity seeking interiors. 
cape wall light
By the shoreline. The Cape Wall Light brings the beauty of the barrelling ocean to your space. 

Glowing beauty

For that balmy summer evening glow, bring metal flourishes into your home. Little flashes of reflective brass will catch the light in the perfect way, whilst adding touches of luxury to your space. Luxury lighting designs that add layers of warm light, whilst enhancing radiance are a quick win for sunset interiors. Our newly expanded Loer Lighting Range offers touches of exposed brass to ensure your home shines brightly, whilst allowing your space’s character to shine.

Let the sun shine in

One easy way to achieve the sunset tones in your home is to simply welcome them in. Place a round mirror on the wall across from your window and allow the sunset to shine in your home. This will not only make your space seem naturally bigger and brighter but turns the wall mirror into a piece of art, as it reflects the beautiful surrounding scenery.

harlyn mirror
Mirroring your interiors beauty, the Harlyn Mirror creates a natural focal point. 

Posted: 08.06.23
Updated: 02.04.24

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