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2019 Trends: Blush tones

18 April 2019

Blush pink - discover the colour on everybody's lips.

Nude, pink, blush, rose, shell-pink or even soft-salmon - this neutral tone looks great paired with just about any interior and guess what it's here to stay. A firm favourite of the Tom Raffield team, here's how we'll be using the tone to decorate in the upcoming seasons...

A shade away from being neutral, blush pink provides a perfect backdrop for statement pieces such as a cluster of our No.1 Pendants.

In the living room

Blush pink is adored by designers for its versatility. Described as being 'gender-neutral' in comparison to shades such as bubble-gum and vibrant pink, blush makes for an uplifting living room colour palette and welcomes an array of compatible tones. A soft-pink living space bathed in natural light will re-energise and uplift. In dimmer light, by evening and night, blush tones will offer a warm, cosy aesthetic to your space.

Top tip

Accenting pink walls with metallics, such as brass and copper, introduces a modern and exciting look to a living space. Our Stem Table Light and Mooring Table Light inject a touch of masculinity to a blush interior.

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Bathed in the dimmed light of our Quill 325 Pendants, blush tones offer an ambient lighting effect.

The Mooring Table Light's exposed flex, naked filament bulb and brass holder hark back to an industrial aesthetic. Highly effective when juxtaposed with a blush pink interior.

for the hallway

Blush pink is lauded for being a welcoming colour, making it the perfect shade for your hallway. With pale, soft tones pink welcomes residents and guests alike as soon as be welcomed into your home as soon as they walk through the door.

Stylist tip

The addition of a mirror (such as our Harlyn Mirror) will give the effect of a larger, brighter hallway space and incorporating functional furniture pieces (such as our Crib Bench, Twill Coat Stand and Coat Loop) will accessorise a pastel entrance way creating a special, memorable space.

Our Twill Coat Stand and Coat Loop provide stylish, functional storage solutions and look great against a muted-pink backdrop.

for the office

The office doesn't have to be a stressful environment... painting walls in a blush pink, neutral tone can yield a calming effect and help improve productivity. Furthermore, combining your rosy interior with house plants and green foliage can further boost efficiency and reduce stress.

Stylist tip

Positioning plants using an indoor planter (such as our Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter or Merryn Floor Standing Plantermakes them easily visible even from your desk, meaning you’ll never miss out on the benefits of green.

Our Arbor Armchair is available in blush pink thanks to our bespoke fabric service.

Blush furniture

Make a statement in your home by choosing bold fabric for your furniture pieces. Opting for blush pink upholstery for sofas and chairs injects colour and fun into your space.

Stylist tip

Our Arbor Armchair, Beeble Pouffe and Upholstered Crib Bench are all available as part of our bespoke fabric service. This means that you can choose any colour you want, and match your furniture to the rest of your interior for blush pink perfection.

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If pink walls and furniture pieces are too statement for your space why not incorporate this blushing hue using accessories such as blankets and cushions?

Posted: 18.04.19
Updated: 15.04.21

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