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Handcrafted Gift Guide 2021

15 October 2021

Evoke Christmas joy with sustainable homeware gifts from Tom Raffield’s artisan, handcrafted collection.

Arbor Armchair and Sheepskin cushion in christmas setting

With the season of giving and togetherness fast approaching, the time is nigh to discover thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Shining a spotlight on sustainable and ethically crafted homeware designs, Tom Raffield’s curated 2021 gift guide features more ecological designs than ever before.

Sustainably designed and handcrafted in South Cornwall, Tom Raffield homeware designs are synonymous with nature; each product is hand-shaped using sustainable wood and created as sculptural pieces of art using a pioneering form of steam bending.

Tom Raffield Crib Stool and Beeble Pouffe in Christmas setting
The Tom Raffield handcrafted Crib Stool and Beeble Pouffe make for versatile, sustainable gifting options.

This season, the brand’s thoughtfully created gift guide features some of their most recognisable and best-selling lighting, furniture and accessories, plus new designs guaranteed to enthral and be treasured for decades to come. The Christmas edit promotes responsible buying, highlights the importance of considered, eco-friendly design and showcases gifts that will become heirlooms of the future.

“With a greener outlook, Raffield’s high quality artisan designs are both meaningful and kind to our planet. Each piece is handcrafted to order from their workshop in Falmouth, Cornwall – meaning each design is one-of-a-kind.”

Tom Raffield, Founder.
Tom Raffield Beeble Pouffe and Morvah Hanging Planter
Popular gifts from the brand include the Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter and Beeble Pouffe.
Tom Raffield Maen Pot and Mawnan Planter
The new Maen Pot and the Mawnan Planter make an attractive duo.

The Green Range

Just in time for the giving season, the sustainable homeware brand has released three new additions to their ever-popular Green Range. With each unique design as versatile as the next, the Green Range boasts playful biophilic-inspired homeware that make for perfect gifts and can be enjoyed year-round.


Maen Pot

Clean, sleek, and playful. Inviting creativity, the Maen Pot is the perfect blend of form and function. The tactile, earthenware ceramic bowl featuring two looping, tan leather handles can be utilised from living spaces to kitchens and bathrooms. The Maen Pot can be used as an indoor planter or as a handy storage pot – making a great gift for those who seem to have everything.


Mawnan Planter

A steam bent ash handle carries an earthenware ceramic bowl, allowing the Mawnan Planter to be carried throughout the home. Whether placed in a kitchen for easy access to fresh herbs or suspended from a ceiling create a welcoming home for your favourite trailing plant, the Mawnan Planter suits a vast array of interiors.

Tom Raffield New Mylor Bowl
The versatile and minimalist, the Tom Raffield Mylor Bowl makes for a thoughtful gift.
Tom Raffield New Maen Pot Trio
The brand's new Maen Pot Trio - a great space to grow kitchen herbs.

Mylor Bowl

Nestled upon a sustainably sourced, solid oak plinth stands a striking, hand-glazed earthenware bowl. The Mylor Bowl can be angled to proudly display its contents or carried by the twin looping leather tan handles to move it from room-to-room.


Maen Pot Trio

A great gift for the foodies in your life who enjoy the thrill of ‘homegrown’. Each removeable, earthenware pot features two ergonomically placed leather handles and is finished with brass detailed screws for a modern aesthetic. Perfectly positioned within kitchens, hallways or on windowsills, each Maen Pot features a smooth, waterproof internal glaze which makes it perfect for cultivating garden herbs, or growing houseplants.

Under £100

Tom Raffield Tilner Mirror, Mawnan Planter and Archer Table Light.

Tilner Mirror

Showcasing minimalist design at it’s finest, the Tilner Mirror invites reflection whilst brightening interiors. Designed for smaller spaces, the sustainably sourced oak base holds a gently curving round mirror. Suited well within bathrooms or bedrooms, the Tilner Mirror makes the perfect gift for the skincare lover in your life.

Archer Table Light

Inspired by industrial simplicity, the Archer Table Light features a steam bent oak base, accented by a brass light fitting that nestles into its architectural, timeless silhouette.

Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rugs and Cushions

(Coming Soon)

Add texture and warmth to your space with a sheepskin rug or cushion. The luxurious, smooth fibres of the ethically sourced sheepskin products are the perfect cosy companion for frosty evenings. Crafted at Britain’s oldest tannery, each cushion promises to add luxury and comfort to the home all year-round.

Arbor Armchair and Sheepskin cushion
From left: May Coffee TableArbor Armchair and Dartmoor Shepherd Sheepskin Cushion (coming soon).

Under £200

Housel Shelf

Shaped from supple ash wood, the fluid curves of the circular Housel Shelf challenge everyday linear storage solutions. A solid wooden shelf nestles within a flowing steam bent hoop, creating a practical space to display your favourite pieces.

Artus Table Light

Fine, ethereal dowel is slotted into a laser-cut birch ply base to shroud an exposed filament bulb. Intricately placed, each illuminated Artus Table Light distributes kaleidoscopic, vertical shadows that mesmerise the eye of the beholder.

Housel Shelf and Artus Table Light
The Artus Table Light and Housel Shelf make great small-space homeware gift ideas.

Verso Pendant

Looping to create eye-catching asymmetry, the Verso Pendant is cleverly crafted from one continuous length of sustainably sourced timber that soars around the warm glow of an exposed bulb to cast a beautiful blend of light and shadow. The Verso Range introduces functional art to your space – allowing your interior to shine.

Mooring Table Light

Juxtaposing traditional techniques with an industrial aesthetic, here function becomes feature, substance, and style. Handcrafted in sustainably sourced solid oak, the Mooring Table Light's steam bent curve arches from its oak base, while its prominent red or grey flex tethers it home.

Tom Raffield Mooring Table Light with red flex
The Mooring Table Light with Red Flex adds a festive flourish to interiors.
Tom Raffield new Verso Ceiling Pendant
The Verso Ceiling Pendant adds asymmetrical drama to an array of interiors.

Skipper Pendant Small

A smaller alternative to Tom’s iconic Skipper Pendant. Formed from sustainably sourced ash, oak or walnut wood, each Skipper Pendant Small is individually handcrafted by a skilled craftsperson using a dry construction method to last over a lifetime.

Leven Pendant Small

Casting a gentle spotlight on specific areas or corners of interiors, the Leven Pendant Small brings structured beauty in abundance. Secured at the seams with four brass accented rivets, each arching layer of sustainably sourced wood builds a balanced silhouette of careful craftsmanship.

Verso Pendant Small

Well suited to smaller spaces, the Verso Pendant Small alights interiors with swooping layers of sustainably sourced timber. Inviting a fresh perspective from every angle, the Verso Pendant Small ignites creativity.


Under £500

Topm Raffield Lundy Shelf, Crib Stool, Maen Pot and Beeble Pouffe in a christmas setting.
Beeble Pouffe cut out
Beeble Pouffe makes a special, memorable gift for loved ones with an eye for design detail.
Lundy Shelf cut out
The Lundy Shelf makes a thoughtful gift for the organised, storage-loving friend in your life.

Beeble Pouffe

The Beeble Pouffe's playful design means it can be picked up and moved around to offer seating in response to a myriad of spaces. Furling steam bent oak arms around a temptingly curved macaron-like form, the Beeble Pouffe offers a resting place for weary feet.

Lundy Shelf

A contemporary and versatile addition to any space, the fluid form of the Lundy Shelf showcases Tom Raffield’s skilled craftsmanship and unique steam bending technique. Two curvaceous lengths of ash wood mimic twisted leather straps whilst supporting a solid wood shelf with brushed brass details, to create an intuitive place to store books, plants, and accessories.

Tom Raffield Log Loop
Invite warmth and wonder with the Tom Raffield Log Loop.

Log Loop

Two dynamic hoops of steam bent oak join together in a marriage of form and function. The Log Loop celebrates the brand’s signature curved aesthetic and honours their favourite natural material - wood. Perfect for those cosy evenings gathered around a fire with your loved ones.

Tor Twist Shelf

Sitting perfectly in kitchens, hallways, or bathrooms the versatile Tor Twist Shelf is carefully sculpted from tonal ash wood. A gentle twist in the centre transforms this piece into a multipurpose design, which showcases the strength and unique character found in one of Tom Raffield’s favourite sustainably sourced woods, ash.

Loer Pendant

The Loer Pendant showcases a translucent glass orb with clouded bands of warm celestial white light which suspends within a sleek halo of supple ash wood. Held in place by brass detailed fixings that reflect the soft illustrious glow of the spherical globe when illuminated, the opulent Loer Pendant looks equally as eye-catching when switched off.

Tom Raffield Tor Twist Shelf, Maen Pot and Mylor Bowl.
The Tom Raffield Tor Twist Shelf makes for a great kitchen gift.
Duo of Tom Raffield Loer Pendants
Tom Raffield's award-winning Loer Pendant makes for a sustainable gift that will be cherished for years to come. 

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About Tom Raffield

Tom Raffield’s purpose is to create new ways of living with our original, timeless objects that are inspired by the natural world that surrounds their workshop in Cornwall. Tom’s artisan homeware designs are handcrafted by a skilled team to last a lifetime using traditional craft processes in sustainable and innovative ways. Tom’s aim is to transform spaces and leave a lasting impact without having an impact on the very thing that drives him- nature. Tom’s designs and processes are the antidote to over consumption and hope to inspire a like-minded conscious community, helping to create a world where people and nature thrive for future generations to enjoy.

Since discovering the traditional, age-old technique of steam bending wood whilst studying his degree in 3D Sustainability & Design, Tom has been on an incredible self-taught journey of developing and understanding the process to become one of the world leaders in his craft. Tom’s fascination with the ecological technique allows him to create intricate curves and twists, mimicking organic shapes and celebrating the very thing that inspires him - nature.

Tom Raffield is one of a new generation of designers and makers, using his craft in innovative and contemporary ways. Leading the charge in sustainable design, he is driven to forge a path to excellence and cause as little environmental impact as possible along the way. His passion and skill are now shared with his talented team of craftspeople, together they create objects that symbolise nature, tell a story and will last a lifetime, all whilst protecting the natural world.

Sustainability at Tom Raffield

With the smallest ecological footprint possible, Tom Raffield forge a path to excellence, crafting the heirlooms of the future whilst protecting the natural world that inspires them. Find out more here.


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