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Interior Design Trends 2022

13 January 2022

As 2022 begins, we welcome grounded and hopeful interiors…
Tom Raffield Arbor Armchair
The steam bent curves of the Arbor Armchair wrap around to embrace you with unparalleled comfort.

2021 was another year when we all embraced being at home a little more and found joy in our interiors. Although we hope to spend our time in more diverse ways with the coming year, there's no doubt that the relief and solstice that our homes have offered will continue to strive. We've researched some of the upcoming creative design trends that will inspire our interior choices through 2022 and beyond…

Tom Raffield Harlyn Mirror
Playing with steam bent oak to mimic a twisted, leather strap the Harlyn Mirror creates modern, through timeless materials.

Earthy Textures

The desire for relaxation will continue to drive our decorating choices in 2022 and themes will unify around nature. Plaster, clay and lime washes on walls, and contemporary home accents made from tactile, rich-toned materials such as wood, bronze, and leather will inspire our homes.

Immersing interiors in wilderness-inspired hues and gentle textures will reset our minds and freshen our homes – bringing balance through their therapeutic properties. 

Tom Raffield Housel Shelf
Flourished with a customisable leather hanging strap, complete with a brass screw, the Housel Shelf’s unique character will complement your space.
Tom Raffield Wheal Wall Light
The Wheal Wall Light is an alluring contrast of wood and metal. Clasped in a polished brass fitting, bright light catches and bounces off its surface.

Comforting curves

Tom Raffield Leven Lighting Range
Showcasing the structural beauty, the Leven Lighting Range provides a warm glow from each rounded, wooden tier.

The familiarity found in rounded geometry brings a sense of relaxation, and normality to interiors – exactly what 2022 is calling out for. The supporting forms found in curved décor pieces will create a memorable home, full of personality. Easy on the eye, and helping to curate a gentle, inviting atmosphere, curved furniture and homeware will be paramount to constructing a soothing oasis to return to after a long day.

Tom Raffield Urchin Table Light
Inspired by the sand combed shells found along our Cornish beaches, the Urchin Table Light refreshes space with layers of unique light and shadow.

Think Green

Your home should be a space where you can decompress and calm down after a long day, sheltering from outside stresses. 2022 will see us becoming more imaginative with our green spaces and how we bring nature inside to nurture us. Experimenting with unique hanging installations, staircase gardens and incorporating indoor greenery into our homes will continue to flourish in 2022, with an emphasis on creating soothing, plant-filled environments.

Tom Raffield Merryn Planter
Bringing depth to your home with the Merryn Planter’s sixteen steam bent vertical blades.
Tom Raffield Maen Pot
Well suited to minimalist spaces, the Maen Pot provides a sleek home for your thriving houseplants, or handy storage for daily essentials.

If indoor plants won’t suit or fit with your décor scheme, add a touch of nature by including green paint tones inspired by luscious landscapes to your wall. Whether a bold emerald bedroom, or a sage green kitchen, a nature inspired colour palette will revitalize your home.

Multifunctional minimalism

Whilst our homes will still have to cater for a wide range of activities, a degree of separation will be warmly welcomed by many. Communal areas will continue to be open plan, offering a place to socialise freely, however the work and personal life balance will become more definitive. Versatile furniture designs that can be moved from room to room will be well received when you are setting interior boundaries in your home.

Tom Raffield Gwelsen Screen
Offering glimpses through your space, the Gwelsen Screen is a playful way to create definition in an open plan interior.
Tom Raffield Morvah Hanging Planter Grand Designs house
A wall of Morvah Hanging Planters is a unique way to separate spaces in your home, whilst providing an abundance of character.

Posted: 13.01.22

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