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Why Green Means Goodness...

27 July 2021

An ode to the colour green…

Here at Tom Raffield, you may have noticed we love green tones. From our Green Range collection of indoor planters (brimming with trailing plants of course) to the backdrops for our product photoshoots – we’ve noticed quite a theme as of late.

Timeless Tones

The beauty of green is that there is a shade to suit every interior. Whether you have a large period property, a modern glass fronted self-build, a quirky Cornish cottage or a small-space city apartment, there is a green guaranteed to make a mark in your home. From soft sage to bold emerald, we've tried them all…

Drift pendant
Use deep wooden tones from the Drift Pendant in Walnut against paler tones of green to create a dynamic contrasting space.
Loer Pendant
Create a cosy atmosphere with a dark green wall - the perfect backdrop to illuminate with soft task lighting when you want to relax and unwind with your favourite book. 

The tone of your walls, married with statement wooden lighting, will influence the entire personality of your space. If bold sophistication is the desired impact, pair a deep emerald wall with lighter woods, such as ash or oak whereas if you are seeking a minimal, Scandi-inspired décor, a lighter sage tone would make your space thrive.

Close to Nature

Green reminds us of nature and the inviting comfort of the outside world - something we have all grown to appreciate more over the last year. It’s calming, relaxing and makes us feel grounded. If paint won’t create the impact you are seeking, or if paint just isn’t your thing, green accessories are a great way to introduce green goodness into your home.

The Beeble Pouffe in Sea Grass adds a bold pop of colour, as well as providing a place to rest weary feet.
The tones of our golden, steam bent oak Arbor Armchair is a stunning contrast when upholstered in Sea Grass green wool.

Discover the wide range of green tones in the Abraham and Moon collection and create a bespoke piece of furniture that you will treasure for years to come.

The Green Range

We are so devoted to green; we couldn’t resist naming our signature collection of indoor planters in its honour. Adding plants to your home can take your space to dreamy green depths, without overwhelming your décor. Don’t be afraid of layering a trailing plant against your green feature wall, shades of green pair beautifully together!

Image 1 alt text goes here
With versatility in it’s nature, the Mawnan Planter can be placed in your home office to invite creativity, your kitchen as a home to your freshest herbs, or suspended in your living area holding your favourite flourishing house plant.
Image 2 alt text goes here
Low on table space? Utilise your ceiling or wall with a Morvah Hanging Planter that will bring fresh depth to your room.

Using plants as decorations is not only a great way to add layers of green, but also has a multitude of benefits. Bringing nature into your indoor environment can create a feeling of calm and encourage personal growth – all whilst looking fresh and bright.

Image alt text goes here

Turning the world green

Green isn’t just a colour, it’s a state of mind. The planet is at the heart of everything we create; ensuring our world can continue to thrive around us has always been our number one goal.

Bringing green tones into your interior will reinforce your connection with the outside world. Therefore, it is vital that any homeware pieces you bring into your space respect nature. Ensuring the designs you fill your home with are kind to the planet, crafted with only sustainably sourced materials - and with no nasty chemicals or glues - will in turn mean you live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

Making sustainable living beautiful

Explore our versatile range of artisan, wooden lighting. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, the neutral tones and natural textures will suit a wide range of green spaces.

Posted: 27.07.21
Updated: 08.06.23

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