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A Steam Bent Home: As Featured In Country Living

12 January 2018

We catch up with Tom and Danielle to find out how they achieve the Modern Rustic look inside their Grand Designs home.

Tom Raffield steam bent home in Country Living a Modern Rustic
Modern Rustic Photoshoot

With Tom and Danielle's Grand Designs home featuring in Country Living Modern Rustic Issue #07, we catch up with Danie to find out why each iconic fitting was designed and the role it plays in illuminating specific interior spaces.

Tom Raffield Urchin Pendant
Tom Raffield Urchin Pendant

Urchin Pendant: soften your space, create clusters, draw the eye

Urchin Pendant lighting range is inspired by the empty shells of the Sea Urchin 'Echinus esculentus', a creature who inhabits our Cornish coast line. Danie comments, “This is one of our favourite lights to use in a cluster. You can create a suspended sculpture by using different sizes, mixing wood types and hanging the shades at varied heights to produce your own unique, textured display of lights”.

Also photographed: Beeble Pouffe in Earth Silver and Taffrail.

Tom Raffield No.1 Pendant Giant
Tom Raffield No.1 Pendant
Tom Raffield No.1 Pendant
Tom Raffield No.1 Pendant

No.1 Pendant: bask in its aura. Reimagine what your space can be

Tom and Danie’s first ever design and most iconic light. Danie comments, “we struggled not to use the No.1 Pendant everywhere, it is without doubt the light we feel most connected to. It’s full of drama and has maximum impact. In open plan spaces like ours you can use lighting to create zones and areas, so we put three over our Treave Dining Table to dress it up and draw you in”.

Also photographed: Helix Drum Pendant and Stuggy Side Table.

Tom Raffield Kern Pendant Giant
Tom Raffield Kern Pendant

Kern Pendant: modern, architectural, powerful

A steam bent hoop of solid oak with suspended filament bulbs laid bare, our Kern Pendants redefines the chandelier.

Danie: “In our home we celebrate natural materials. Honesty and simplicity play a key role in the design of the house. In the kitchen, where concrete reaches up to meet wood, we wanted to reflect the architectural style in the lighting. The Kern sits happily, confident in its materials and function, it makes a space for congregation, a space for work”.

Also photographed: May Coffee Table and Beeble Pouffe in Yellow.

Tom Raffield Giant Flock Chandelier
Tom Raffield Giant Flock Chandelier

Giant Flock Chandelier: invite one of nature’s greatest spectacles into your space

120 steam bent strips of sustainable ash, oak and walnut soar together casting shapes and shadows at every turn.

Danie comments: “We are so fortunate to have a double height space. It’s a space that’s full of light and movement, perfect for the flock. Children running up and down the stairs creates flutters, the foreground to a vista of trees. I love seeing people’s reaction the first time they look up and see the Giant Flock Chandelier above them, it always creates a reaction”.

Also photographed: Amble Hanging Seat and Upholstered Crib Bench in Earth Silver.

Tom Raffield Scots Pendant
Tom Raffield Scots Pendant

Scots Pendant: create intimacy, evoke nature

Slatted scales, skilfully shaped and intricately layered. The Scots lighting range calls back to the woodland floor, where pinecones line our path and inspire our designs.

Danie says: “We love playing with the lighting levels in the house. The Scots light has shadows that change and morph as we alter the lighting level, like adjusting the contrast on an image. We sat our Scots Pendant by a window to catch the natural light on its sculpted form”.

Also Photographed: Archer Table Light, Coat Loop Long Left and Stuggy Side Table.

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