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Tom Raffield Team Favourites

15 May 2023

The designs that keep our team talking…
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Whilst everyone here at Tom Raffield loves each and every design we craft, there are always going to be some our team hold dear to their heart. Whether it’s the first design a talented workshop maker proudly ever crafted, or a piece that our friendly customer service team just can’t take their eyes off, let’s explore five designs that are always on our mind…

Skipper Pendant

tom raffield skipper pendant

We can’t mention iconic designs without talking about the Skipper Pendant. This unique design has found it’s forever home with not only our lovely customers, but also most of our team, including Tom. The Skipper Pendant may be what we are known best for, with the scandi inspired design suiting a wide range of interior styles.

Morvah Planter

Morvah Planter
Morvah Planter

As a proud, green thumbed, team we have all fallen for the Morvah Hanging Planter. Whether suspended in kitchens holding homegrown herbs, or in a prideful, window side place the Morvah Planter can home a wide variety of plants, in a wide variety of spaces. Available as a wall hanging or ceiling suspended design, the Morvah is perfect for spaces that are calling out for greenery, yet lacking on table space to home a thriving houseplant.

Eddy Wall Light

eddy wall light

Unleashing our Marketing team’s inner maximalist, the Eddy Wall Light is a dynamic design that is as unique as it is striking. Whether you have a gallery wall that is in need of a wooden work of art, or your hallway is calling out for electric character – the Eddy Wall Light suits. Whilst proving itself to be an acquired taste, those who love the Eddy Wall Light make it the centrepiece to wherever it may be placed.

Tor Twist Shelf

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We value versatile design here at Tom Raffield, and no design showcases this like the Tor Twist Shelf. The perfect hybrid of handy hooks and shelving, the Tor is perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and so much more. The brass tipped hooks elevate the design with a luxurious flourish, whilst the minimalist style allows it to be dressed up, or down, to perfectly suit the space. There is no wonder why it is such a Furniture team favourite!

Crib Stool

From holding a wooden table light, morning coffees or as a quick resting stop, the Crib Stool does it all. Whilst the uses are endless for this versatile design the Finance team love seeing the dependable Crib Stool as a bedside table. The robust design allows it to hold all your evening reading, bedside lamp and anything else you need to drift into a peaceful slumber.

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Updated: 26.03.24

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