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Tom Raffield’s Growing Green Range

15 September 2022

Biophilic design continues to shine through Tom Raffield’s Green Range…
tom raffield new mantol planter

Joining Tom Raffield’s bestselling range of handcrafted planters, comes the Mantol Planter. Launching on the 16th of September 2022, the new Mantol Planter design breathes new life into interiors this Autumn.

“A celebration of sustainable, biophilic design and traditional craftsmanship, The Green Range is born from the nature that inspires it”

– Founder, Tom Raffield.
tom raffield new mantol planter

Inspired by nature, shaped by steam, curated by you. Sustainably designed and handcrafted in South Cornwall, Tom Raffield designs are synonymous with nature; each product is handcrafted with care and attention to detail.

Putting the power of creativity in the hands of the gardener, the Mantol’s elevated earthenware vessel can be tilted upon its base allowing optimum light levels to reach your foliage. Rooted by a graceful steam bent hoop of sustainably sourced oak, Raffield’s newest design is a natural beauty.

tom raffield new mantol planter
tom raffield new mantol planter

Creating evocative interiors through sustainable pieces of art, the organic design works effortlessly as a floor planter or as a table-top wonder. Enlivening interiors with its sleek silhouette and playful personality, the Mantol offers biophilic abundance.

Overflowing with artisanal appeal, Tom Raffield’s newest tilting planter is a welcome home for thriving houseplants, homegrown vegetables, or statement succulents. Summoning nature inside, the Mantol Planter encourages bold greenery to brighten up homes this Autumn.

tom raffield new mantol planter

A play of balance, the Mantol Planter’s beauty lies in its simplicity.

Marrying the Earthenware pot and steam bent hoop, Tom Raffield has created a timeless, natural, colour pallet. The new portable planter can be carried throughout homes for seasons of treasured memories.

tom raffield new mantol planter
tom raffield new mantol planter


About Tom Raffield

Our purpose is to create new ways of living with our original, timeless objects that are inspired by the natural world that surrounds us here in Cornwall. Our artisan homeware designs are handcrafted by our skilled team to last a lifetime using traditional craft processes in sustainable and innovative ways. We aim to transform spaces and leave a lasting impact without having an impact on the very thing that drives us - nature. We are the antidote to over consumption and hope to inspire a like-minded conscious community, helping to create a world where people and nature thrive for future generations to enjoy.

Since discovering the traditional, age-old technique of steam bending wood whilst studying his degree in 3D Sustainability & Design, Tom has been on an incredible self-taught journey of developing and understanding the process to become one of the world leaders in his craft. Tom’s fascination with the ecological technique allows him to create intricate curves and twists, mimicking organic shapes and celebrating the very thing that inspires him - nature.

Tom Raffield is one of a new generation of designers and makers, using his craft in innovative and contemporary ways. Leading the charge in sustainable design, he is driven to forge a path to excellence and cause as little environmental impact as possible along the way.

His passion and skill are now shared with his talented team of craftspeople, together they create objects that symbolise nature, tell a story and will last a lifetime, all whilst protecting the natural world.

“Each piece we create has been on an experimental journey - individual, organic and carefully considered. We source everything from sustainable woodlands, which, coupled with the low energy steam bending process, is a very ecological practice with little wastage,” explains Tom Raffield, founder.

Handcrafted in their BREEAM Excellent studios in Cornwall, England, the range of contemporary lighting, furniture and accessories Tom Raffield creates is based on beauty, integrity and a desire to create unique, high specification objects that will be cherished by their owners for years to come.

Tom Raffield new laris wall hook

Sustainability at Tom Raffield

With the smallest ecological footprint possible, Tom Raffield forge a path to excellence, crafting the heirlooms of the future whilst protecting the natural world that inspires them. Find out more here.


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Posted: 15.09.22

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