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A guide to our new Cluster Lighting Designs

4 October 2019

Energise your interior with our Clustered Lighting Range.

With the recent launch of our brand new Cluster Lighting Range, what better time to take a look at how our clustered lighting designs can lend themselves to a variety of different rooms and spaces.

Introducing multiple shades to your home is not only a great way to add more light, but also a guaranteed way to make an eye-catching statement. So, whether it’s wow factor, functional lighting or the ability to create something unique that you're seeking, clustered lighting is the way to go.

Steam bent, hand twisted and assembled into a seemingly infinite nest of bends, each individual No.1 Pendant distributes a sculptural mix of light and shadow across your space, wherever you choose to position it.

For the hallway...

The hallway of any home provides the perfect opportunity to create a memorable impact. Opening the door to be greeted by one of our statement Cluster Ceiling Lights is a sure-fire way to set the tone for the rest of your interior. 

Although hallways are often narrow spaces, they needn't feel cramped or claustrophobic. By opting for a multiple pendant light you'll be saving much needed hall floor space than if you opted for a table, wall or floor fitting.

Our No.1 Pendant - Trio Cluster is a great option for creating a statement. Featuring three sculptural spheres of ash, oak or walnut wood handcrafted from between forty to one hundred meters of sustainable timber. Each No.1 cluster boasts a dense, captivating aesthetic and is sure to become a unique focal point. Choose from three of our standard sized No.1 Pendants or, opt for a mix of pendant sizes with our No.1 Pendant Range - Trio Cluster Large to bring your space to life.

no.1 pendant
The iconic No.1 Pendant marries form and function.
No.1 Pendant
Our Cluster Lighting Range invites you to make your own mark and curate a truly unique, statement lighting piece tailored to suit your space.

for the kitchen

Lighting is arguably the most important part of any kitchen due to the number of tasks that are carried out. Chopping, cooking and operating any kind of kitchen utensil should be carried out in sufficient, bright lighting. Where a singular pendant light might fail to produce enough light, multi drop cluster lights will always deliver. Offering three times the amount of lumen output than a single bulb, our Cluster Lighting Range produces fantastic illumination for all of your daily kitchen needs. 

The Tom Raffield Skipper Pendant showcases responsible design at its very best.

Our Skipper Pendant Small - Trio Cluster (also available in standard size, or a customised mix) features a curvaceous silhouette which casts striking shadows upon ceilings and walls creating ideal task lighting. The diffused light from each Skipper shade also produces ambient task lighting perfectly suited to an open living space. Furthermore, for a softer, post-dinner ambience, the Skipper Cluster has been designed to ensure the fitting is fully dimmable when used with an inline dimmer switch. 

Steamed in one isolated section, a wide piece of oak or walnut timber is arched by hand into choreographed formation and held with three reflective brass rivets.

for the dining room

Similarly to your kitchen, your dining room is a place where multiple tasks take place - entertaining, eating and often late night homework. This demand requires versatile, multi-functional lighting. 

"One of the strengths of our Cluster Lighting Range lies in its versatility. Offering fixtures with an array of customisable elements allows our customers to get creative when designing their own lighting piece and ensures that they take home a unique lighting fixture they will treasure for years to come. Our Cluster Lighting Range caters for a range of specifications – each system is tailor made from our handcrafted iconic pendants and the drop length can be easily adapted at home to ensure it suits any ceiling height or space”

– Founder, Tom Raffield.

Our Keel Pendant - Trio Cluster offers diverse functionality whilst maintaining a simple, sleek and stylish aesthetic. Its defined, steam bent funnels create focused downlight sure to illuminate any task. Available in oak and walnut wood, the Keel Cluster celebrates beauty in numbers and is sure to be a conversation starter.

The single steam bent curves of our Keel Pendants resemble sand combed shells found on nearby Cornish shores.

Our Keel Pendant Cluster illuminates with ambient downlighting.

for the living room

Your living room should be a place of pure relaxation where you can unwind. Lighting plays a huge part in creating a relaxed environment and should never be overlooked when designing your space.

Here at Tom Raffield we believe an array of lighting fixtures in one room creates a perfect balance and ensures you can always attain your required level of light. A floor light tucked into a reading corner, a table light on a console or sideboard, pairs of wall lights to provide evening ambience and of course, overhead pendant lights for maximum brightness, create a heavenly mix. 

Designed to ensure that the light bulb inside is completely concealed behind curving wooden arcs, our dynamic Urchin Pendant Cluster Lights would suit those who prefer soft, ambient light. Choose our small sized Urchin Pendants for an understated look, or be bold and incorporate a mix of sizes with our Urchin Pendant Range - Trio Cluster Large, bringing an amplified, dramatic aesthetic to your living space. 

Suspend each Urchin Pendant at varying heights to create your own aesthetic and a visually exciting display that’s versatile as well as innovative.

for the bedroom

Your bedroom should be just that - yours. A unique space that reflects your personality, whilst also ticking all of the relaxation boxes. 

When choosing bedroom lighting it's important to have pieces that you are going to cherish for years to come and suit your interior style. There's no point in purchasing a light that you are going to fall out of love with next season. Look for high quality, well made pieces that offer a timeless feel. 

Make your space your own with our Arame Pendant Small - Trio Cluster Large. Available in a choice of ash or walnut wood and featuring two meters of high quality adjustable cable, the cluster design can be modified to suit yours and your space’s needs. There's also two colours of standard ceiling kits to choose from (or choose your own colour ceiling plate and cable with our Customisable Cluster service) meaning you'll love the design you curate for years to come... no matter how many times you restyle your bedroom!

Image 1 alt text goes here
Elemental, geometric, sequential. A trio of Small Arame Pendants pivot and descend from a single matte white or black ceiling kit to form a swooping spectacle.

Arame Pendant Small - Trio Cluster Large: our signature pendant lights, your way!

Posted: 04.10.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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