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How to: Light a Modern Bedroom

2 May 2019

Your definitive guide to bedroom lighting solutions.



Ceiling lights or wall lights? Task or ambient lighting? Lighting your bedroom can be a difficult thing to get right. With numerous activities such as getting dressed, reading and of course sleeping all requiring different levels and types of light, it can be hard to find a versatile, 'one size fits all' solution. 

We've created a brand new lighting guide to help you find the perfect balance in one of the most important and used rooms of your home: the bedroom.

Our Cage Floor Light offers a sleek, modern aesthetic and looks great in both natural light and when illuminated.
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From its signature curve to its filament bulb, the Mooring Floor Light captures the barefaced beauty of tidal landscapes.

Bright ‘n’ breezy

For most daytime tasks, such as making the bed, tidying up or sorting laundry, you will require a decent quality of light. If this can't be achieved with natural light alone then choosing a fixture that has a high lumen output will be crucial. 

Our versatile collection of steam bent floor lights create a high quality ambience and boast a number of different designs to suit any bedroom interior. If you are looking for a subtle luminaire, our Mooring Floor Light has been specifically designed with the absence of a light shade to allow light to disperse around the room more evenly. Alternatively, if you're after a statement piece to add texture and drama to your space opt for the Artus Floor Light or Skipper Floor Light.

Choosing the right light bulb is also critical -  read our guide on choosing the right light bulb for your fitting here.

Our No.1 Pendant Giant hangs in Founder Tom Raffield's Grand Designs home, flanked by a pair of Helix Pendants.

Make a statement

The most popular fitting for a bedroom has to be the pendant light. Overhead pendants are a practical choice if you have a good ceiling height and are looking for a fixture that has the ability to cast light across a whole room. Choosing a statement, standalone shade as your main lighting source has many benefits and will ensure your space is remembered. 

Our No.1 Pendants (as seen in the Grand Designs home above and below) are very eye-catching and provide warm, soft light in abundance. Available in three sizes, the No.1 Pendant has been designed with versatility in mind. Choose the XL if you have a large space and are seeking that 'wow' piece, the Giant for a high-ceiling room and the standard for a smaller space. 

"The No.1 Pendant is the perfect lighting option for a bedroom. It looks great from all angles due to the spherical nest that encases the bulb, so it can be enjoyed whether you’re standing, sitting, or lying down in bed!"

- Tom Raffield, Founder.
ambient lighting
Positioning different lights in close proximity (as Tom and Danie have in their bedroom) creates a cosy feel to a bedroom as well as allowing different fixtures to be turned on and off to create the perfect level of ambience.

Layer up

Layering different types of lighting achieves a good overall atmosphere. Combinations of ceiling lights, wall lights, table lights and floor lights provide illumination at different levels and can be placed to brighten darker corners or spaces. 

Mixing and layering fittings is also an easy way to tailor the levels of lights in your bedroom, depending on what you’re doing. For example, a floor light looks great in a corner of a bedroom, and also creates a great functional space for activities like reading. Pendant Lights with optimum down-light levels can be positioned to illuminate specific areas and turned on as and when required for extra brightness. 

Opting for a pendant light above a bedside table, as pictured here with our Helix Pendant, is a great way to save space and create high quality task lighting.

Task lighting

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having to get out of a warm, cosy bed to switch off a light on the other side of the room. That’s why its crucial to consider task lighting when planning your bedroom layout.

Our Table Lighting Range offer a rich variety of bedside companions. The sought-after Stem Table Light features our Helix lampshade which focuses light downwards to provide a softer glow - perfect for not disturbing your partner in bed if you want to read one more chapter before going to sleep. Furthermore, our Artus Table Light offers something more abstract. Light disperses through a birch dowel cage, creating shadows and textures that create alluring patterns in the dark.

"In our house, we’ve opted to use two Helix Pendants that hang above our bedside tables. This is very useful for minimising bedside table clutter and the Helix shades create a soft light that is great for bed time."

- Tom Raffield, Founder.

Dropping splashes of light from its Helix drum to bring focus from the shadows; the Stem Table Light is the ultimate balance between form and function, perfectly suited for a bedside table or desk.
Artus Table Light
A fine birch dowel cage contains its blown-glass bulb within. Daring yet delicate, the Artus Table Light diffracts a mesmerising pattern of shadows, dramatising your space.

Posted: 02.05.19
Updated: 26.03.24

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