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Full circle: Re-introducing our Cape and Butterfly Pendants

31 January 2020

Back by popular demand, the Butterfly Lighting Range and Cape Pendant rejoin our range of unique and versatile lighting.

The Cape Pendant in Walnut

Having recently moved to a new space by the coast in Falmouth, we've been able to refine our processes, improve efficiency and handcraft our steam bent designs even more sustainably. With this in mind, we felt it was the perfect time to welcome back some old favourites into our range...

Introduce vitality and invite admiration with our Butterfly Pendant.

Eye catching and elegant our Butterfly Lighting Range makes a memorable statement.

Butterfly Lighting Range

Back by popular demand, the Butterfly Pendant and Butterfly Pendant Giant rejoin our collection of pendant lights.

Our Butterfly Lighting Range balances beauty and energy to striking effect in a canopy of swooping arcs and curves. Shaped from sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut, light collects in its loops, then falls free, casting a subtle, warm glow alongside lively shadows.

Having said goodbye to the original Butterfly Pendant, we found that it was sorely missed by our customers. So, we decided to re-introduce it to our range, but this time with a focus on improving the process in which it is crafted to create a more sustainable product.

The Butterfly Lighting Range achieves maximum impact as the focal point of a space, creating a centerpiece that is both bold and delicate.

Cape Pendant with Gwelsen Screen
The Cape Pendant in Ash yields tranquillity and beauty in abundance.

Cape Pendant

Coming full circle, the Cape Pendant rejoins the Cape Lighting Range.

Handcrafted timber peaks and barrels, the Cape Pendant redefines the concept of coastal. Light gathers between the folds of handcrafted sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut wood, creating beautiful curvaceous shadows.

Due to the complexity of creating the Cape Pendant , we decided to discontinue it but hoped that it would return to our range one day. Now, with more efficient processes, we feel able to make this light in a more sustainable way, and we’re delighted that it rejoins the Cape Lighting Range along with the Cape Wall Light .

Let the Cape Pendant create a subtle and sculptural point of interest in your space.

Our Cape Pendant produces subtle, buoyant shadows when illuminated.
Choose from ash, oak or walnut wood to match your interior.

The Butterfly and Cape Pendant lights are available now from


Posted: 31.01.20
Updated: 15.04.21

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