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Tom Raffield Bespoke Projects Launch

7 May 2019

Tom Raffield celebrates the launch of new Bespoke Projects service with
daring collection of steam bent designs at RHS Chelsea Flower 2019.
Tom raffieldTom Raffield Force of Nature Garden Stand, Main Avenue, Chelsea Flower Show. © Tom Raffield Ltd 2019.

Tom Raffield will be revealing an exclusive collection of steam bent biomorphic screen structures and outdoor planters at Chelsea Flower Show 2019 to celebrate the launch of their Bespoke Projects service. Central to Tom Raffield’s steam bent courtyard design, these organic oak forms are intended as functional pieces of art that will take centre stage in the new unique, architectural stand focused on well-being, biophilic design and zero waste.

Combining traditional steam bending techniques with complex parametric modelling, the organic curved screens and ‘Tressa Planter’ (shortlisted for Chelsea Flower Show’s Product of the Year Award 2019) can be custom-made to bespoke measurements, enabling the signature curved designs to be cleverly incorporated into projects of varying scales, never been seen before in the design community.

“Our ground-breaking new process has opened a new world of possibilities for creating complex curves on a large scale and the ability to offer a more bespoke service to our clients. The new planters and screens are an example of our flexible approach to design – allowing us to produce designs for different heights, surfaces and structures, all to bespoke measurements".

- Founder, Tom Raffield
Colicci Kiosk
Colicci Kiosk in London's Royal Parks.
Horatio Garden
Steam bent curves of solid oak wood.

With the development of their latest technique, showcased in projects including a bespoke reception desk for The Institute of Physics new headquarters in King’s Cross and a unique outdoor planter at Horatio’s Garden Stoke Mandeville, Tom Raffield will now offer varied scale commissions for pieces, structures and surfaces that incorporate their signature curved aesthetic for commercial and residential projects around the globe.

Being expert designers and makers allows Tom Raffield to offer a creative, hands-on experience and their established in-house team of craftspeople to deliver a unique end-result. With sustainability at the helm of every project, their innovative approach and in-depth knowledge of processes and materials, Tom Raffield bespoke projects will deliver timeless results and little waste.

Tom Raffield's much anticipated design services are set to revolutionise the brand.

With their ethical and ecological principles guiding the new process, the brand found that digital fabrication played a substantial role in the development of the stand (as well as the new collection) and allowed maximal structural efficiency and minimal waste levels to be achieved.

“We set out to create a space which people respond to instinctively and feel at home in. We wanted to capture movement and organic forms, as well as explore the power nature can have on modern lives by improving the spaces we live and work in”

Founder, Tom Raffield.
Chelsea Flowers
This year's Chelsea Flower Show garden is inspired by the sub-tropical gardens along the Helford River in Cornwall.
Chelsea Flowers
Curves of sleek steam bent timber marry with a countryside-esque planting scheme designed by graduates of London College of Garden Design.

Furthermore, this year the Tom Raffield Main Avenue stand will feature a special planting scheme designed and implemented by the winner of a collaborative graduate competition hosted with London College of Garden Design and in affiliation with the multi-award-winning designer, Tom Massey – responsible for designing the Lemon Tree Trust 2018 Show Garden.

“Working with highly-acclaimed garden and landscape designer Tom Massey, along with providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for the graduates of London College of Garden Design has been an incredibly rewarding process. We feel very proud to have supported the next generation of garden designers and feel strongly about inspiring people to appreciate, enjoy and protect nature in our changing world.”

Founder, Tom Raffield.
chelsea flower show
A sketch of the Tom Raffied Force of Nature Garden Stand. © Sheila Jacks Landscapes 2019.

The eye-catching stand will incorporate reused and repurposed materials and many of the elements in the design are going to be re-homed or adapted into further projects after the event, including donating the plants to an RHS programme that support schools to develop and actively use a school garden. Tom Raffield’s stand strives to remind its awe-inspired crowds of the natural power of plants and the positive impact green spaces can have on modern lives – at home, work or in public spaces.

To find out more about our new Bespoke Projects service or if you’d like to add our timeless Tom Raffield designs to your space please contact

Meet Tom and the team at Chelsea Flower Show MA330.

20 – 25th May 8am – 8pm. Please contact for more press information.

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